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JUNE 2023

Houthi Fighters Repel Pro-Saudi Forces Attack In Taiz

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Houthi Fighters Repel Pro-Saudi Forces Attack In Taiz


Houthi forces managed to repel an attack of forces loyal the Yemeni president, Mansour Hadi, and the Saudi-led alliance in the Al-Kadha area in the province of Taiz.

Houthis and their allies from the Yemeni Army also shelled pro-Saudi fores in the area. Hadi forces responded with a artillery shelling of the Al-Muaza’ area in Taiz.

Houthi Fighters Repel Pro-Saudi Forces Attack In Taiz

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At the Saudi-Yemeni border, Houthis and the Yemeni Army shelled the Saudi Army vehicles in the Al-A’lab border area and Tabat al-Khazan. They also shelled Saudi positions at Al-Shabaka  in the Al-A’lab area. In Najran, Houthis targeted Saudi Army gatherings in the Al-Khadraa area.

From its side, the Saudi Army continued shelling Saada – the stronghold of the Houthis. The Saudi artillery targeted civilian areas in the town of Ghamr on the Saudi-Yemeni border.

Saudi Air Force warplanes carried out 6 air strikes on the Tha’ban and Shada areas in Saada, in addition to two air strikes on the Red Mountain in Marab province.

It seems that the strategic aim of the Saudi Alliance in Yemen is no longer to take control of Saada or Sana’a. In turn, pro-Saudi forces are focusing on an attempt to seize the city of Taiz.

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General Surena



Why is this battle even being reported here.. Has SF turned into sectarian media.

Lets focus on Syria

Real Anti-Racist Action

haha, North Front would be anything north of Russia. WestFront would be anything to the west of Russia. lol Eastfront would be anything to the east of Russia ha ha. Southfront is all the front to the South of Russia aaahahha. Yemen is south of Russia, thus Southfront is covering it well.

Please send me your address, I am going to gift you a $2 compass.

By the way, the name of this website is not (Syrian-Front) this is not about Syria, this is about the (Front that is South of Russia)


S. military region also incl. Rostov, so Donbass also pertinent to name.

Jorge Sotomayor

How much you get paid by the ziosaudis???


Deluded troll ^


That is a real problem , thanks for pointing that out , its uncomfortable for Americans to face the truth in this terrible war . The Houthis despite being cut off and starved , are kicking the Saudi’s butts .

Justin Ryan

Almasdarnews reports it! If u notice SF has tabs for Donbass, Iraq and Syria!

However, we all know that there are much more nations involved such as Iran, Turkey, USA, Saudi etc!

This is a proxy war and so too is Yemen!

Completely related!

If u dont know why they are related, ill be happy to explain to u!


That literally makes no sense whatsoever – you have just said no one in MSM reports on conflict Yemen – and then call for South Front to follow suite. The conflict in Yemen is not primarily sectarian either, that is the GCC narrative in attempt make it about Iran and gather US support, really, it’s all about Saudi control of Yemen as a vassal with access to vast untapped natural resource reserves.

John Whitehot

heres a link to a vid documenting a saudi debacle against the houthis

https://www.funker530.com/undisciplined-saudi-troops/ warning, it’s graphic.

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