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Houthi Forces Downed Saudi-led Coalition Warplane In Yemen’s Sa’ada – Reports

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Houthi Forces Downed Saudi-led Coalition Warplane In Yemen's Sa’ada - Reports

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On January 7, the Houthis’ air defense forces reportedly shot down a twin-engine Panavia Tornado multirole aircraft belonging to the Saudi-led coalition in the province of Sa’ada in Yemen.

Yemen’s Arabic-language al-Masirah television network reported that the warplane was downed with a surface-to-air missile over Kitaf wa al-Boqe’e district of the province.

In January 2018, the Saudi-led coalition continued its intense bombing campaign in Yemen targeting military and civilian infrastructure controlled by the Houthis across the country. Considering that the Houthis lack air-defense capabilities every lose of a warplane is a significant blow to the public image of Saudi-led forces.

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This is good news indeed and I hope that the Houthis have some air defence now.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Good shot fire lots of bolistic missiles at Riyadh kill the Sunni king.


Wahhabi king.




There is no human rights violations in Iran. The Human rights violations are in Palestine, Yemen and in United States that Trump and Netanyahu corrupt dictators are doing. I wish that Palestine and Yemen both soon set free from these human rights violations like South Africa…… All Muslim leaders should have to support Palestine, Yemen and Syria to help to liberate their own countries from Trump sponsored terrorist organizations KSA, Israel, Al-Qaeda, FSA, SDF etc. If South Africa can liberate from apartheid dictatorship then why not Palestine.



US sponsored Israeli terrorists vs children.

650,000 illegal Israeli settlers have secretly entered in Palestine from Germany, France, UK, USA, Poland, Ukraine, Russia etc and now living in illegal settlements (colonies) on Palestinian land, demolishing Palestinian homes in air strikes and leaving innocent families and children homeless. Like evils satans shooting children and women in their heads.

All world leaders should have to support Palestine and end this human rights violations at least for the small kids that have no food, medicines and shelters. Palestine will be soon free like South Africa from Trump and Netanyahu corrupt dictators.


comment image
comment image
Yemen president: Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi

Abdur Rabu Mansur Hadi <– took power from Abdullah Saleh but Hadi was too weak to rule the Yemen therefore, the corruption was too high. Houthis start complaining and when Hadi fail to rule then Houthis took power in their own hands. So this was Yemen internal affair. Therefore, Saudi Arabia should not interfere in Yemen affair.

In Yemen war US provides weapons and intelligence support to Saudi-led coalition forces, which reportedly include assistance in military targets in Yemen. It indicates that Trump indirectly attacks Yemen through Saudi led collation because Trump shows targets to Saudi led collation in Yemen. That is why Saudi led collation air forces targeting funerals, Mosques, schools, hospitals, markets etc.

All world leaders should have to support Yemen and end this human rights violations at least for the small kids that have no food, medicines and shelters.


hhhmmm Who is giving missliles to Hutu? Still no rule sin this war, I wonder what nationality the pilots were?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They make their own weapons and even missiles , they made variations of sniper rifles in use in the US military, missile technology they have been developing for years. Watched a video from years back on Yemenis building missiles nothing new during war time since it’s the necessity of invention that is imperative to develop them that increases everything 100 fold.

chris chuba

The Yemenis had lots of air to air missiles for shooting down aircraft prior to the civil war. The Houthis captured the stockpile of missiles but fire them from the ground on pickup trucks. Unfortunately they don’t hit enough Saudi planes for two reasons …
1. The range of the missile is reduced because it is being launched from the ground instead of an aircraft.
2. They can only use the missiles that have infrared homing, point it in the general direction of the jet and hope that it tracks the jet. They don’t have RADAR guidance.

In short, they are using converted missiles and only occasionally get lucky.

Graeme Rymill

The evidence that I have seen is that both Saudi and UAE warplanes are piloted by Saudi and UAE nationals. Articles citing Saudi and UAE aircraft losses give the names of most of those killed.

“The General Command of the UAE Armed Forces announced the death of pilot Ali Saeed Al-Mesmari and pilot Bader Yahya Mohammed Al-Marashdeh after their plane crashed during what they called the performance of their mission in the operations of the coalition forces to stand with the alleged legitimacy.

