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Houthi Forces Repelled Another Attack By Pro-Saudi Fighters In Al-Bayda, Launched Ballistic Missile On Saudi Capital


Houthi Forces Repelled Another Attack By Pro-Saudi Fighters In Al-Bayda, Launched Ballistic Missile On Saudi Capital

Houthi forces and the Yemeni Army repelled an attack by forces loyal to Saudi-backed President Mansur Hadi on Al-Makhtabi and Ka’wash bases in the Zi-Na’em area in the Yemeni province of Al-Bayda.

Houthi forces also targeted the Silat military site in Najran with a Uragan rocket. The Yemeni Army artillery shelled a gathering of the Saudi Army and Hadi’s forces in the northern Khouba area, and in the Harib Nahm district of Marib province.

The Yemeni military media published a video (LINK) of the May 18 attack on the Umm al-Adab mountain near the Al-Khadraa border crossing. Houthi forces captured the mountains and Saudi forces withdrew to the crossing. Houthi fighters seized a lot of weapons from the abandoned Saudi positions.

Meanwhile, Houthis launched an attack on a gathering of Saudi forces in the border area of Jizan, and claimed the destruction a number of vehicles and bulldozers of the Saudi Army.

According to local sources, the Saudi attack helicopters attacked the village of Qamar in Jizan with 15 missiles. Saudi Air Force warplanes carried out four airstrikes in the Medi Desert and in Harad.

Few moments ago, reports appeared that Houthi forces launched a Burkan 2 ballistic missile on the Saudi capital of Riyadh. There are no confirmed reports revealing the impact caused by the missile.



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  • Expo Marker

    The Sauds have to be pushed around, and shown that they may have the money, but not the men to keep up with this invasion.

    Death to the house of Saud!

    • Aurelian

      i will drink to that….

    • Thegr8rambino

      yes an absolute death, and forever. may saudi arabia never ever return in any way, shape or form after its death

  • Cycloben

    Best news I’ve heard in a long time. More, more!!!

  • Jonathan Cohen

    Sounds like the saudis should hire women tank drivers.

  • Thegr8rambino

    I’m really hoping for the day soon Saudi finally announces its withdrawing from yemen because of all these attacks mwahaha

  • charlie

    Filthy war criminal saudi/uk/yank/isis/alquaeda/qatar/israhell…………The enemies of all HUMANITY…soon to be eliminated from planet earth.