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Houthi Missile Fails, Hits Mountain In Yemen’s Ibb (Photos)

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Houthi Missile Fails, Hits Mountain In Yemen’s Ibb (Photos)

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

On March 14, a missile launched by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) from the central Yemen province of Ibb fell short hitting a mountain. 

According to several Yemeni sources, the missile was launched by the Houthis from the Central Security Camp in the area of Shabban to the south of Ibb city center. The missile was launched in the direction of the city of Taiz, which is held by Saudi-backed forces.

Seconds after the launch, the missile malfunctioned and hit the western side of the al-Naqlin Mount in the outskirts of Ibb city. A large explosion was heard. However, no material losses or casualties were reported by locals.

A day earlier, a similar missile was launched from the Central Security Camp in Ibb towards Taiz. However, no impact was reported.

The Houthis’ missile force produces and operates an array of ballistic missiles and precision-guided artillery rockets. Recently, the Yemeni group unveiled two new precision-guided missiles, the Saeer and Qasim-2, as well as the Quds-2 cruise missile.

During the war in Yemen, the missiles and rockets produced by the Houthis proved to be effective. However, just like any military system, they fail time to time. Last November, a rocket crashed near the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.


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johnny rotten

However, they are always better than the Patriots who come back and fall on the head of the thrower.

Just Me

While the US controlled Saudi-led coalition is estimated by some to have spent a
colossal average of US$5-6 billion per month on its faltering military operations
in Yemen over the past seven years, Some unconfirmed sources put the Houthi resistance cost of defending their country at a paltry $30 million a month.The Ansarallah and their Yemeni military allies are mostly unpaid volunteers who have taken up arms against the hated Wahhabi Saudis and mostly rely on captured weaponry and ingenious reverse engineering and upgrading of old Soviet era weaponry.

Furkan Sahin

I hope Houthis wins quick war then I travel directly alone to Yemen as a tourist.

Servet-i Funun Literature

Last minute:Saa/Russians striked Tarhin/Al-bab.Oil smugglers was target,dozens of trucks were destroyed.

Servet-i Funun Literature

I wrote about this days ago.Sdf-Fsa oil trade is target.Aim is to harm their oil based economies and ramp-up the oil prices ergo to provide revolting people.if you start to fill your car with 4 times expensive than the usual price,people will revolt(syrians sociology).Oil trade is under control of Sdf.Imo,they will make a move.

Just Me

The Saudis are faring very badly in Yemen, despite all the airforce sorties against Yemen being flown by US and UK pilots. They are petrified of Iran and not in a position to start a war that will destroy the pimpdom despite their US and British masters protection.

Pentagon officials managing the Yemen conflict for the Saudis share the view that Saudi Arabia is not prepared to countenance the costs of a new war by rising to the bait of

The cost of war could be very high for Saudi Arabia and actually threaten the fragile stability and integrity of the family run corrupt state itself, so Saudi Arabia is unlikely to want to escalate this to that level as it would face total destruction. This is especially the case without American and British backing, and in military terms there is no appetite for another large-scale conflict in the Middle East after their quagmire in Yemen now lasting over six years and sapping the oil revenues. With missiles and drones regularly attacking Saudi cities, even the largely ignorant Saudi citizen is wondering about the efficacy of the billions of dollars spent on western weapons that have failed to provide security.

The Yemen war is but one of several proxy conflicts that Iran is currently sponsoring to hit Saudi and US interests.

Furkan Sahin

I hope Houthis wins quick war then I travel directly alone to Yemen as a tourist


You fail to even mention that the Saudi have almost all of the Yemenese oil wells.. and I assume they are pumping them like mad. and these wells are like the good old Saud wells.. and at 50$ a barrel (now) that makes one well a 21M$ per month solution or last year 11M$ per good well. per month.. So if you can access a good map, maybe you can count the wells and you will see what is running this war… It is not a loss on the books I’ll bet.

Ivan Freely

It happens. But, why talk about it?

Just Me

Exactly, even the most sophisticated missiles have a failure rate of 10% or more. Slow news day, I guess.

Ashok Varma

The Saudis are losing the war badly and US dud weapons have not helped much.

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