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Houthi Forces Repel Saudi-Backed Advance In Yemen’s Lahj

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Houthi Forces Repel Saudi-Backed Advance In Yemen's Lahj

Houthi forces and the Republican Guard loyal to Saleh have repelled an offensive of Saudi-backed forces in the Kahboub area in the province of Lahj in southern Yeemen. Two vehicles of Saudi-backed forces were destroyed, according to pro-Houthi sources.

The Houthi-Saleh alliance continued operations against Saudi forces along the Yemeni-Saudi borders. The Houthi-Saleh alliance’s artillery targeted Saudi military positions at Farydah and a gathering of Saudi forces in Jizan. Separately, Houthi forces snipers reportedly killed a Saudi soldier at Fatydah.

Houthi forces also used artillery and rockets against Saudi military positions near al-Sadid, Dabba and al-Ash in Najran within the Saudi territory.

The Houthi’s medi wing released a video showing the storm the site of the communications tower in Musayel in Asir and detonating of the communications tower by the engineering unit of the Yemeni army.

Houthi Forces Repel Saudi-Backed Advance In Yemen's Lahj


The Saudi Arabian Air Force continued bombing targest across Yemen. Seven raids were carried out on the Nujeibat area in the Al-Mukhaa junction, five raids on the Kamran Island, two raids on the current Directorate and Al-Nukha, four raids on the Al-Malahit area, and a raid targeted the Sanaa International Airport.

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Pave Way IV

The Houthis are our most effective force on the ground in Yemen for regime change and combating Saudi/UAE-financed and sponsored terrorism.


Maybe the new Gurkas?

Overwatch D.VA

check the terrain where houthi light infantry did their fighting. check the weather of the region , and that should tell people how wiry / hardy these people who fight and win battles in that environment, on FOOT for pete’s sake…

and dont forget their souce of motivation in combatting house of Saud , their country been bombed like heck and the world’s MSM didnt even care or report it..


You are so right! Have u seen that arid, barren land? Cover behind big rocks if they are available. These Yemen folks are tough. They have no air power and they are kicking Saudi ass. Reminds me of the North Vietnamese.

Overwatch D.VA

it is always those who lived under extreme duress that can fight in inhospitable terrain for long time.. heck they think this is normal day for them.. reminds me of the historical barbarian tribes from the east that devastate ancient gaul , the gaul itsef was considered barbarian by roman standard but then come the even more barbaric gemanic tribes , and then even more barbaric tribe coming from the east…

example : the mongol horse riders who are accostumed to drink their horse’s blood for sustainment..


No, they are actually preventing regime change by the usurper Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I wish the IRA and Al Quads and FARC and best-Korea and Iraqis and Hamas would each send 500 fighters as international brigades to go help the people of Yemen fight off the Israeli/Saudi invasion.
Plus it would be excellent training opportunities for Freedom Fighters around the world to take back home real world experience in defending their home lands against UK and USSA and Israeli invasion.


The IRA are a bunch of dirty Commies.


l absolutely agree with you! Yemen army force and houthi have the ability to defend their country and keep their civilians from being massacred by saudi and Israeli. Best wishes to houthi! fucking USA and saudi

Paulo Romero

The Houthis are kicking real ass. How long before the Saudis deploy Arar Al Sham and the remnants of Isis to Yemen I wonder?? The Israelis and Americans will provide air and sealift capabilities.

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