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Houthi Drones Attacked Aramco Refineries, ‘Sensitive Military Sites’ In Saudi Arabia

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Houthi Drones Attacked Aramco Refineries, 'Sensitive Military Sites' In Saudi Arabia

the Houthi military spokesperson Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari

On April 12, the Houthis (as Ansar Allah is also known) claimed that they had launched 17 drones and two ballistic missiles on the territory of Saudi Arabia.

According to the Houthi military spokesperson Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, their explosive-laden drones successfully targeted Saudi Aramco sites in the eastern oil terminal of Jubail and the western city of Jeddah late on April 11.

Saudi officials, nor Aramco have not commented on the attack, yet.

The Houthis also claimed that they targeted military sites near the Saudi southwestern towns of Jazan and Khamis Mushait.

In its turn, Saudi Ekhbariya TV the Kingdom military intercepted several armed drones and at least one ballistic missile launched toward the Jazan area.

A day before, the Houthis announced that two Qasef-2K drones had been launched at Jizan Regional Airport in the province of Jizan and King Khalid Air Base in the province of ‘Asir. The drones targeted warplanes shelters.

Since the beginning of April, the Yemeni group has significantly stepped up their drone attacks on Saudi Arabia. They are targeting important Saudi military facilities, as well as Aramco installations on a regular basis. They also use suicide drones to disturb the aerial operations of the Saudi-led coalition over Yemen.

Saudi Arabia has no means to protect strategically important military sites in its territory, nor to gain any success on the ground in Yemen.

Houthi Drones Attacked Aramco Refineries, 'Sensitive Military Sites' In Saudi Arabia

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  1. Just Me says:

    The second largest Bedouin airport of Jeddah has been hit hard and many planes destroyed and the terminal in flames.

    Intense Military activity in the vicinity of Jeddah has seen that city’s airport
    temporarily closed. Flights are diverting to other airports around
    Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have reportedly imposed a news blackout, but eyewitnesses report

    inbound drones and missiles equipped with explosives coming in waves and taking out targets amid intense anti aircraft fire, which seems to have missed most of the drones. The drones and
    missiles are coming out of Yemen and targeting infrastructure such as airports.

    Missiles and explosive drones in the vicinity of Jeddah Airport

    King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah is normally Saudi Arabia’s busiest airport has also come under attack simultaneously.

    Jeddah, situated on the Red Sea, is approximately 800 kilometers from the Saudi Arabia / Yemen border. Yemen’s Houthis are launching the missiles and drones as they step up their aerial attacks on Saudi Arabia.

    1. Supreme Blyat says:

      If the drones fly so low, right above the highway, it’s impossible for radars to detect them. Maybe only police radars. The only solution would be to arm traffic police with manpads

      1. Just Me says:

        You are right they are using NOE GPS technology, and as an Indian taxi driver said in Riyadh yesterday, they came so low that they almost knocked off his taxi signage on the roof and he just ran like hell.

        1. Supreme Blyat says:

          That’s a brilliant idea. So simple yet so effective. It reminds me of the joke when Americans spent a million to project a pencil that can write with liquid in the space and Russians used a carbon pen.

          1. Jay says:

            How many billions of dollars in pen sales have been generated since then?

        2. Ewan says:

          Back to India?

    2. Ewan says:

      Yeah!!! No hajj this year?

  2. johnny rotten says:

    The punishers of the Wahabi army will get tired of cutting heads to their own soldiers.

    1. Supreme Blyat says:

      It’s the only thing left to do for them.

  3. Supreme Blyat says:

    The moment when you realize Houthis surgically struk more targets in Saudi Arabia than NATO in Syria…

    1. Just Me says:

      Somehow the Yemenis have figured out how to beat the PAC 3 dud US missiles.

      1. Supreme Blyat says:

        The speed of learning and using new tactics is trully scary.

        1. Just Me says:

          7 years ago before the dumbass coward headchopper MBS launched his genocidal war on Yemeni civilians, the Houthis were happy chewing Khat and strolling around in flip flops, so the Saudi morons thought that they would impose Wahhbism on them and install a puppet regime in Taif. The morons simply fcuked with the wrong people. Now the Ansarallah are getting as deadly and advanced as the legendary Hezbollah cousins. The Saudis need to pay reparations and run like hell.

          1. Supreme Blyat says:

            Houthis were well known as a well prepared Shia militia, before the Saudi invasion. But the success on the battlefield was beyound any expectations and now this. Surgical strikes against one of the best defended country in the world. How awesome is that? :))

          2. Just Me says:

            Also imagine the fate of the Zionist cowards if they f c uk with Hezbollah which is 100 times more advanced.

          3. Supreme Blyat says:

            Unfortunately for Hezbolah, they don’t benefit of the large mountaineous teritory as Houthis.

          4. Just Me says:

            They have strategic depth in northern Syria now around Qalamoun mountain belt. They have tunneled deeply in the region, which is closed military zone adjoining Bekaa.

          5. Supreme Blyat says:

            In exchange they benefit of being close to Israel assets, also not having too much space for maneuvers

          6. Just Me says:

            But also remember that the Zionists are a much softer society and can not take the casualties of the Saudis and Occupied Palestine is the size of Riyadh capital zone. Even in 2006, when Hezbollah played by the rules and did not attack civilians, a million Zionists fled to Europe and Cyprus. This time Iran will not stop Hezbollah from a totally destructive tit for tat war. Sheikh Naim Qasim, whom I have a lot of respect for, is the Hezbollah military strategist and he has said that next war is brick for brick, civilian for civilian.

