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Houthi Naval Mine Struck Commercial Vessel In Red Sea: Saudi-led Coalition (Photos)

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The Saudi-led coalition announced on December 25 that a naval mine laid by the Houthis, formally known as Ansar Allah, struck a small commercial vessel in the Red Sea.

In a statement, the coalition said the vessel’s front was slightly damaged as a result of the mine explosion. No human losses were reported.

The Saudi-led coalition noted that the Houthis have been laying even more mines in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait. The coalition described these acts as a “dangerous threat to international navigation and trade.”

Houthi Naval Mine Struck Commercial Vessel In Red Sea: Saudi-led Coalition (Photos)

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Houthi Naval Mine Struck Commercial Vessel In Red Sea: Saudi-led Coalition (Photos)

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The coalition claims that its naval forces have destroyed 175 naval mines laid by the Houthis in Yemen’s waters since the outbreak of the war in 2015. The mines were allegedly of the Iranian-made “Sadaf” type.

During the last two months, the Houthis stepped up their naval operations against Saudi Arabia. On November 25, the Houthis targeted a Greek-managed oil tanker in a Saudi petroleum terminal located near the city of Jeddah. Later on December 14, a Singapore-flagged tanker was attacked in the port of Jeddah.

In both attacks, the Houthis used remotely-controlled water-born improvised explosive devices. The group is allegedly manufacturing these bomb-laden boats with Iranian help.

The Houthis’ increasing operations in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait pose a serious challenge to the Saudi-led coalition. Saudi naval forces have failed to secure the Kingdom’s waters.


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  1. hope springs eternal. says:

    That’s good news. Any success against the criminal Saudi and US regimes is welcome.

    1. Furkan Sahin says:


    2. Garga says:

      Don’t be so quick about accepting it.
      If their past behaviour is any indication, mining shipping lines, attacking civilians and attacking assets of the other countries’ who are not involved in the war is not really Ansarallah’s style. They never put civilians in harm’s way.

      There are plenty of legitimate targets for them in Arabia, UAE and occupied part of Yemen, what would they gain by blowing up random un-important ships from the nations that aren’t at war with them?
      I repeat again: It’s not a Saudi or coalition of terror military base, they are not Saudi oil installations, they are random ships.
      Who benefits?

      IMO these ship explosions are false flags done by the usual suspects (Zionist regime for Saudis). Saudis are grasping on anything while Ansarallah is kicking their behinds.
      The real aim of these attacks are to put Ansarallah in the terrorist organizations list (UN and EU). Stupid Saudis think it will help them to devour Yemen.
      But this plan might backfire. Most countries are reluctant to name Ansarallah as a terror organization because doing so makes impossible to find any possible political solution for Yemen.

      Saudis and their coalition spokesman lie as they breath. Ansarallah is not shy and every single time they announced (with documentation and proof) when they attack somewhere.

  2. Volker says:

    Everyone with half a brain in this Solar System should know by now, anything what the War-Criminals + Worlds No.1 Sponsor Supporter + Origin of Wahhabi/Jihadi Terrorism KSA claims is worth SHIT.

    1. Icarus Tanović says:

      It is indeed.

  3. verner says:

    pity it was a commercial ship and not the jew’s submarine which transferred the suez the other day – to sink that with men and all would be a serious success and cause no grief in the world (except maybe the bought and paid for congressmen would have cried a lot when contemplating the jew’s bribes coming to an end).

