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JUNE 2023

House Dems Claim They have Enough Votes To Impeach Trump. FBI Allegedly On Alert For Armed Protests Against Biden

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House Dems Claim They have Enough Votes To Impeach Trump. FBI Allegedly On Alert For Armed Protests Against Biden


You can read this article in German. LINK

The new neo-liberal regime taking power in the United States has already started to prepare to suppress any, even the most peaceful, resistance from the non-neoliberal part of the society. The preparations for the inauguration of Joe Biden look more like the installation of a dictator as opposed to the inauguration of a democratically elected president. Security forces will be denying access to most of the DC mall and use National Guard troops to control the area.

MSM claimed that the FBI is reportedly monitoring plans for armed protests against Joe Biden’s election victory in all 50 US state capitols and at the US Capitol in Washington between January 16 and January 20, the day Joe Biden will be inaugurated as president.

Meanwhile, House Democrats formally introduced an article of impeachment accusing Trump of inciting an insurrection in regard to the riot at the US Capitol last week, which left five dead and has led to multiple arrests.

House Dems Claim They have Enough Votes To Impeach Trump. FBI Allegedly On Alert For Armed Protests Against Biden

The Democrats claim that they have enough votes already.

“We actually have the votes,” Rep. David Cicilline, the Rhode Island Democrat who has taken the lead in rounding up support for a resolution of impeachment, told The Washington Post.“There’s no doubt about that.”

The neo-liberals and globalists that have seized power do not seem to be ready to stop even a few days ahead of Trump leaving the White House. Instead, they have demonstrated that they will take all what they can (legally and illegally) to cancel Trump and millions of voters that supported him, and censor any voice that questions the newly established neo-liberal regime in Washington.


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The new neo-liberal regime taking power in the United States has already started to prepare to suppress any, even the most peaceful, resistance from the non-neoliberal part of the society. The preparations for the inauguration of Joe Biden look more like the installation of a dictator as opposed to the inauguration of a democratically elected president. Security forces will be denying access to most of the DC mall and use National Guard troops to control the area.

That’s a huge bubble of unreality, the Trumpet was, is and will always be the epitome of controlled opposition, Ziocorporate globalism controlled him like they controlled Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, ect. and just like they will control Biden.

People on both the US so-called right and the so-called left have a too deluded idea of what their so-called “democracy/republic” is. Idiotic Qtart and MAGA partisans won’t ever realise that their leader the Trumpet is, just like Biden and the Democrats, a Ziocorporate conman playing with the political passions of the taxcattle against the taxclattle.

Remember CNN and Ziocorporate MSM praising the Trumpet when he sold Ziodi Wahhabia $400 billion more in weapons to massmurder people in Yemen or when he bombed Syria? Because those are the instances where the true nature of the MAGA/Qtart bullshit bacem evident.

Thanks to Trump, Ziocorporate power, the Pentagon/CIA/FBI/NSA can now call anyone they want a “domestic terrorist:

“AMAZON: The Biggest Joint CIA-Corporate Covert Operation in U.S. History” http://themillenniumreport.com/2019/03/amazon-the-biggest-joint-cia-corporate-covert-operation-in-u-s-history/

“White House teams up with Google to build coronavirus screening site” https://techcrunch.com/2020/03/13/white-house-teams-up-with-google-to-build-coronavirus-screening-site/

“FBI’s Counterterrorism Investigations Now Run on Amazon” https://www.nextgov.com/it-modernization/2018/11/fbis-counterterrorism-investigations-now-run-amazon/153133/https://www.nextgov.com/it-modernization/2018/11/fbis-counterterrorism-investigations-now-run-amazon/153133/

klove and light

spot on!

Jens Holm

More like spyt on. DNAS might show relations to Lamas and Girafs.

