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Houthi Fighters Storm Village In Saudi Arabia’s Jizan (18+ Video)


On February 8, the Houthis continued their attack in the southern Saudi province of Jizan and stormed the town of al-Qimah following heavy clashes with the Saudi military.

The Yemeni group’s media wing released a video of Houthi fighters storming the town and capturing several weapons, which had been left behind by Saudi soldiers. The weapons included a German-made G36 assault rifle and a 60mm mortar.

A day earlier, Houthi fighters stormed 15 positions of the Saudi military in Jizan. Several fighters and commanders of the Saudi-led coalition were reportedly killed in the clashes.

The Saudi-led coalition stepped up its airstrikes on the Houthis’ positions in northern Yemen recently in an attempt to put an end to these cross-border attacks. However, this strategy remain ineffective.

These repeated attacks could force Saudi Arabia to accept a ceasefire agreement that would cover its border with Yemen during the next round of peace talks, which will be held in Kuwait soon. Such an agreement will benefit both sides.

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  • Nowruz

    Keep pounding these cryptojews! Continued prayers for the Houthis.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      Yes :)))

  • Sinbad2

    This is the way to defeat the Saudis, guerrilla warfare, hit and retreat before they can respond.
    Calling for the Arabian people to rise up against the Saudi family would also be a good move, and putting a bounty on the severed head of any member of the Saud tribe would also put fear into the hearts of the Saudis.

    • adzsiam

      It seems the Saudi military response to such tactics is to ‘run away when you’re hit,’ and letting their airforce do the work. But it does make sense as the more Saudi bodies pile up on orders to ‘stand and fight,’ the more likely the KSA population will resent the war and their rulers.

  • xTheWarrior22

    That’s awesome! Saudi cowards were shitting their pants :) When bombing innocent people, who are already suffering enough, Salman’s forces think they were way tougher than they really are. When the Houthis arrive and try to liberate more territory, which was once a part of Yemen, Saudi solidiers always withdraw :)

    • adzsiam

      You’re too kind saying withdraw. Its more like an Olympic marathon.