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Houthi Drones Once Again Pound Targets In South Of Saudi Arabia

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Houthi Drones Once Again Pound Targets In South Of Saudi Arabia


On March 15, the Yemeni Houthis (formally known as Ansar Allah) launched another strike in its long series of attacks on military targets in Saudi Arabia.

A Houthi military spokesperson said that three explosive-laden drones hit King Khalid Air Base in the Khamis Mushait province and the International Abha Airport targeted.

“The strike was accurate,” Yahya Sarei said adding that the attack came in response to Saudi Arabia’s continued blockade and attacks on Yemen.

The Saudi-led coalition confirmed the attack claiming that it had destroyed a booby-trapped drone fired by the Houthis towards Khamis Mushait, according to the Saudi SPA News Agency.


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Just Me

The Ansarallah have devastated Abha airport and hit the main Saudi and NATO mercenary base at “King Khaled” at will, even the retarded Wahhabi Bedouin are wondering what kind of a mess MBS has got them into and why US weapons don’t work. There are reports that Saudis have started backdoor talks with Iran via Oman.

Pave Way IV

Houthi negotiating tip: (from Braveheart)

[English Army’s Cheltham reading terms of surrender to Scottish army before battle]
Cheltham: Mornay, Lochlan, Craig. Here are the king’s terms. Lead this army off field and he will give you each estates in Yorkshire, including hereditary title, from which you will pay- from which you will pay him an annual duty-
William: I have an offer for you.
Mornay: Cheltham, this is William Wallace.
Cheltham: From which you will pay the king an annual duty-
William: I said I have an offer for you.
Lochlan: You disrespect a banner of truce?
William: From his king? Absolutely. Here are Scotland’s terms. Lower your flags, and march straight back to England, stopping at every home you pass by to beg forgiveness for a hundred years of theft, rape, and murder. Do that and your men shall live. Do it not, and every one of you will die today.
Cheltham: [laughs] You are outmatched. You have no heavy cavalry. In two centuries no army has won without—
William: I’m not finished! Before we let you leave, your commander must cross that field, present himself before this army, put his head between his legs, and kiss his own arse.
[Cheltham rides off]


The British Empire used the same system of ‘local warlord’ tyranny to extract other peoples wealth all around the globe.

The system was also used by the Norman invasion, but largely with Norman warlords who enslaved their fiefdoms.

The US is doing exactly the same thing in Syria today by using Kurdish and Jewhadi warlords.

Assad must stay

Yea hit their f15 bases, runways, etc

Just Me

Most of the F-15 are out of commission as British mercenary pilots are flying Tornadoes and firing stand off weapons out of range of Ansarallah air defences like their Zionist masters do.

Assad must stay

then they should hit the tornado bases, ammo and fuel dumps, control towers lol

johnny rotten

50 and more years ago the whole world, excluding the colonialist West, had sympathized with the Viet Cong kicking the Yankees, today the same can be said for the brave liberators of Yemen when they kick the Gulf pedocracies.


Dutch engineers built that air-base in 1960’s, it’s very far to south-west of KSA, as strategically is meant to cover Red Sea western flank of country. But apparently, many decades ago, Dutch engineers didn’t necessarily assume KSA would launch a serious war against southerly neighbor Yemen, accordingly, that base is very close to KSA-Yemen border – and short-medium range missiles launched from inside Yemen can easily reach it.


Saudi King Khalid air base, housing F15’s and Eurocopters should become a target practice for Houthis suicide drones and ballistic missiles destroying the runways and aircraft on the ground, signaling an era where air power alone without adequate SHORAD defenses is easily neutralized……..take note Israel and US that place so much emphasis on air power without any proper SHORAD defenses. Iron dome is a POS that can be easily overwhelmed and rendered ineffective


SIPRI just published a report today about the weapons sales and countries which import them.
During 2016-2020, Saudis sit on the first place of arms importers (there’s no medal, in this ranking the first position gets a cone hat and piece of paper with the word “dunce” written on it) and imported %11 of the whole weapons sold in this period (mostly crap from the US -%80- then crap from France and UK), spending about %21 of their whole budget, much more than they spend on health, education and infrastructure. Who doesn’t know this?

That spending (officially bordering $300bn, unofficially and hidden? your guess is as good as mine) was so effective, now the poorest Arabic-speaking country in the world, the one which was supposed to be totally defeated in 3 weeks, is %#&*ing them at the end of a dark alley at will and nobody hears Saudis painful cries!!! ;)

And their attack in Ta’iz to distract the Yemeni forces, the one which they managed to capture 4 small villages, Ansarallah not only retook the lost positions, they took another mountain which puts them in a better position. But it seems the unable-to-learn Saudis intend to send more force there, maybe they think the combined forces of AQ, ISIS and Erdogan’s headchoppers can defend Ma’arib. Anyway the mentioned forces are better off without Saudi help, because more than half the times they bomb around Ma’arib from 12km altitude, they bomb their own buddies!
comment image

Liberal guy

The downfall of the cowards continue hahahahaha

Supreme Blyat

Maybe they try to change the strategy, moving the war in higher populated areas, creating humanitarian chrisis, crying and blaming Houthis, paying PR news in massmedia, since the arms buying didn’t work.


Good job boys,burn Saudi down.

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