Fog of War

Very true. Trump’s job was designed to to denigrate and disenfranchise certain ideas and a group of people based on their association with him. For all insensitive purposes these things are now taboo to discuss. 1) Limits on immigration 2) building a wall / or border security. 3) Expulsion / prevention of illegal migrants. 4) White rights and concerns. 5) Bringing troops back home. 6) ” Unapproved ” history 7) Minority crime statistics . 8) Preservation of ” unapproved ” history And so forth. Guilt by association with an intentional orange baboon.

Jens Holm

Exept for parts of 7 and 8 its highly incorrect and a total lie.

Anybody else can check out fx immigrants has been on and off during time by changing rules in all levels.

Jens Holm

USA has not been Neoliberal for decades. Are Your newspapers delayed.

Neoliberalisme was an old trensetter, but was much more bad then good.


Sorry but, Greenland will annex Denmark and Trump will buy Greenland….tough luck for you!

Jens Holm

If USA really collapse, we will buy it and send all there to You indians included.

Mexicans will learn You to grow tequila https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/716d4c6ea7540ca888c74aec9611260e207b14f6d888d526a8f727d3c1a71454.jpg


New Russian Nuclear Subs to carry 4,000km-Range Kalibr Missiles “The new submarines, Voronezh and Vladivostok, will carry new Kalibr-M missiles with a firing range of over 4,000km,” https://www.defenseworld.net/news/27744/New_Russian_Nuclear_Subs_to_carry_4_000km_Range_Kalibr_Missiles


Rhenium for Avangard electronics?


Sorry, no info on that


are you Russian?


Niet :) I have some Russian ancestry though. I’m Slav and Orthodox so that explains I suppose.


Ah.. cool


No. Sheeple will be ushered in slaughter house gradually..


US already has totally mature situation for civil var …. and all we could see was staged false flag. Targeting to take away what is left of US basic freedoms. They have plan, initiative, developed tactics, plenty of experience, limitless money, propaganda apparatus that would make Goebbels have instant orgasm. I say good luck with that “civil var”…


Listen I Am not party pooper…..I am on your side…but even more than that I am on the side of what I believe to be Truth….So if facts in the future show that I was wrong I will be very happy person. I just do not like at all how things develop and I am not in stupid cheer leader mood any more.

Good luck…. you will need it


Love it, thanks!

The Objective

“I am not in stupid cheer leader mood any more” You’re indeed a stupid cheerleader.


Look who is talking You can’t even decipher friend from foe in this world. People are forced to use the brains these days…and those who doesn’t have it, tough shit for them.

The Objective

I’m talking from my knowledge of your past blunders. You’re such a rabid supporter of Russia that you don’t even know what the Russian bloggosphere says about Russia’s policy towards the Middle East. Your comments are always about weapons, weapons, and weapons, as if it is all that matters. You openly contradict more intelligent Russian analysts whenever it exposes your delusion. Your past comments about Europe sanctioning Turkey are grounded in ignorance of the fact that Europe has over over $122 billion investment in Turkey. I recently started reading Russian blogs, and I’m truly surprised at the kind of information I find, which is very logical and objective in most cases. I doubt read any major Russian blogs before posting bullshit about Iran and Russia and Israel, etc. That’s why I call you a stupid cheerleader.


It is always about weapons, weapons, and weapons….without them China and Russia would be nuked long time ago. EU has imposed soft sanctions on Turkey…what did you expect?!! Declaration of war maybe?!! Turkey needs infinitely more EU than EU needs Turkey, so they will behave. Russia is democracy so the opinions differ…there are many Russians with more radical support for Russia and opinions than mine..I am not Russian b.t.w. You are Erdogan’s ass kisser and rabid Zio-islamist just like your boss Erdogan!

