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Houthi forces ambush Saudi Arabian Army deep inside Saudi border


Houthi forces ambush Saudi Arabian Army deep inside Saudi border

AlMasdarNews reports: Footage has emerged of Houthi tribesmen firing anti-tank missiles upon Saudi Arabian checkpoints near Najran, a city just ten kilometers from the border with Yemen.

Two Humvees and a tank are hit and presumably destroyed.

In the video below, Houthi fighters, whom are supported by Iran, follow up the succesful ambush by yelling “death to America – death to Israel”:

Saudi Arabia has played an important role in propping up President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi who leads a Yemeni government based in Aden. Meanwhile, Houthis also lay claim to state power after they seized control of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, in 2015.



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  • Nexusfast123

    The saudis are pretty clueless.

  • Lars

    Saudis are laughable, just arm Houthis with 10% of what Saudis have, and they’ll take Riyadh in two weeks. Or less :D

    • Noland

      Lol that’s funny

    • jj

      Someone with good knowledge of wars and fighters should rank the fighting ability of each country/group/tribe per capita. Houthis would no doubt be quite high while the Saudis would have to be ranked low.

      • abu kornet

        a kornet missile can go up to 10 km and that is what the houthis are using

  • jj

    Have to admire the fighting prowess of the Houthis/Yemenis. It is like they are some of the best fighters while the Saudis are probably near the bottom.