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Houthi Forces Attack Positions Of Hadi Forces In Al-Jawf Province, Kill At Least 8 Pro-Saudi Fighters

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Houthi Forces Attack Positions Of Hadi Forces In Al-Jawf Province, Kill At Least 8 Pro-Saudi Fighters

A tribesman loyal to Houthi rebels, right, chants slogans during a gathering aimed at mobilizing more fighters into battlefronts to fight pro-government forces in several Yemeni cities, in Sanaa, Yemen. (AP File Photo)

On Wednesday, the Houthi-Saleh alliance captured two positions of pro-Hadi forces and the Saudi-led alliance in Wadi al-Hija in the Yemeni province of Al-Jawf. According to reports, Houthi forces supported by the Yemeni Army artillery killed at least 8 fighters loyal to the Saudi-backed government during the attack.

At the Saudi-Yemeni border, Houthi forces damaged an Abrams tank of the Saudi Army at Al-Khashal area in Jizan after hitting it with an ATGM.

In Najran, the Houthis targeted a Saudi Army vehicle near Manfaz al-Khadra area with IED, killing all Saudi soldiers inside it.

From its side Saudi-led alliance warplanes carried out more than 13 air strikes on Haradh and Medi in Jizan.

Clashes in Taiz:

Meanwhile the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanum, Executive Director of the U.N. World Food Program (WFP) David Beasley, and Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Tony Lake, issued a joint statement after their visit to Yemen. The statement revealed that 2000 Yemenis have died of cholera so far and that the number of people infected with cholera in Yemen has increased to more than 400,000. Moreover, according to the statement 60% of Yemenis, including 2 million children, suffer from food shortages.

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It’s obvious that Houthis will lose in this war since Saudis havs US, UK, France, NATO, etc on their side. Unlike in Syria, there is no superpower country (like Russia) that will defend Yemen from Saudis and their friends


All the Yemenis need to do is outlast the Saudi primitives. Bleed them until the cost of prosecuting this disgusting war becomes so great in blood and treasure that they are forced to declare victory and go back to beating their women.


So all the U.S puppets are forming a coalition against Yemen and has still not won yet. This sure does prove U.S is losing it status as a superpower.


no, saudis are getting their asses kicked now more than ever by houthis :DDDD

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