The Objective

I don’t agree with Erdogan on everything. And I’m not a blind supporter of Erdogan. The reason Erdogan is the most popular figure in the Muslim world is because of his bravery in supporting Islam and Muslims wherever he can. But Turkey is not very powerful compared to its foes. So Erdogan is just doing his best. What did you expect me to do? Support Russia while it kill Muslims in Syria and Libya, and while it supports dictators like Sisi that massacred more than 2000 people in one day including women? If that’s what you want me to do, then you and I will always be enemies here. Because I can’t support a ruthless people that are spilling innocent Muslim blood. I know some are terrorists and deserve to die, but not all are terrorists, especially in Syria. So I’ll always support Turkey, which happens to be the ONLY Muslim country that stood up Syrian Sunnis.

Ryan Glantz

Breaking Intel

From Gregory Ervin Special Consultant to President Donald Trump

January 10, 2021

Dear Patriots: Some of you may recognize my name. I have daily briefings with our President Donald Trump and I have released intel before a handful of times as a “helper”.

What I’m about to disclose is the most important post you’ll read before the inauguration. Q will not post here again, at least not for a while.

The operation is ongoing but must run silent at this point. Once we wind down you will not hear from Q again. Don’t let this worry or upset you.

We are in perhaps the most critical juncture of American history. President Trump is fully aware of the gravity of this time period. We have prepared from before 2015 for this exact moment.

I am not asking for faith in us. Q should have already used logic, reason, and multiple proofs to establish our credibility. What happens this week will change history.

We are asking you for now to stay in your homes and do NOT under any circumstances interfere with the operation. You’ll soon see things unfold that many would think impossible. President Trump is insulated and 100% safe. Our plan is almost complete.

The Deep State has already lost. Everything you’re seeing in the MSM and on Twitter is a last-ditch attempt. Why has Kamala not yet left the senate? Where is Joe? Where is Joe really? Hunter has turned himself in.

We asked you at the beginning to prepare. Your role is crucial, and your task is to help the population deal with what is about to be revealed. Those patriots who have been here from the start will understand and recognize this directive. Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn.

Do not believe the MSM over the next week. Do not, for a single minute give them any credence. We have legally won this election and what comes next is the greatest mop up job in the history of the world.

Patriots, we thank you. We could not have gotten here without you. Now is our time. Hold the line. You will receive no further message on this channel from us until the operation is over. At that point, the entire world will know.

Thank you and God bless you. Pray for us, President Trump and the United States of America. We are in the most dangerous phase and the stakes could not be higher. Military takedowns and arrests begin this weekend and will continue forward for the next 13 days and nights. Some international raids have already started. Italy has also been found complicit in our election fraud.

Everyone will be getting emergency alerts on their phones, tv’s, radios & internet. It will override all other broadcasts and could last for several hours at a time.

Do not to be scared of what’s coming as it is for the safety of our nation for this to unfold. DO NOT travel to any large cities (especially Philadelphia) for the rest of the month. Military operations will be taking place in many of the major corrupt cities.

People will start rioting once this intel breaks, thinking Trump is a military dictator. He only has 10 days to put this dog down.

The implementation of the Insurrection Act began after the raid on the Capitol and was marked by Trump’s broadcast to the people to disband and return home. This broadcast wound up being blocked, for the most part, by the media. Nevertheless, his address fulfilled the requirements to initiate the Insurrection Act.

The Marines and National Guard troops are being moved as needed for the riots that will start after the national release of the intel. The intel will be dropped for everyone to see and hear in loops that will be several hours long.

The system was just checked by the FCC a few days ago alerting ALL media that they cannot block the flow of intel under federal regulations.

President Trump will be moved continuously like a chess piece from now until the 20th in order to avoid any retaliation against him and family.

President Trump had to exhaust ALL other means legally before this operation could commence. He gave everyone a fair chance to come clean and they refused. His press release of a “smooth transition” did not include the word, “concede” as he has no plans to do so. Rather, there will be a smooth transition of power to his new cabinet, staff and Vice President, General Flynn.

The rally in DC was an awesome event! The raids on the Capitol all started with BLM and Antifa members (many from the Philly area) and included Capitol police or those posing as Capitol police. Every day, new intel is pouring forth to support this. They opened up the barricades and doors to the Capitol and let them in.

