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Houthi Forces Offer Saudi Princes Political Asylum In Yemen

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Houthi Forces Offer Saudi Princes Political Asylum In Yemen


Yemeni Houthi forces, which oppose the Saudi-led intervention in the country, are ready to offer Saudi princes a political asylum amid the ongoing “anti-corruption” crackdown launched by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman last weekend, Al Jazeera reported citing a source close to the Houthi leadership.

“We are ready to offer sanctuary to any member of the Al Saud family or any Saudi national that wants to flee oppression and persecution,” Al Jazeera quoted its source.

According to the reprot, the offer was “100 percent genuine” and the Houthis were not interested in gaining any “political mileage” from this.

On November 5, 11 princes, 4 ministers, and several former ministers were detained by Saudi security forces in an unprecedented crackdwon across the country. The 12th prince also died in a “helicopter crash”. The 13th was allegedly killed in a firefight with security forces – the Saudi govt denied this, but the prince still cannot be reached by the media.

The situation is still developing amid Saudi warlike statements against Iran and Hezbollah. Some experts believe that the Middle East is moving towards another war.

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The suspicious deaths of the 2 Princes and now the offer by the Houthis ,is proof of what I commented yesterday -Someone is displeasing the Rothschilds and now I definitely know the Rothschild’s are NOT “happy campers”……wonderful!

As small as it is, it IS GOOD NEWS, for Freedom lovers………anytime those Psychopathic scum are unhappy.

Are they about to become UNHAPPIER because of the offer to other Saudis seeking refuge :-)

Tiresia Branding

The Prophet said, “The people of Yemen have come to you and they are more gentle and soft-hearted. Belief is Yemenite and Wisdom is Yemenite, while pride and haughtiness are the qualities of the owners of camels. Calmness and solemnity are the characters of the owners of sheep.”

You can call me Al

Wise words (I guess completely made up), but I can accept those wise words and thus it is the truth.


MBS is delusional if he believe he can start a front with Iran with support of the US and Israel and still capable to keep himself in power.

You can call me Al

You must remember in Saudi, the East are Shi’ite and Bahrain if majority Shi’ite – most of their military are foreign from the likes of Pakistan, Indonesia, plus, plus with a small percentage of professional mercs – they have the top notch gear, but shove some guys with IQs of 80 -85 to use them and you get the results you see in The Yemen.

This MSB bloke of whatever he is called is one hell of an aggressive nut job.

PS I do not believe this purge is over yet and we have not even seen the start of the backlash yet !!.


Counter purge will also come! When u take away Billions and comfort from those who have had it all their life, u can be sure they will fight back! Even if it means partnering up with a Shiite anti-monarchy revolution! This MBS guy is about to risk the entire Saudi monarchy! Un believable how these arabs will destroy their own families for money and power!

You can call me Al

Agreed; it will be sweet to watch though.


and i doubt any member of the KSA military wants to start another war, especially with iran!! i bet theyd rather commit suicide than fight for that scumbag bin salman lol


Methinks seeking refuge in Yemen, with the constant bombardments, famine, disease and other hardships, is kinda akin to jumping off a burning skyscraper to escape the fire. Yeah, you won’t get burned, but you won’t like it when you land. Or in this case where you land. Especially for a spoiled pampered Saudi princeling.

But it sounds like a fun PR stunt for the Houthis.


very nice of them

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