As usual, the official UAE media only referred to the crash of the plane due a technical defect, without mentioning its type and place of fall. This is the same justification for the fall of an Emirati plane on September 11, during what they called the reconnaissance mission in the
area of operations over the Red Sea, Second Lieutenant Sultan Mohammad
Ali al-Naqbi was killed and another officer was killed.The operation was followed by two days of the announcement of the alliance of the death of a Saudi pilot, pilot Lieutenant Muhanna bin Saad al-Bayez, after the crash of a Saudi plane in the province of Abyan. In mid-August, an Apache plane was shot down at the Shabwa station. Four UAE officers were killed and others were wounded, including the brother-in-law of Abu Dhabi and the grandson of the founder of the United Arab Emirates Zayed bin Hamdan Saudi Arabia has announced the killing of 12 Saudi military after a Black Hawk fan crashed during the performance of its functions, according to a coalition statement in the eastern province of Marib on
April 18.”



Thank you for the excellent information.


A “Russian or allies” cargo plane should airdrop a few hundred man pads and a few other jamming toys.


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That is called CHRISTMAS, not Jewish-Zionist-BILDERBERG-NWO Xmas.
Soon the Arabs will have Xmadan….


X=Chi for Christ


Proof or it didn’t happen.


The downed craft was admitted but not the cause


Yes, but likely it was actually just a technical fault. Rebel groups always claim every aircraft accident as a “shoot down”.


Again you respond with an opinion. Where is the proof of a technical fault the dimwitted Saudi’s claim. At this point their claim is just as valid as the shoot down claim


The Deep State wants the Yemen War over so KSA can focus on war with Iran. Strange things are going to happen in Yemen in the next few months, and they will be mis-described on most of our sites.

Iran wants the Yemen war to continue. The Saudi elites who think (correctly) that the Iran war will destroy KSA want the Yemen war to continue. The Britsh puppet placed into power by the palace coup has one job- to eliminate Saudi opposition to the Iran war.

Meanwhile Britian is working with Trump’s puppet-masters to find a real plausible near future road to the Iran War- and we should all be thinking along the lines of something as extraordinary as 911.

Putin is frankly clueless and hopeless. Russia is about to get smacked with the worst sanctions in Human History- and Putin is literally sitting on his hands letting this happen.

The world has never been more crazy and dangerous. Major US media outlets are selling the message that nuclear war ain’t as bad as it has been described. The West, Russia and China are producing usable nuclear weapons at an ever accelerating rate as the use of nuclear warheads is expected to be normalised later this year (the ‘small’ ones- not the ones that blow up whole cities).

Shock and Awe III, the West’s blitz across Iran, will turn everythin of significance to dust in Iran in an orgy of nuclear strikes across a few weeks. Shock and Awe I, the air strikes of the first Gulf War, normalised television bombs- bombs that delivered video footage of their descent on their targets. And how the jewish controlled TV stations loved that footage.

The British RAF already used such a nuke on the major governmental military facility on the outskirts of capital Sanaa. Of course during Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq, the Americans used a nuke to wipe out the major armed force defending the capital there. In truth nuclear weapons have been used (covertly) many times since WW2- and often for the SAME reason they were used on Japan- as a live fire research exercise into their effectiveness.

But despite more than ONE TRILLION dollars spent researching new nuclear weapons since WW2 across the globe, their use has yet to be normalised. Only a moron doesn’t get that the weapons owned by the major armies of the world are meant for actual use.

However, the Chinese and Russians consider nukes as weapons meant for world wars only. But the West has shown a desire to use World War class weapon systems against essentially unarmed nations. Witness the jewish war atrocities in Gaza for instance.

Even the ‘small’ Kosovo war was fought with total demonic tactics by Tony Blair- where Blair even flattened the ‘BBC’ equivalent HQ complex in Serbia in ‘revenge’ for it showing the civilian Serbian victims of Blair’s bombs.

In the meantime, many more innocent Humans in Yemen are about to become silent corpses – the true voiceless. The proxy wars that exist in the lead up to global conflicts are some of the nastiest wars of all.


I don’t think they will be ‘blitzing’ across Iran given the topology of Iran. The only way to subdue Iran would be to invade and fighting there would be many times worse than Afghanistan. Nukes would not be effective against facilitates buried deep under rock and using them to genocide the Iranian people would I suspect cross a red line for both the Russians and Chinese in terms of their national survival.

You also need to read the revised Russian military doctrine as any attack on Russia will be met with an overwhelming response. They are not going to fight a limited war so the limited use of nukes is not relevant to their military stance.

What is Putin to do? You appear to have all the inside information. Why don’t you offer up some advice I’m sure we would all appreciate it.

If you are going to make claims about nukes being used you had better cite some valid sources. Large fuel-air bombs can look like small nuclear explosions.

Graeme Rymill

Two nukes dropped: one in Yemen and one near Baghdad!!!!!

What happened to the radiation casualties and the residual radiation? These claims are ridiculous.

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