There were some US Military Special Ops Members dressed as Trump supporters who went in with the crowd of protesters that were able to secure 20+ laptops w/ hard drives with data regarding sex trafficking intel from both Pelosi and Schumer!


Lots of words there. Can President Trump be trusted and if yes, why?

Jens Holm

They havnt iddi.

As its most, they are like some of the Jihadists.

Jens Holm

There we go again. You relate to Your own traditions close to animals.

They have their own. 306 was elected and not only Biden. 232 voted for Trumpet. Thats about 58%


Ashok Varma

Anglo dominated racist imperial colonies by nature have cowardly compliant populations, largely to history of monarchies and oligarchies. Indians know the nature of these criminal failed states.


“Modern society” program main purpose is to make sheeple (incapable to resist) out of everybody. Our a$$ is on the line also, we have no reason to celebrate (if we see that as fall of the Empire only we are wrong) It is enslavement program on global scale. what happens in US now just shows us what will happen elsewhere around the globe later on.

Lone Ranger

Either way the U.S. Empire is toast.

Kenny Jones ™

Proxy civil war in the US, Russia backs reps, China backs dems, The US will get a taste of its own medicine!


nothing like good sense of humor, cure fore everything

Lone Ranger

Indeed. The chickens come home to roost.

Jens Holm

Well actually they have several companies, which innovate and produce a lot of vaccine, so they do taste their own as well as imported ones.

We export to them as well as they export to us.

The collapsed dollar even use by Hesbollah made it again. And You still dont understand what debt is in Our systems.

Jens Holm

Well, You then must be the stinkinhg destroyed cheese in it.

Lone Ranger

Thats you brain after decades of LSD abuse…

Jens Holm

Ypur level is, You are not even able to search and learn things, You dont understand.

Lone Ranger


Dick Von Dast'Ard

Well if they assassinate Biden then that put’s Harris in… So best use two American Snipers.

Ivan Freely

Multiple snipers were used to take out JFK. I don’t see why they wouldn’t do the same.

Ryan Glantz

Have you all forgotten already? The Insurrection Act is now in effect. General Flynn is now at the helm. Trump will be the 46th president, and General Flynn will be his VP.


lol i thought i was the stupidest on this thread, you sir are a complete retard, so much of the white supremacist rhetoric is so obviously complete bs for the feeble minded

Jens Holm

Nice written, if its by Your tail.

Ryan Glantz

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/48feee2cfc41dbcfa90b4b7ff71f7faee40e16f1bf1ca465282e5ef155f847fb.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7e64d29f4378c468a24ee0c3dc499fbe3961c782b656ac6b5fbb48dd2a1ad0de.jpg

Ryan Glantz

one big happy treasonous family https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dc2d47da4cf8691f94ce3029293c596d8921eba435223a2718b631b4a1d4066d.jpg


Contrary to the totally erroneous and contrived Hollywood generated image of the US post WW2, the start reality that is dawning on the world is that America is a murderous rapacious police state and has then most cowardly population in the world and also the most compliant and subservient. As Noam Chomsky observed almost five decades ago US population thrives on ignorance and compliance which he termed “manufacturing consent”. The Jewish media and incessant propaganda ensures that the WASP and Jew power structure dubbed military-industrial complex by Eisenhower and now called deep state, eliminates an threat or dissent.

The US is neither the home of the brave or land of the free, but a oligarchical brutal and thuggish police state. The FBI and CIA ensure that any real dissident or threat is quickly eliminated as the Kennedy’s, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King etc paid the price. US also operates the only global gulag in illegally occupied parts of Cuba, where a brutal Guantanamo Bay concentration camp operates.

US is the greatest threat to human rights and even basic freedoms as the world is witnessing.

Ryan Glantz

what happened in Saudia Arabia will happen in USA – remember when they arrested the princes?

