Houthi Forces Strike Saudi Military Vessel Near Yemeni Port City Of Mocha


Houthi Forces Strike Saudi Military Vessel Near Yemeni Port City Of Mocha


Houthi forces have stricken a Saudi military vessel off the coast near the Yemeni port of Mocha, the pro-Houthi media outlet Al Masirah TV reported on Wednesday, citing a source in the Yemeni Navy.

According to the report, the vessel was carrying some weapons for the Saudi-led coalition forces operating in the war-torn country.

The media didn’t reveal what kind of damage was delivered to the vessel, but said that the navy will release a statement later today.

According to Al Masirah TV, in total, Yemeni forces attacked 10 vessels belonging to the Saudi-led coaliton off the Yemeni coast.




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  • Sadde

    Well done brave invincible flipflops armored warrior!

    • hhabana


  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    I like these people a lot. I feel bad for them, I know the blockade is preventing a lot of food from reaching the people. I know they wear flipflops, and I notice in ever picture at lease a few of them need an emergency visit to a dentist.
    I hope soon Iran and Russia and Syria will rush help to them. They need some Fish-Oil Omega 3’s as well ASAP.
    And they need more longer range rifles to defend their tribes from Saudi Invasions and more missiles to defend themselves.
    They need to get into a lot of Aeroponics to grow food cheaply in their houses. This food will be Organic and higher density in nutrients. Also, then they can feed themselves, and their food supply will be almost impossible to attack.