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JUNE 2021

Houthis 93 Saudi-led Fighters, Destroy 16 Vehicles In Southwestern Yemen (Video)

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On April 21, Houthi fighters repelled a large scale attack by the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on their positions in the Mawza district of the southwestern province of Tazi, according to the Houthis media center. The source said that the Saudi-led coalition had failed to make any gains during the attack that lasted for five days.

More than 93 fighters of the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies were reported killed by the Houthis. Houthi fighters also destroyed 16 armored vehicles of the coalition and damaged 7 others with IEDs, rocket-propelled grenades and ATGMs while repelling the attack.

Saudi-led coalition warplanes and helicopters carried out a series of airstrikes against the Houthis in the Mawza district supporting the failed attack. More than 20 Yemeni civilians were killed in one of the airstrikes on April 20, according to Yemeni sources.

During the last two months, the Houthis successfully repelled several attacks by the Saudi-led coalition on their positions in the province of Taiz. According to local observers, the coalition is trying to expand its control in Taiz in order to secure the supply lines of its troops deployed near the Yemeni western coast.

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Nigel Maund

Watching this video is fascinating! What could the Houthi’s do with a few snipers against such clueless infantry? The Saudi losses would be pretty heavy as they have no idea how to use cover and ground when advancing or to co – ordinate their armor and infantry. If Houthi’s also had enough decent TOW or Kornet missiles they could massacre the armored cars and Humvees. With a few Stingers or MANPAD’s they could clear the air of the choppers as well.


Most of “Saudi military” is poorly trained underfed Pakistani and African mercenaries who have no idea of Yemen’s tribal structure, history or terrain. The Zaidi Shia are some of the toughest fighters in the world who can chew Khat and live off dates for weeks and wear sandals and run circles around the hapless “Saudis”. By some reports almost 40% of Saudi armor has been destroyed in Yemen. The US, UK and French masters can not replace Saudi losses fast enough.


Good Advice…had the same idea… Houthis will be unbeatable with some extra armour to shoot birds from the sky and blow up their Armoured Vehicles… Saudi Mercenaries are only good Baby-Killers…these People should be Exterminated where ever they Pop-Up…


The difference, between people whom have an plan against people whom dont.

A lot of people is thinking occupying territory is war fare, its not, its just occupying, its easy to take areas from an tribal force, whom have little or no mechanical equimpents,comepared to the locals like Afganistan, etc, but is relying of been on foot.
The Yemen war is insane, they will never take the Houtis, or others, may be able to drive their terror regime for an while, occupying the citys etc, while the majority is not under their control.
This isnt meant to be won, this war is about occupying, they get what they want, oil and gas, because the same corps are fueling the wars, feeding the beast.

This war shows the staggering hypocrasy in the so called West, yeah, humanising countrys back to the stone age, whining about gas, but in Yemen,. nonobdy cares, children killed in an daily basis, is totaly ignored, the diving force the Saudi-barbarians even have the UN human right org. in their hands, huh, its an bloody farse and yet, they scream about something, why, this war is happening, ask the UssA, and Saudis.
Its about strategic control, Yemen is smack in the middle, ameriCunts occupy alread islands region belong to Yemen, not often reported, etc, and then we have Egypt, whom have been fighting Yemens for centurys, not an issue either debated, Sudam/Somalia/Eritrea, dead silent.
The western backed and eforced blokades isnt debated at all, the reason for people dying of miore issues this days because of lack of common medication, to nutrition, not an single word.

I hope that more people helps the Yemens, forget the past scumbags, they got what they deserved, but the future is grim, since they fight in total MSM darkness.
And now, what I fear most of everything, wars have become an new area where Private Orgs can feast upon, this merc rats, like the Prince of Darkness merc army, probably they are the ones the UssA will use when they back out of Syria, you know, “mission clusterf….”
And this army will be western manned and mostly backed, yeah, what could possibly go wong.