Ashok Varma

US is indeed doomed. Its facade has been blown apart.

William D

So you are saying that we pretend to be a great nation but secretly we are just as terrible as China? Are you arguing against a nation striving to set a good example for the others? If not the USA, who is your champion for freedom for ‘human rights and even basic freedoms’ as you write? China would have ever capital rioter hanging from the light posts by now and the USA has arrested maybe 40? Hong Kong was suppression of freedom. Intelligence revolted in Hong Kong, stupidity revolted in Washington DC. The USA survived Trump and every 4 years we have a new leader. Again you will witness how we set an example for the world and recover.

In Exile

For that to even be remotely true the Jews would have to control banking, Media, Advertising and Publishing, at the very least. Everyone knows they are just people with a strange religion who want to make the world a better place. How do I know? well Mister TV told me, I suppose now you going to say Mister TV is a liar, well sir I will not sit by and see Mister TV slandered by a racist.

Ryan Glantz


Ryan Glantz


Ryan Glantz

On Monday, Facebook blocked former presidential candidate Ron Paul from his own page. The move came hours after the longtime congressman and libertarian hero shared an article he wrote criticizing Twitter and Facebook for banning President Donald Trump from their platforms.

“Last week’s massive social media purges – starting with President Trump’s permanent ban from Twitter and other outlets – was shocking and chilling, particularly to those of us who value free expression and the free exchange of ideas,” Paul wrote. “The justifications given for the silencing of wide swaths of public opinion made no sense and the process was anything but transparent. Nowhere in President Trump’s two ‘offending’ Tweets, for example, was a call for violence expressed explicitly or implicitly. It was a classic example of sentence first, verdict later.”

Paul shared the article on Facebook sometime around 10 a.m. EST. Hours later, on Twitter, Paul said he had been blocked by Facebook.

“With no explanation other than ‘repeatedly going against our community standards,’ Facebook has blocked me from managing my page,” Paul announced on Twitter. “Never have we received notice of violating community standards in the past and nowhere is the offending post identified.”

Paul said the only material posted to Facebook on Monday was the article previously noted, his weekly “Texas Straight Talk” column, which he has published every week since 1976.

With no explanation other than “repeatedly going against our community standards,” @Facebook has blocked me from managing my page. Never have we received notice of violating community standards in the past and nowhere is the offending post identified. pic.twitter.com/EdMyW9gufa — Ron Paul (@RonPaul) January 11, 2021

The Big Chill on Speech

The question of social media censorship, a phenomenon that has grown steadily in recent years, is a thorny issue, especially for libertarians.

As private companies, Twitter and Facebook have the legal right to decide who and what to allow on their platform. On the other hand, many see the cultural values of free expression and viewpoint diversity as the cornerstones of a liberal (in the classical sense) and tolerant society.

For years, the media generally and libertarians particularly discussed how bans on controversial figures should be handled. The debate began in earnest in the summer of 2016 following the ban of Milo Yiannopoulos, a right-leaning provocateur who had gained an immense following on social media.

Many at the time were shocked to see Yiannopoulos banned following a spat with actress Leslie Jones, but there was general agreement in many circles that Twitter, while wrong on principle, was within its rights.

“Twitter is a private company. It can set its own speech policies, and those policies don’t have to be fair. There’s no universal human right to own a Twitter account,” Reason’s Robby Soave pointed out. “But if Twitter wants to live up to its stated commitment to maintaining a public forum where provocative, controversial, and even occasionally rude or hurtful speech is tolerated, then it should consider restoring Yiannopoulos’s profile.”

Two years later, a similar conversation took place with Alex Jones, the far-right radio show host and conspiracy theorist, who ultimately found himself banned by Twitter and Facebook. The responses were not surprising.

Many left-leaning pundits cheered the move, pointing out Jones was not entitled to First Amendment protection, since Twitter and Facebook were private companies.

