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Houthi Booby-Trapped Boats Attacked Jizan Oil Terminal In Saudi Arabia

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Houthi Booby-Trapped Boats Attacked Jizan Oil Terminal In Saudi Arabia

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On November 12, Saudi authorities revealed that Ansar Allah (also known as ‘the Houthis’) had attacked an oil terminal in the southwestern city of Jizan.

An unnamed official in Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Energy told the al-Arabiya TV that two remotely-controlled water-born improvised explosive devices (WBIEDs) of the Houthis targeted the terminal late on November 11.

The Saudi-led coalition intercepted both WBIEDs, according to the official’s claims. Nevertheless, the interception led to a fire at the terminal’s floating oil pipelines. Firefighters extinguished the fire within a few hours. No human losses were reported.

“Such criminal acts directed against vital facilities do not target the kingdom alone, but they also target the security of oil exports, the stability of energy supplies to the world, the freedom of international trade, and the entire global economy,” the Ministry of Energy said in a statement.

Ansar Allah has been targeting Saudi-led coalition warships with WBIEDs for several years. However, this was the first time they used booby-trapped boats to attack an oil facility.

The Yemeni group’s stepped up its attacks on Saudi Arabia recently in response to the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes and the siege imposed on Yemen.

The Saudi-led coalition said that it had intercepted five suicide drones which were launched by the Houthis on November 12 only. The Yemeni group will not likely stop its attack on the Kingdom any time soon.


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Is this ministry of energy aware that they are starving millions of Yemenis or does he also have the head in his ass? Or is he another Hippocrite son of a bin(tch)-Salman?

Concrete Mike

Hah yeah guarantee freedom of trade.

Translation you can only trade in us$ or we sending our wahabbi dogs after you.


Always been like that. Britain controlled the staits for protecting from the pirates only the ‘good’ traders.


Did you mean “protecting from british military dressed as pirates”?


You are very smart, how come you spend your time with us?


Told you! Saudis always intercept Yemeni drones %110. This time they destroyed their boat drone with their oil pipes.


A very expensive way of destroying drones. But SA is good just for one thing. They showed the world that the Patriot SAMs don’t work!!


True. In revenge Putin destroyed S-300 reputation in Syria.

Vox Populi

Russians have invested in antiquated air defences to fight the Soviet era conventional cold war on the plains of Europe, meanwhile the world has moved ahead in technology and warfare doctrine.

cechas vodobenikov

typical CIA idiot…Russian weapons most advanced on planet; even your NATO ally turkey buys them LOL


It is the other way around. The US ( because there is no west, since the EU hasn’t developed anything new in the last 20 years ) has been busy developing stealth jets and whatnot. And yes, drones too. But drones are easy to hack and/or disable through EM weapons.

And this is where Russia has invested much resources. They have even worked on strengthening their Glonass network, to make it harder to spoof and jam.

Me&Myself None

Not only the S-300 but the whole Russian military and government. I used to spend huge amount of my own time being a Putin fanboy and propagandist for Russia, So much so that I used to get referred to as a Russian bot, but their coward attitude in Syria after multiple US missile attack and Israel continue aggression against Syria, made me turn my vitriol against them.

cechas vodobenikov

projecting your cowardice and stupidity–farcical

cechas vodobenikov

more ukrop CIA wishful thinking s200 dropped 2 Israeli f16 over Syria



Vox Populi

The future of warfare is swarm drone attacks. Armenia was the guinea pig. Low cost and immune to traditional air defence systems like SAMs and AAA.


For sure we will see an up in the usage of drones. Sadly this is our future. Sadly because there will be a real possibility for a military dictatorship emerging, ruled by very few people.

In this vein, it makes no sense anymore to spend money to develop uber-pricey stealth jets and other bullcrap. Just use money to develop EM weaponry to shoot down and/or hack drones.

And it looks that the military elite of the russian army has understood this very well.

cechas vodobenikov

not 1 turkey/israeli drone has penetrated Tartus/hmenim Russian bases in Syria


Because Russia has the means to neutralize them. Armenia doesn’t.

Traiano Welcome

They intercepted the strike using the intended target …


I wish the SA regime is abolished, once it is destroyed I guess the whole Gulf State will be peaceful.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

Saudi Arabia can end the conflict by withdrawing its forces from Yemen. In peacetime, the schooling of the people in the long run will weaken the stupefying, destructive religions that contribute to poverty, war and unrest.

Blas de Lezo

Frog men would be better.


Frankly, the Saudis are up the proverbial creek without a paddle and things are about to get much more tougher for them in the future.

John Wallace

” Such criminal acts directed against vital facilities do not target the kingdom alone, but they also target .. blah blah .. blah. ” Whereas us Saudi’s are careful not to target international oil trade or global trade by only bombing weddings , funerals and school buses.

cechas vodobenikov

saudi amerikan cretins losing everywhere—perhaps they can try to invade Dominican Republic

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