          7. Supreme Blyat says:

            That 2006 was a pure psychological war. First they broke the moral of Israeli soldiers who refused to fight. Then desperately started to bomb civilians which united all muslim journalists around the world. Then Israel went to the table to negotiate peace with Hezbolah, after claiming that they will never negotiate with the terrorists. Total humiliation. Hezbolah managed to prove IDF has a weak morale.

          8. Ewan says:

            First the Galilee, Shebaa farms, then Golan. The PMUs will lead the way. hail Nasrallah, New King of Jerusalem

          9. Ewan says:

            No maneuvers necessary, The aim is to invade

          10. Supreme Blyat says:

            It would be a butchering of booby traps.

          11. Ewan says:

            Possibly but they’d be using the very roads israel now patrols at their northern border

          12. Supreme Blyat says:

            But Hezbolah wouldn’t stay on the roads.

          13. Ewan says:

            And they know it

          14. Daniel Rich says:

            @ Just Me,

            "Also imagine the fate of the Zionist cowards if they f c uk with Hezbollah which is 100 times more advanced."


            The circumcised critters in Occupied Palestine shit bricks for breakfast by the thought of what’s coming up next. They’re still waiting for the retaliation of killing a Hezbollah fighter in Syria. Keeps them on their toes and their diapers filled to the brim :o]

          15. Ashok Varma says:

            SF nailed it: Saudi Arabia has no means to protect strategically important military
            sites in its territory, nor to gain any success on the ground in Yemen.

      2. NITRAM28 says:

        unless you can provide a source i doubt the saudis have PAC3 systems.

        1. Just Me says:

          Google US deploys PAC3 in Saudi Arabia. I am having too much fun to do all the research for you :)

          1. NITRAM28 says:

            m8 i said Saudi PAC3 not US PAC3 the US has deployed PAC3 systems in many nations to defend its bases just like Russia has with its S-300PMU and more modern systems.

          2. Just Me says:

            The two US Patriot missiles would be replaced by the Kingdom’s Patriot PAC-3 hit-to-kill missile, according to an unnamed US
            military official cited by Bloomberg. The Kingdom also has 40-60 CSS2
            medium-range ballistic missiles and six legions of Patriot missiles to
            defend itself from almost daily attacks from Yemen.

          3. NITRAM28 says:

            and the link to this is?

          4. NITRAM28 says:

            intresting read tho the link kinda debunks your first statment since it claims almost all Houthi missiles have been shot down.

          5. Just Me says:

            It is a Saudi propaganda publication. But you can discern. Saudis also claim to have won the war . BTW, Marib oil fields are about to fall as well.

          6. NITRAM28 says:

            idc about the saiudis incompetance i care more about the performanceo the patriot and it seems that it keeps on dilivering since most atempted strikes by the houthis are intrecepted by saudi crewed patriots mind you.

          7. Ashok Varma says:


      3. Rhodium 10 says:

        US made air defense ( Patriot, Thaad, Avenger) have failed in Saudi Arabia!…they need fighter jets in constant flight to intercept Drones…

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          US weapons are expensive and hype. Each PAC missile costs almost $5 million, the Houthi drones cost a fraction. US missiles have a history of failures going back to Saddam’s Scuds.

          1. Kathryn Frank says:

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    2. Bruno Gama says:

      You could call Iranian surgically strikes… Just like in Ain Assad… Ballistic missiles with a precision of cruise missile… The American “drones” video of the attack aimed to show no “harm as come”, just show how precise are Iranian weapons. No wonder West stop saying “War against Iran!”, and hide their tails…

      1. Supreme Blyat says:

        And the low flying drones are even harder to be stopped than balistic missiles…

  4. verner says:

    guess the clown prince’s cousins are sharpening their knives waiting for the right time to dispose of the sick puppy, khashoggi style. what a larf.

  5. Ashok Varma says:

    Saudi are disgusting cowards with a defence budget bigger than India are are being humiliated by the Arab world’s poorest country that they bombed indiscriminately. Shame on such vile losers.

  6. Proud Hindu says:

    In 1962 India had extended friendship and we considered the Chinese as our brothers.But they backstabbed us and suddenly attacked our troops and captured vast Indian territory.That’s the sole reason why I hate the Chinese regime.

    1. LRcaptain says:

      get with the times gramps

    2. Arch Bungle says:

      Stop lying. The fact is you pushed China, and they fucked you good and solid:

      During June–July 1962, Indian military planners began advocating “probing actions” against the Chinese, and accordingly, moved mountain troops forward to cut off Chinese supply lines.

      According to Patterson, the Indian motives were threefold:

      Test Chinese resolve and intentions regarding India.
      Test whether India would enjoy Soviet backing in the event of a Sino-Indian war.
      Create sympathy for India within the U.S., with whom relations had deteriorated after the Indian annexation of Goa.[44]:279

      On 10 July 1962, 350 Chinese troops surrounded an Indian post in Chushul (north of the McMahon Line) but withdrew after a heated argument via loudspeaker.[21]

      On 22 July, the Forward Policy was extended to allow Indian troops to push back Chinese troops already established in disputed territory.[49]

      Whereas Indian troops were previously ordered to fire only in self-defence, all post commanders were now given discretion to open fire upon Chinese forces if threatened.[49]

      In August, the Chinese military improved its combat readiness along the McMahon Line and began stockpiling ammunition, weapons and fuel.[18]

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