“This move is an important step toward setting reasonable, and badly needed, precedent around free speech,” wrote Washington Post columnist Christine Emba. “Companies don’t have to defend the indefensible. Alex Jones can do that all on his own.”

The right, however, warned the bans were unlikely to end with Jones.

“Next they’re coming for you,” Jesse Kelly wrote in The Federalist. “Their goal is to silence dissenting voices. Look down at where you’re standing at this very moment. That is where you draw your line in the sand. Do not give them another inch.” The Slippery Slope of Restricting Speech

The censorship was never going to end with Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos, of course. Still, the eagerness with which Big Tech is silencing dissent might have surprised even those who warned it would not end with Jones.

Banning the president of the United States was shocking. Banning Ron Paul is horrifying. It is senseless. Paul is a man of principle and peace. He is 85 and not active in politics. Paul does not incite violence and is a threat to no one.

How did we go from banning Alex Jones to Ron Paul in the space of two years? The answer is not hard to find. It lies in a principle abandoned.

“Once you start making exceptions to a universal principle/general rule, you begin to undermine it; it becomes easier to make further exceptions,” FEE’s Dan Sanchez pointed out in 2017. “If the hate speech of Nazis are to be restricted, why not the hate speech of traditionalist conservatives? If the violent, seditious rhetoric of Nazis are too dangerous to allow, why should the violent, seditious rhetoric of communists be tolerated, or any fundamental criticism of the government?”

Indeed. Of course, Twitter and Facebook have long since abandoned the notion they are free speech platforms. They openly state it’s their mission to keep users “safe,” which they do by enforcing “rules” and community standards when and how they choose.

This mission was flawed to begin with. (I don’t need Facebook or Twitter to protect me from ideas or discussion, thank you very much, and I suspect most individuals would offer similar sentiments.) But by booting Ron Paul, it becomes clear that “safety” is not the true goal of Big Tech. I suspect it never was.

Paul’s deplatforming should anger and perhaps even frighten us. The widespread silencing of dissent is a serious matter; there’s no denying that. And matters are further complicated by the fact that Amazon, Google, and Apple have taken steps that will hinder social media platforms competing with Facebook and Twitter.

But what should be done?

As it happens, Paul himself asked this very question in the column that apparently led to his Facebook exile.

“So what is to be done? Even pro-free speech alternative social media outlets are under attack from the Big Tech/government Leviathan. There are no easy solutions. But we must think back to the dissidents in the era of Soviet tyranny,” Paul wrote.

He continued:

“They had no Internet. They had no social media. They had no ability to communicate with thousands and millions of like-minded, freedom lovers. Yet they used incredible creativity in the face of incredible adversity to continue pushing their ideas. Because no army – not even Big Tech partnered with Big Government – can stop an idea whose time has come. And Liberty is that idea. We must move forward with creativity and confidence!”

Liberty is indeed the idea. And if we’re patient, I suspect the market will soon offer a genuine alternative (more on that later) that may soon make Facebook and Twitter regret their authoritarian impulses.

https://fee.org/articles/facebook-suspends-ron-paul-following-column-criticizing-big-tech-censorship/?fbclid=IwAR1b3HPYCMaRLzqZsZOt6rXhSkbBBl71BCDZrQRlbOJ-elw4dvjcijTHacE https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/770fd37176e0d4e06f191862998981adf8ba520a5f72db394c4fc72261a29488.jpg

Jens Holm

Very good blocking. Its very strange USA is that tolerant and people like him and several others are not in jail already.

But the debate about it is relevant. As a minimum they should look more to already decided rules for fx TV and Newspapers.

Even Denmark has free speach we have some few things are not allowed and bound by the CFonstitution as well the the Parlament, which is above the Goverment in this.

Tommy Jensen

The poor Republicans were all weeping when the salad freakers overran them.

Jens Holm

Thats not possible. The worst thing is riots can be shot away as Turkeys.

Thats bad but not Your wet dreams. Only few are like that over there. You should study how they and we are.

