Houthis Advance Deeper In Dhale After Killing Many Saudi-Backed Fighters And Destroying Several Vehicles (18+ Videos)

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Houthis Advance Deeper In Dhale After Killing Many Saudi-Backed Fighters And Destroying Several Vehicles (18+ Videos) 4.7272727272727 out of 5 based on 11 ratings. 11 user reviews.

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The Houthis advanced deeper in the central province of Dhale over the last few days following a new attack against the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies.

The Yemen rebel group’s media wing released two videos showing the attack on April 1 and 3. In the videos Houthi fighters can be seen storming Saudi-led coalition positions and destroying several military vehicles with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and rocket-propelled grenades.

Last month, the Houthis established a foothold in Dhale following a large-scale operation. In the course of the operation, more than 250 Saudi-backed fighters were killed and injured. The coalition also lost dozens of military vehicles.

By advancing in Dhale, the Houthis are putting huge pressure on Saudi-led coalition troops in central Yemen and threatening the key city of Aden on the southern coast of the country. Despite this, the coalition is yet to take any action to stop the Yemeni group advance.

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S Melanson

The Houthis repellied the Coalition attempts to take territory,hence reliance on air strikes.
Houthis havetaken war into KSA and have intensified the pressure in the north and in KSA itself. Still, somehow, MbS holds onto power and he continues to pursue the war in Yemen despite ongoing humiliation of the Coalition. This suggests that defeat in Yemen would lead to his fall from power and so a cornered MbS has not other choice. The Houthis know they have to end this war and to do that they will end once and for all the fantasy that the Coalition could somehow still win this. And an offensive to take the internationally recognized but illegitimate capital of the foreign backed pretender would do just that – dispel any remaining delusions the Coalition has a chance. Will the Houthis succeed? The last sentence of the article answers this question.

Tom Tom

Keep ‘er going, Houthi’s!

S Melanson

And they will… until the petulant child with all the shiniest toys (AKA the Coalition) finally recognize you need more than money to win a war, you need money and brains – hopefully they have enough brains to understand they lost and need to sue for peace. I also wonder if the Hodaydah offensive served to over-extend coalition forces, facilitating the Houthi offensive to take the false capitol Aden.


hard work and sacrifices and all of a sudden the houthis will be in jeddah and mohammed bin salman on the run!! that would be a day to behold!!! and I guess this possibility is why moronistan is so anxious to get nuclear capabilities to saudi, in case of.



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