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JUNE 2023

Houthi Drones Attempted To Attack Key Port In Eastern Yemen

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Houthi Drones Attempted To Attack Key Port In Eastern Yemen

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On October 25, several drones of the Houthis (Ansar Allah) were reportedly spotted flying near the Mukalla port in the eastern Yemen province of Hadhramaut.

Saudi-backed forces, which controls the key port, opened fire at the drones. However, none were shot down. The Al Arabia TV and several other news sources said that the drones attempted to attack the port. However, no explosions were reported during the encounter.

The alleged attack attempt forced the Saudi-backed forces to close the Mukalla port. Work at the port was resumed a day later, however.

The encounter came just four days after two suicide drones of the Houthis attacked al-Dabba oil terminal in Hadhramaut. The Houthis said that the attack was just a “limited warning” meant to prevent the “theft” of Yemeni crude oil. This was not likely the first such “warning” by the group. On October 19, two suicide drones attacked al-Nashimah port in the central province of Shabwah.

The recent attacks indicate that Saudi-held Yemeni ports are now under a de-facto blockade. Following the attack on al-Dabba oil terminal, the Houthis made their demands clear. The group wants its share from the Yemeni oil and gas revenue to pay the salaries of state employees and improve public services in its areas of influence.

The Saudi-backed Yemeni government rejected the same demand by the Houthis before, which led to the collapse of the UN-sponsored ceasefire in Yemen on October 2.

The Houthis will likely keep escalating until the Yemeni government and its backers, mainly Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, fulfill its demand.


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The resistence must kill yankees and UK and France intruders. Destroy the saoudi oil pipes en terminals. The west will got no more oil and the people hoopful starts eliminating the zio puppeds who took control in the governments. Then the people restore order and trade whitout the interference of the zionist parasites.

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