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MARCH 2021

House Of Ukrainian Activist’s Parents Burned Down. But Nobody Cares Because He’s On The Wrong Side Of “Democracy”


House Of Ukrainian Activist's Parents Burned Down. But Nobody Cares Because He's On The Wrong Side Of "Democracy"

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On September 17th, Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Vasilets said that during a fire his parents’ house in the Cherkasy region was burned down.

Vasilets was a political prisoner of the Poroshenko era, who was thrown into prison on charges of separatism. Later, the court released him, and the case fell apart, but no after he was initially sentenced to 9 years in prison.

Judging photos, the house, which is located 200 km from Kiev, burned down almost completely.

There are no casualties. His mother managed to crawl out of the kitchen, where she was doing housework.

According to the official version, the cause of the fire was a short circuit, but Vasilets said he doubted that.

He stated that he was waiting for an investigation and a response from the Office of the President.

House Of Ukrainian Activist's Parents Burned Down. But Nobody Cares Because He's On The Wrong Side Of "Democracy"

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According to him, there was a new wiring in the house, and the neighbors saw a car, which was quickly leaving the village.

“Especially for the Avakov experts: the wiring in the house was all new, while everything was burning in the kitchen where my mother was, the light was on, the gas was not connected to the house. While the house was still burning, and the firemen extinguished it, the relevant services had already drawn up an act that “everything happened due to a short circuit.” After a couple of hours, the house was extinguished and the “services” left. Some neighbors claimed that at about the time of the fire they saw a car, quickly leaving the village (there are not many cars in the village),” Vasilets wrote on Facebook.

The journalist added that he wrote about the fire because he expects there to be an investigation into the incident.

“Suddenly, the Office of the President of Ukraine and the US Embassy in Ukraine will react to the arson, then there is a chance for investigation. It is clear that I have never received grants, I have never worked for any “non-governmental organizations “, but what if there are no double standards in relation to journalists and to public figures in Ukraine?” Vasilets said.

There was no reaction to Vasilets’ statement. Although in similar cases, even the President’s Office commented on the situation (for example, when the house of anti-corruption activist Shabunin was on fire).

“Well, we’ll wait until tomorrow, maybe the president’s office and the US embassy are very busy, and they need time to react. And then they may start to investigate the arson, hope, as they say, dies last,” the journalist wrote.

“There is no reaction from either the President’s Office or the US Embassy. I even wondered if there would be a reaction. I remember a similar story with the house of activist Vitaly Shabunin. There is no reaction from the police. They said that there is a paper from the firemen and that will be enough for them. In this regard, it is difficult. Moreover, my parents are in a semi-shock state. We will make a decision with a lawyer about the fact that the police did not initiate a criminal case, we will demand that it be opened.

There are inconsistencies. The light burned without any drops. When half of the house was flooded with water, then only the light was turned off by firefighters. No examination was carried out. While the house was being extinguished, they already wrote that it was a short circuit. This is also one of the reasons why one does not really believe in the official history. I live in Ukraine, so even if the case is entered into the ERDR (Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations of Ukraine), Then the likelihood that it will be investigated tends to zero. Parents, thank God, are fine. There are a lot of other problems now. What to do next with this house, whether it is necessary to restore it, is there any sense in it,” Vasilets said.

Who is Dmitry Vasilets? His history may explain why his parents’ house was likely burned down, and why the authorities are choosing to disregard the incident.

Dmitry Vasilets worked in Ukrainian tv Channel 17, and was the speaker of the Medialyustratsiya public movement.

During Former President Petro Poroshenko’s presidency, he spent two years in jail on a falsified case.

In November 2015, he was arrested on suspicion of assisting in the technical setup of the Novorossiya TV YouTube channel. The reason was his official trip in July 2014 to Donetsk.

Vasilets and his colleague Yevgeny Timonin received 9 years in prison each, but in the end the appellate court found the charges unlawful, and the journalists themselves were released.

President Volodymyr Zelensky quickly reacted to the arson of the house of the head of the Anti-Corruption Center Vitaly Shabunin, which occurred on the night of July 23rd. He said that this event worried and upset him.

“The parental home of activist Vitaly Shabunin, which was cynically set on fire, is a clear sign that our society cannot recover after numerous tragedies and social upheavals. It cannot refuse uncivilized forms of clarification of relations. It cannot stop playing demonstrative violence,” Zelensky said.

The US Embassy expressed concern about pressure on activists on the day of the fire in Shabunin’s house.

Nothing of the kind was said about Vasilets. One would presume activism, if peaceful, is acceptable, regardless of the direction it is focused in. That would appear to be false, as evidence shows.

The similar wave of ‘incident fires’ recently targeted homes of priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate). These ‘accidents’ also were mostly ignored by the government and were not really investigated. The ‘democratic government’ of Ukraine and the US State Department turn a ‘blind eye’ on these developments or pretend that this is an ordinary situation that does not cast a shadow over the Ukrainian young democracy.

The similar double-faced approach is employed by the so-called international community towards all actions of the Euro-Atlantic establishment and its local puppets in Ukraine.




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