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Houthi-Saleh Alliance Kills 37 Pro-Saudi Militants in Shabwah Province

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More than 30 pro-Saudi fighters were killed, while 23 others were wounded by the Houthi-Saleh alliance in Asilan region of Shabwah province.

Houthi-Saleh Alliance Kills 37 Pro-Saudi Militants in Shabwah Province

Fighters of the Houthi-Saleh alliance raise their weapons during clashes near the presidential palace in Sanaa, Yemen, on Jan. 19, 2015 (Photo: AP / Hani Mohammed)

The Houthi-Saleh alliance continued its advances in Asilan region of Shabwah province, killing at least 37 pro-Saudi militants, loyal to former fugitive President Mansour Hadi, and wounding 23 others, a number of Arabic-language media outlets reported on Tuesday, citing an unnamed military source.

On Monday, the Houthi-Saleh forces pushed back a number of attacks of Saudi militants in several regions across Yemen. As a result, Saudi fighters suffered heavy losses.

Two heavy attacks were launched by Saudi-hired mercenaries on military positions of the alliance in Asilan region. However, Saudi fighters were pushed back. Saudi militants also tried to break a path from the nearby areas of al-Alam and al-Tabeh al-Ramlieh in Asilan towards Hajr Kalan region. Another attack of Saudi mercenaries, trying to pave the way to Sirawah, was repelled by the Yemeni Army and the popular forces in Sirawah region.

At the same time, the Houthi-Saleh alliance launched a series of offensives on Saudi gathering centers in the surrounding areas of the governmental complex in al-Motoun area of al-Jawf province.

Earlier on Monday, the alliance’s forces also continued their advances in Bab al-Mandab zone. As a result, Saudi-backed fighters suffered heavy losses. According to the al-Masirah TV-channel, citing an unnamed battlefield source, more than 40 Saudi fighters, including their senior commander Heisam Qassem Taher, were killed in the offensive of the alliance in the southwestern part of Taiz province near Bab al-Mandab, while their military equipment was destroyed.

As the source of the TV-channel noted, “the enemy was surprised with the Yemeni forces’ special operations in Bab al-Mandab region.”

On Saturday, the Houthi-Saleh forces launched attacks on Saudi military positions in al-Zobab and al-Amri districts of Taiz. As a result, several Saudi militants were killed right on their positions.

Positions of Saudi fighters, stationed on al-Ham mountain and in al-Sha’af and Khob in Taiz province were also stormed by the Houthi-Saleh alliance. As a result, a number of Saudi militants were killed.

Earlier on Saturday, military positions of Saudi troops, deployed in the kingdom’s border city of Asir, came under massive attacks of artillery units of the alliance’s forces. The Saudi side suffered heavy losses.

At the same time, the alliance also launched an artillery attack on Saudi military positions in the border city of Najran.

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