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Houthi-Saleh Alliance Rejects Any Possibility Of Handing Over Hadida Port To Saudi Alliance

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Houthi-Saleh Alliance Rejects Any Possibility Of Handing Over Hadida Port To Saudi Alliance

Ali Abdullah Saleh

Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh called on the United Nations to pressure Saudi Arabia to end its military operation in Yemen. The former Yemeni president rejected any pressure from the United Nations to hand over Hadida port to the Saudi Alliance.

“We call upon the United Nations to shoulder its responsibilities and to take courageous decisions to stop the aggression, which is contrary to international law, international humanitarian law and the conventions of the United Nations and human rights organizations, and not to negotiate with Yemen to hand over Al-Hadida,” he said in a meeting with members of his party.

As to the negotiations with the United Nations to hand over the  Hadida Port, Saleh added:

“Al-Hadida isn’t for sale and purchase and the United Nations was supposed to negotiate us on the ports of Aden, Al-Mukalla, Al-Makha, Nashtoun, Socotra and all airports along with Al-Hadida… Our cause is rightful.”

Saleh denied any presence of Iran in Yemen, and called for a dialogue between all parties including Saudi Arabia even.

The United Nations is heavily criticized in Yemen as it been pressuring the Houthis Ansar Allah and their ally Ali Abdullah Saleh to hand over the strategic port of Hadida while the United Nations is making no effort at all to push Saudi Arabia to ease its siege on Yemen. The United Nations had even praised Saudi Arabia – which is bombing Yemen daily and has been besieging it for almost two years – for providing “Humanitarian Aid”.

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the port name is Hudaida

Red Tick Alert

Hodeidah according to some – http://seaport.homestead.com/files/yemen.html

But the article probably refers to the Yanks name, as they are stupid.


if your theory is correct, Saleh would have accept to hand over the port knowing that it does not exist

Red Tick Alert

I don’t know, I bow to your experience. I was just on about the spelling:

Color vs Colour

That sort of thing.


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John Wallace

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