  4. Mine warfare will force the Saudis into lifting the siege on Yemen, wouldn’t be surprised if they start targeting warships as well

    1. Mark M. Nobelman says:

      You are wrong. The Saudis are happily announcing it to blacklist them so they become an International target not to lift the siege but to put pressure on the Houthis and they are happily falling into Saudi trap providing them with reasons to be blacklisted and waged war on since touching and destroying internationally owned vessels. The saudis don’t care how many foreign vessels the houthis hit cause it doesn’t belong to them and it only gives the Saudis International backing and the Saudis prefer this way cause it gives them a pretext

      1. Jim Allen says:

        Maybe, maybe not. The presence of the mine’s tends to have a discouraging effect on shipping sailing in, and out of the Headcutters ports. Also keeping Headcutter Coast Guard tied up hunting mines. Which don’t appear to cause a great deal of damage. Likely have contact detonators. But, then sinking the ships is probably not their objective, tied up in drydock being repaired is good.
        Ownership, and registry ate two different things. Few US owned ships fly the American flag. Some of the Big Oil crude carriers. Iran’s biggest crude carrier is flying a Russian Federation flag. Discourages US Navy from attempting to seize the ship.
        The Houthis will get the port open, the people are starving courtesy US Government. It’s responsible for blockading the port. Meanwhile Iran’s got smuggling whatever it wants past US blockades, sanctions, etc., to a fine art.
        Besides US, (and Turkey) I can’t think of a country that’s foolish enough to engage itself in war in the Middle East.
        The West has ground itself to a standstill in the 100+ years since US, England, France, Italy, and Rothschild showed up to steal the resources. The West is universally hated in the Middle East.
        Their endless war on “terror” (totally laughable, US, and Israel are the terrorist’s, and supporters of terror worldwide) has turned into endless defeat, and humiliation. The Great Superpower is a tired, old threadbare, neglected, shell of it’s former self.
        Hasn’t won a war since 1945, against Japan. Russia won the war in the European theatre for the allies. They’d found out early on they couldn’t beat the Germans. Had to talk Russia into doing it. US military was routed in Korea, got a whipping, learned nothing. Got no traction in Vietnam, and when asked to leave, ignored the request. Then told to leave, refused, the South joined the North, and attacked. Forced US military to turn tail, and run, tail twixt it’s legs, Yarp, Yarp, Yarpping like a whupped hound all the way home. Westmoreland with a perplexed look on his defeated face. Well, Grenada was a big victory, Panama another.

        1. Icarus Tanović says:

          We support your War of terror!
          Borat Sagdiev.

          1. Jim Allen says:

            Not my war.

          2. Volker says:

            That’s a quote from the Borat Movie, it’s satire but it couldn’t be more spot on when it comes to the relations between AmeriCunts KSA ZioNAZIs NATO-Mafia ect…you name it.

          3. Icarus Tanović says:

            Oh so very well said.
            Big thanks, gonna save this.

      2. Volker says:

        That’s what I’m thinking too, the KSA savages using the damaged vessel as ‘False Flag’ to fabricate the ‘Narrative’ the Yemenis where the ‘Danger’ in the region for all comercial vessels. Let’s face it the KSA savages even if they are better equipped [on Paper] have still the shittiest Military in the region and they use mostly mercs from poorer countries in Yemen to do their dirty work and in addition the usual AQ/ISIS proxy/merc/terrorist as well but the fail again and again. The Yemenis pull off attacks on KSA infrastructure targets even from within KSA, the only thing the KSA savages have as answer is cowardly bombing civilian Yemeni targets as revenge, KSA is stuck in a dead-end and in their evil-minded pea-brains they try to con + scam some of their western + zionist so-called allies to help them out more actively.

        1. Mark M. Nobelman says:

          KSA is not truly fighting but it’s a civil war full on with some saudi mercs and air-support. It is basically Houthis vs Hadi+the soutnern separatists.

          KSA can role over them in a matter of weeks killing the entire population if they take all of the gloves off

        2. Icarus Tanović says:

          All those Wahhabis you mentioned above are NOT match to Yemenis, because they’re not people to flock with.

      3. Well they have to do something

    2. Icarus Tanović says:

      That would be great.

  5. cechas vodobenikov says:

    anglosaudiites laws written by BLM prison LGBT wahabbi hairdressers

  6. Jim Allen says:

    Actually the ship struck the mine.

    1. Simon Ndiritu says:

      Cant help but laugh, this is truly funny

    2. Volker says:

      Actually, you are right…that mine floated innocently around and out of the blue that pesky vessel attacked that mine. [/sarcasm]

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