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Houthi forces capture over 100 Saudi troops in Yemen

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The Houthi alliance’s forces have captured some 100 Saudi soldiers in the province of Ma’rib. Dozens Saudi soldier have been reportedly killed.

Houthi forces capture over 100 Saudi troops in Yemen

On Monday, the fighters loyal to the Houthi Ansarullah movement captured 71 soldiers in the area of the Ma’rib city. 30 Saudi troopers were captured in the same area on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Yemenis also targeted the Saudi-held Sahn al-Jin military base with missiles. Dozens Saudi-led fighters have been killed.

The Yemen forces conduct these attacks in retaliation for Saudi air strikes which inflict a serious damage to the Yemen’s infrastructure and casualties among civilians.

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence remembers on Feb.26 Saudi warplanes arrived at Turkey in order to support the Turkish plans to conduct military operations in Northern Syria. Now, Saudi Arabia is in the situation of a war on two fronts, officially. Considering Saudi Arabia is involved in a dragged-out war without any success in Yemen, the attempt to open a new front in Syria puts additional economic and political pressure on the kingdom. Thus, Saudi Arabia faces a real threat to lost a significant part of its influence in the region.

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DNA test proved about 12 years ago that the house of Saud family are genetically Jewish. Which also brings to light that all Arabs and Jews are the same Shemitic race. Notice how problematic they are as well. They have no value for life, only for taking it. The only thing these Zionist-supremacist understand is the use of force against them. Only then do they take the time to think out their actions against others. https://www.rt.com/news/333928-woman-severed-head-metro/

The tribe is called in Arabic lettering the ‘Khazr’j’, but it is pronounced Khazarian in English. You can read about them historically under that Arabic name, but the books that mention them are being taken out of university libraries as fast as they can remove them. They were well known for slave trading, for being ‘Jewish’ and for being dishonest. This goes back to pre-Christian days. This is also the source of the religion called Islam today. They used a Christian document to make the Koran, only they corrupted it it’s interpretation and key verses.

Zuzana Rehakova

No POWs. It should turn into 100 coffins.

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