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Houthi Missiles, Drone Hit Saudi-Held Ma’rib City In Central Yemen

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Houthi Missiles, Drone Hit Saudi-Held Ma’rib City In Central Yemen

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

Late on June 10, the Houthis (Ansar Allah) launched four ballistic missiles and a suicide drone at the central Yemeni city of Ma’rib, which is held by the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies.

The Saudi-backed wing of the Yemeni military told the al-Arabiya TV that the missiles landed in residential areas. One of the missile fell in the vicinity of Ma’rib prison, while another struck a shopping center. The military also claimed that the drone hit first responders.

According to al-Arabiya, five people were killed as a result of the attack. The death toll will likely rise in the upcoming few hours as dozens of people were wounded.

Meanwhile, a source close to the Houthis told the al-Mayadeen TV that the attack targeted gatherings of the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies in Ma’rib city.

“The air force targeted Sahn al-Jin Camp east of Ma’rib [city] with a drone,” the source said, without providing any additional information.

This was the second such attack on Ma’rib city this month. On June 5, a missile, allegedly launched by the Houthis, struck a gas station in al-Rawdah neighborhood. 21 people were killed.

The Houthis and their local allies have been leading a large-scale ground offensive against Saudi-backed forces in Ma’rib for well over three months now. The Yemeni group wants to capture the city and nearby oil facilities.


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Steve Standley

You can tell the Saudi coalition is losing big time. Have a look at all the war crimes the MSM is now accusing the Houthis of: Houthis using child soldiers, Houthis killing children, Houthis bombing civilian targets… Where was the MSM outrage-reporting over Saudis killing children, bombing weddings, and bombing hospitals? It’s all lies and propaganda; the truth is, the Houthis are handing the Saudis their asses.

Liberal guy

Hahahahaha right

Icarus Tanović

Kids playgrounds and school busses.


Those not Jew-wise don’t understand that prolonged wars, especially ones than cannot be won with territorial gain, are part of the Jews’ plans for plundering and destroying us. The Jew-wise, especially those of us familiar with the Jews’ written plans, the Protocols.

Protocols 2-1 States: “It is indispensable for out purpose that wars, so far as possible, should not result in territorial gains, war will thus be brought on to the economic ground-at the mercy of our international agentur”

The prolonged victory-less warcrimes of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, etc. are now understandable.

Being Jew-wise is like having a crystal ball that reveals all.


This is why Italians who know the Jew better than anyone destroyed their homelands, sent them into exile and then, centuries later created the ghetto for them. In certain places like Sicily where I’m from, they were hunted down and exterminated at the end of the 15th century for their perfidious child abduction and sacrificing crimes against the local population. We Sicilans never ever forget and are brutal when family is threatened.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mr.Spicklespock
Icarus Tanović

Roderik, nordsmans duke who captured Sicily become Muslim and dress him self like wise, and kept all Arab military, administration, art and science. It is better to wear silk than buffalo skin. What do you think how come so many Muslim traditions in old Scandinavia? It is very clear except for a Zionists and those who are rled by them.

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