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JUNE 2021

Houthis Ambush Large Force Of UAE Army In Southwestern Yemen

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Houthis Ambush Large Force Of UAE Army In Southwestern Yemen

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On February 18, Houthi fighters ambushed a large force of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Army in the district of Mawza in the southwestern Taiz province, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV.

Twelve Emirati soldiers and several other fighters, loyal to Saudi-backed President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, were reportedly killed in the ambush. The Houthis also reportedly destroyed four armoured personnel carrier (APCs) of the UAE Army and four other vehicles of pro-Hadi forces.

Al-Masirah added that the Houthis had besieged all the Emirati soldiers who had survived the ambush in Mawza district. According to the source, Houthi fighters foiled several attempts of the Saudi-led coalition to break the siege on the UAE force.

The UAE Army is the second biggest force in the Saudi-led coalition after the Saudi Army. It is mainly active in the southern and western parts of Yemen. The UAE had lost over 120 soldiers since the outbreak of the Yemeni war in 2015, according to Yemeni sources.

The biggest loss of the UAE Army in a single attack was on September 2, 2015 when a OTR-21 Tochka missile launched by the Houthis hit a base of the Saudi-led coalition killing 52 soldiers and officers of the UAE Army.

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Lloyd Yona

Are they leaving AD in now immoral.


Is it me or are muslim armies just all bad at warfare? No matter how rich

Potato Potato

You are correct. The only Muslim army that isn’t bad at warfare is Turkey, and that is because they are a democratic free NATO country.


Aahahahahahaha they can’t even push through the Kurdish lines with full air cover and FSA pets to take the front line, imagine if they had to fight an enemy with anti aircraft capability.

Real Anti-Racist Action

True, but remember when the UK-Empire landed 1,000,000 UK imperial solders on Turkish home land in the First World War, the Turks did fight tooth and nail for like a year and never allowed the UK solders to get off of the beach area.
War Criminal Winston’s plan to destroy Turkey failed in misery and the evil-UK troops withdrew in shame.

Anthony Paul Mapes

10 months and 489.000 men just to be precise, funnily enough it was the only Turkish victory of the war! Also must be mentioned that intelligence on the area was farcical most of the units had inaccurate maps, nothing of this scope had been planned at the time and last but not least the Turkish forces held well fortified positions atop of high ground!
Granted it was one of the biggest blunders in British military history, but without the knowledge gained from the endeavour, operations such as tortch, overlord, avalanche, Baytown & slapstick would of been a more costly adventure!


Don’t forget Townsend at Kut. Although we like to think that was self-inflicted, and avenged a year later when Baghdad fell.

Overwatch D.VA

bullshit , the turks repeatedly blast british units in the field , as the number of british prisoners attested

Anthony Paul Mapes

See I actually provide numbers and statistics, where are you getting your info from?

Overwatch D.VA

because you falsely state this is the only turkish victory , and that instantly shows your lack of knowledge on the whole war.. educate yourself

Anthony Paul Mapes

A oversight on my part, my original comment is pointing out the inaccuracies of that original Gallipoli article. I admit that I was discounting raids and skirmishes in that theatre and I will admit my full knowledge of Mid East campaign is somewhat limited, my studies are more of the napoleonic era and 2nd world war ?

Overwatch D.VA

Al Kut Debacle is not a side show , it is in fact used as an example of wrongly run campaign and an incompetent commander.


And do not forget to mention the german military advisers, high-ranking officers supporting on different levels of the command-structure. That may have some influence on the outcome.

The germans back then helped the turk modernize , also some german officers are active among certain turkish units..

as for the galipoli campaign , it bound to lose because they consist of useless australian soldiers who got massacred by the turks because of their indiscipline..

NoYes Name

Germans in the command structure didnt win the war at Galipoli.
Young colonel Mustafa Kemal made the history at galipoli by defeating the brits.
Even Churchill had confessed his greater commanding tactical capabilities.

Overwatch D.VA

Colonel have limited reach for so large the turkish troop commited in that field of battle.. the battle is not limited to land , it is also include ironclads and submarines..

NoYes Name

But he is the one who the turn the tide there. Western media may not like it, and may even try to cover.

British General Aspinal Oglander said It is very rare in history to see a division comander change the fate of war and the nation with his own moves at three different fronts by wining such a great victory.
Please check the history.


democratic????? free????

Potato Potato

Well compared to the literal monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula, yes.


Ok, fair enough. But mention that next time ?

Bret Zeller

Turkey no longer has serious democratic pretenses. It’s an autocracy and established human rights violator, with no political freedoms at all.


Houthis are Muslim. So are the Syrians. Both are going to be far more effective fighters for a few years.


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Overwatch D.VA

silly , the hezbollah with only 900 trained commandos and militias stopped the IDF invasion with 30.000 regular+reserve and air supremacy..

is it me or is the islamophobia become another cloud that cover real analytical thinking in many of western commenters ?


Do we know what the makeup of this ‘UAE’ army is? Is it mostly mercs?


US and Israel will never let any Muslim country to develop any military industry in their own country and set free from US slavery and Muslim leaders are so fool that they still trust in US or scare from US sanctions. Be Pakistani and North Korean, go and join those countries that free from US control like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan etc. If Pakistan can make Nuclear weapons then any country can make it. Freedom is not so easy for those governments that scare from sanctions.

Iran should not negotiate on their national security because this is suicide. Iran is not a colony of US and Israel… Iran must develop nuclear weapons and ICBMs to defend their nation, otherwise Iran will also become another Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Libya…..Iran is a castle of all Muslim world…. US, France, Australia and Israel just know how to kill Muslim nations, steal their lands and deceive nations.

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