Most of Your dark state is made by Yourself, because You create things and repeat it, so You and only You understand them – And even think they are true.

The same goes for a lot of other things. How many times did the dollar collpase last week.

The same for Islam, where muslims are better then others because their women drives cars.

Jimmy Jim



Impeachment would be a waste of time and Money. Impeachment process would be more symbolic than anything.

Jens Holm

I have no patent in truth in this, but allow me to say damage control is better then more unneded confrontations.

But it is about symbols and of vital importance denying votes being counted 3 times are lies and manipulation. The calculators were not done by Democrats or for that matter Sanders, as well as there are not a single sig for cheating.

Somehow this cant be ignored at all. In the last chapter 5 was killed. If the blacks had done the same invasion of the Capitol Hill, the local National Guard security system would have killed many of them right away.

Somehow I kind of think the non defence was staged by Bidens to let those people loose some hot air and let both show their face.


There is a saying here, and many of us know it.. “If voting changed anything, it would be illegal”. I can assure you. the American people had no real impact on who get into the White House since Kennedy.. Americans are not allowed to vote to change anything.. they’re allowed to vote for Emotional, Psychological and nostalgic purposes. As well as to determine if and to what extent the spell of Democracy still have it’s effects.

Rodney Loder

That’s right, the Biden Globalists have won big time, these dirty Jew maggots are going to be hard to stop, Trump is likely to get behind them, I don’t think he knew what he was doing in the first place. Allah (swt) was mixing up telepathic signals with my help causing Trump to mastermind a new dualistic World Order, but that is probably over as the IMF is getting back in the drivers seat, Trump will probably respond to pressure from tech moguls, the dream run could be slowed, my Salafist Brothers and Sisters need to wake up and openly recognise me as Jesus Christ, that would soon put an end to Judaism.

Jens Holm

So who do You want to change into fish:

Rodney Loder

It’s all in there all Holy Books brought down to us by the outcome of war, why should that ever change?.

3 things – A prophet can’t be killed only for naturally 2. I’m the only person alive can use the Prophet Muhammad (pbuH) as his guarantor, and not fear assassination from anyone, and 3. I hate Jews.


US has no history of active dissent, it part of the British colonial legacy and has the most brainwashed and compliant population.

Ashok Varma

It had to do with greed and taxation and not a rebellion. It was the Anglo criminals fighting each other. Besides Uncle Tom Obama, every US president from George Washington to all the slave traders has been an Anglo. How many Arabs, Hindus, Muslims, Hispanics, Greeks, Italians or even Jews have made it to the top job, ZERO.

Ashok Varma

Anglos by nature are thugs and bullies and very easy to control if force is applied. All this insurrection nonsense is just dramatics, the US sheeple will do nothing as the brutal police state has already quashed any sign of dissent. Even the NRA is now scared as Biden and Jews will now disarm the trailer trash.

Ivan Freely

Not true. There a quite a few domestic groups that partake in dissent from time to time. IIRC, Whiskey Rebellion was the first during Washington’s time. And then there’s the Oklahoma bombing in retaliation to what happened in Waco. The FBI has a list of active groups that they’re keeping tabs on.

Ryan Glantz



Statement is self defeating, showing how divided and weak you are. Just shows how truth, Constitution, laws and everything else considered sacred by many is of no importance in US. They kill JFK, ML King they start the wars Vietnam and anywhere else they want, whenever they want…they do 9/11 and endless list of false flags and they owe your ass…. and tomorrow they’ll come for mine too.

Ryan Glantz

when you say they, who is the they you speak of?

Jens Holm

If You was a horse, You was shot – Or already is.


Rodney Loder

Well Sheldon Adelson has died, I’ve had many reports of riotous parties spontaneously taking place in Heaven, some have erected makeshift pearley gates with banners above them saying “hope you like it hot Adelson you mug suck on a red charcoal and pretend it’s a —-” .

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