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JULY 2020

Houthi Tactical Ballistic Missile Hit Saudi Army Camp In Najran


Houthi Tactical Ballistic Missile Hit Saudi Army Camp In Najran

File image: Badir-F.

The Houthis announced on August 3 that they had launched a Badir-F tactical ballistic missile at a camp of the Saudi military and its proxies in the southern part of the Saudi province of Najran.

Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Yemen group, claimed that the missile strike was successful and revealed that it was conducted after what he described as a “careful intelligence operation.”

“The strike left dozens of dead and wounded in the ranks of Saudi soldiers and the mercenaries and caused a state of great confusion in their ranks,” Brig. Gen Sari said.

The spokesman added that the missile strike was a “preemptive operation” as Saudi-backed forces were massing in the targeted camp and preparing to launch a new offensive on Houthi positions along the Saudi border.

Houthi Tactical Ballistic Missile Hit Saudi Army Camp In Najran

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From its side, the Saudi-led coalition has not commented on the Houthis’ claims, so far. This usually means that the strike was successful.

The Badir-F missile, that was introduced last April, has a range of 160km. The ballistic missile is armed with a heavy high-explosive fragmentation [HE-FRAG] warhead equipped with a laser proximity fuze, this allows it to explode over its designated target.

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  • AJ

    Excellent the Houthis are increasing the number of missile & drone attacks, they lack an air force so they have to use whatever assets they can.

  • Rob

    If Badar F missile is guided with Semi RADAR seeker and infrared seeker then that can lock Yemen aerospace for Saudi butcher planes.

    Then Badar-F missile can hit any target in 60km altitude.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


    • Rob

      Al-Mawt Amreca, Al-Mawt Israel, Al-Laghnatal Yahud, Al-Nasrul Islam