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Houthi Fighters Storm Several Positions Of Saudi-led Coalition In Central Yemen (Video)


On August 31, the Houthis captured several key positions of the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies in the district of Sirwah in the central province of Ma’rib after a successful rapid attack, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV.

“This position blocks the supply route of the enemy and overlook its rare and the mountains of al-Ajram,” a field commander of the Houthis said describing the importance of one of the positions which was captured in the attack.

During the attack, Houthi fighters destroyed an armored personnel carrier (APC) and two pickup trucks of the Saudi-led coalition with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and rocket-propelled grenades. Furthermore, the Houthis captured several anti-tank weapons, including a M79 Osa and a RPG-27, which were left behind by soldiers of the UAE military.

The attack in Sirwah is a significant blow to the Saudi-led coalition, which has been working to expand its control in central Yemeni since the beginning of this year.



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