So, if I could I would saturate Yemen with missile tech, and specaly Ground to Air.
Aka manpads.



In 1934 the Saudi king stole 3 provinces from Yemen (currently the 3 southern SA provinces). When he was asked why he only took 3 provinces, he answered the Ottomans had never pacified the mountains, and neither could he. The videos on Southfront prove this clearly and this is known to the military planners as well. The coalition forces are just used as useful idiots in another endless war, same as in Afghanistan and before that Vietnam. The lesson from Vietnam was not to draft soldiers anymore, which leads to a peace movement and unwanted attention. And the Yemen war is nicely contained, because the Houthi do not have enough manpower to attack SA in the southern provinces (formerly part of Greater Yemen), and also they have no interest to fight for these cities with as result more civilian casualties.


Saudi idiots and their pathetic mercenaries are getting a mother of all hidings in Yemen at Ansarollah hands.


Just look at that terrain, everywhere is just steep mountains covered in rocks and shrubs, it’s total ‘ambush city’. The Saudi leadership must be mad to think they can pacify that place.

At least their western weapons manufacturers will be getting plenty of new orders… It’s sick how some people are getting rich off this internationally-blessed, but illegal invasion.




Houthis KILLED 93 FIGHTERS of Saudi led Coalition , Destroyed 16 Armored Vehicles ,while Saudi Led COALITION KILS 20 CIVILIANS in an AIRSRIKES

Amine Mansouri

that’s npt true. Saudi-led coallition killed dozes of houthi fighters in just two airstrikes, but southfront doesn’t want to say it.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Saudis attack civilians wedding parties and gas stations , Wahhabis-Salafists are pathetic barbarians and the pilots are paid by kill and will kill anything they are told to strike and civilians don’t fight back.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

haha amazing!

King Tudor777

This war will unfortunately be won by the Wahabbists, but the Houthis will make them spend billions and billions of dollars and a lot of time until they win. Or the Houthis will inflict so many losses(like this one) that the Saudis will sit and negotiate. And of course, a lot of innocent Yemenis will lost their lives due to the brutal and repugnant airstrikes of the Wahabbis.


The JeWahhabis will Fall, sooner or later there will be a Coup d’Etats…a costly war only speeds up the time when it will happen

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No matter which side claims victory the war won’t end, it might turn into something different, but it won’t end. look at Afghanistan, who really won the war there, first it was the Russians, then the Taliban, then the US. Yemen reminds me of Afghanistan in a lot of ways. I think even if the Saudi’s do prevail they’ll only be able to enjoy the same sort of victory the US is celebrating in Afghanistan now.

Amine Mansouri

southfront is not a neutral source of information. I want to know more about how many houthi fighters were killed in saudi-led airstrike, southfront onñly tells civilians were killed and that’s not true. Please give correct information


But there are lots of other sources you can check for Facts & Fiction… if you read those you’ll get the complete picture… I personally don’t mind if Southfront is completely unbiased…a bit pro Russian is fine by me…the Bodycount of the Enemy gives a good picture…you don’t want to give numbers about your own losses…tactically not a wise thing…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

There is probably no truly neutral source of info anywhere, even your own side lies to you, if they told us all the truth the enemy wouldn’t need spies, they’d just watch our news.
You can very rarely find accurate casualty figures from any side, you have to try and work that out for yourself, I use this simplistic method to do it. Check out the opposition’s news sites as well as the ones you normally rely on, then compare what they both have to say. If your side tells you they killed 100 and lost 50, and the opposition tells you they killed 100 and lost 50 I think you could safely guess the actual figures would have been closer to 75 killed and 75 lost for both sides. And don’t rely on what you see on the ground as anything to go by, Just because your side won the day and took over heaps of territory it doesn’t mean you can believe their fantastically good figures, sometimes they lose a lot of men to achieve that victory and don’t want to let the enemy know just how vulnerable they now are.
But the truth is you’ll never really know, at least not for another 10 or 20 years when the real facts become available.

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