Houthi Fighters Attack Two Millitary Posts In Southern Saudi Arabia (+18 Video)

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Houthi Fighters Attack Two Millitary Posts In Southern Saudi Arabia (+18 Video) 4.5384615384615 out of 5 based on 13 ratings. 13 user reviews.

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On August 11, Yemen’s Houthis conducted a hit and run attack on two posts of the Saudi military in the border areas of al-Mustahdas and al-Hajlah in the southern Saudi province of Najran, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV.

During the attack, Houthi fighters killed and injured several Saudi soldiers and officers. Furthermore, a M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) and two pickup trucks of the Saudi military were destroyed with IEDs and rocket-propelled grenades.

During the last two months, the number of the Houthis’ cross border attacks decreased dramatically. Observers believe that the Yemeni group redeployed many of its units from the Yemeni-Saudi border to the western coast of the country in order to fend off the ongoing attack of the Saudi-led coalition on the port city of al-Hudaydah.

This new attack indicates that the Houthis have overcome the pressure of the Saudi-led coalition and now they can once again operate on more than one front simultaneously.

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Same like Netanyahu idiot, the Saudi evils the child butchers two days ago bombed a school children bus in Sa’ada, Yemen, killed at least 51 people, including 40 school children. The Yemeni heroes are doing great job that targeting these fucking Wahhabi evils by ballistic missiles.

My heart is coming out when I saw these crimes of fucking idiots Wahhabi shakhs. These dirty shakhs are occupying holly lands and also violating human rights. Now the idiots of UN will issue them Nobel prize for killing school children.


Trump, Netanyahu and Salman are demons in human’s flesh. Please save the
wounded, children and old people in Palestine and
in Yemen.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

very nice work as usual houthis :)))


The ksa military need to understand what they are dying for …. even if there was no other work available, how could any human being with even an ounce of integrity be a part of the horrendous war crimes ksa is unleashing on Yemen.

S Melanson

The article states the Houthis appear to have overcome the pressure of the Coalition offensive up the West coast in an attempt to seize Hodeidah. Well that is one way of putting it.

The coalition also has there own innovative way of putting it as well – we have paused the operation to take the port to allow time for diplomatic efforts. I will translate what this really means.

Coalition Statement (actual meaning):

Ahem, the offensive has paused because we cannot seem to find any fighting units in the area to press the attack. Where did they all go? If you come back we will be nice to you. (Long period of silence)

Please come back, please please. We will even declare total amnesty so it is ok to come back.

Hello? Anyone out there? (distinct sound of crickets in the background).

Blake Hurst

Great work keep it up

Icarus Tanović

As late, great Tim Dog said: Step to me if you’re ready for the beat down, I don’t fuck around, bring it on, bring everything, everybody and get ready for guerilla Warfare, fuck if I CARE!


One day the Saudi officers will revolt, most of them are tiring of fighting this pointless war.

S Melanson

This is already happening

You can call me Al

Now that – if true – would make my day.

S Melanson

Remember I said the mercenaries were deserting, well it has spread. See my post below as it speaks to mass desertion and refusal to fight.

You can call me Al

A wee bit of proof would be appreciated. No offence.

S Melanson

Ok, I see your point. I will do so but have to wait til tomorrow. But here are some things to consider. First, aid agencies in Hodeidah start reporting that intensity of fighting in the direction of the airport is diminishing. This coincides with recent Houthi success cutting supply lines. Coalition stops bombastic statements of imminent victory over Houthis. By late June, aid agencies are reporting almost no sounds of fighting in the direction of the airport – fighting had been decreasing over time – at same time, air strikes increase (no supply issue). Houthi general issues on June 26 ultimatum to Coalition forces cut off just south of the airport – surrender or be destroyed. A few days later, Coalition announces offensive paused to allow diplomacy but pause would be sudden lull in fighting, not gradual reduction in fighting, consistent with supply problems.

Two weeks later Saudi Arabia announces general amnesty for all military personnel in Yemen, admitting growing problem of desertion, insubordination. Houthis maintain presence along west coast as efforts to dislodge fail. Coalition forces dug in south of airport believed no longer effective fighting force due to surrender and desertion.

Coalition announces formation of new force to attempt to restart the offensive and clear the west coast – this is practically admission of destruction of force that attacked the airport. As for the new formations, there is no new offensive despite coalition announcements – this is consistent with reports of widespread refusal to fight. Also mercenary discipline has broken down as kidnaping and raping of Yemeni women by mercenaries begin and refusal to follow coalition orders – best and most disciplined mercenaries likely took there skills elsewhere as troops increasingly see incompetent leaders sending units to their deaths.

Also, recent report of a few coalition soldiers killed and 35 surrender fits with desertion and breakdown in will to fight. The disastrous campaign in Yemen is leading to divisions in the Coalition, particularly UAE and Saudi Arabia.

This is a sampling of reports I reviewed and what I do is peice everything together to come up with conclusions that explain the info best.

The situation in Yemen is deteriorating and so bad is it that The Saudis had to announce general amnesty and this was everyone – soldiers, mercenaries and even officers. The fact that the newly formed coalition force did not start a military operation tells me the officers are refusing to fight. This is also why the security situation in Southern Yemen is deteriorating fast.


UAE, Saud objective and interest already clashing from the start.

S Melanson

Agreed, I should have qualified that the divisions are more pronounced and in the open.


I appreciate your take on it. It makes sense.


Mo’ ATGMs….and the Houthis Blow up everything…

Gregory Casey

Don’t disturb that Paedophile please ……… he’s busy in his Harem of underage sex-slaves


That seems to be an Elitist’s Thingy….


The corrupt Sauds are a minority in Arabia. Their only prop is the equally-corrupt Coalition.

Jeth Roderet

These Yemeni freedom fighters can never be defeated.

Yemen = Saudi Vietnam.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right brother!

Kenny Jones

Houthis are the Vietcong of the Middle East.


They fight barefoot…BAREFOOT! Karl!


Yeah the Houthis don’t talk crap before the fight. They let you know what is on their mind, with the smoke rising from where they just attacked, after the fight. Three years on into the war, the idea of fighting these people has turned out to be a very stupid move. It is also just dessert for the KSA, which has been bankrolling conflicts all over the place since at least the 1970’s in Afghanistan. Now they have any enemy ( yeah the Houthis are not going to let this one slide ) right on their doorstep. My take on it Maxim. I wish well to you.


It is time for Southfront to move to BitChute.

Hassadnah Abraham

saudii jews armies are killing kids and wonen in Yamen,. Other muslim and Saudi citizen must elect a new muslim leader in saudi


KSA is an absolute and hereditary monarchy. Saudi citizens’ do not elect their ruling leadership. Any popular enfranchisement in KSA would require regime change.

Elmarie Muller

Soon there will be a coup in Saudi Arabia no one is happy with regime practices of billionaires arrest, terrorists support, and oppressing of Qatar and Yemen under Nato instructions. Nato is currently instigating wars in brotherly Arab and Muslim world to control oil and gas pipelines under protection lies by creating British, France and USA bases for terrorists support. Point you give in to our demands or we will cause chaose and destruction by giving weapons to terrorists and rescue and airlift them to peaceful areas for further destruction.


The Coalition has the tiger by the tail indeed.

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