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Hot Mic Moment Exposes Insane Sleaziness Of British Political/Media Class

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Hot Mic Moment Exposes Insane Sleaziness Of British Political/Media Class

Written by Caitlin Johnstone; Originally appeared at her blog

There’s a wildly under-appreciated clip of news footage from Thursday’s general election in the UK that, now that everyone’s had some time to emotionally process the emotional fallout from that depressing night, needs more attention.

Labour MP and chronic left-puncher Jess Phillips appeared on Channel 4 to talk about how devastated she was about the news of exit polls showing her party’s crushing defeat, except the cameras switched on before she was prepared and caught her in the middle of a joyful chuckle. It took several seconds and the overt reminders from the show’s hosts to put on a “straight face” and act emotional before she could conceal her cheery mood as Corbyn’s Labour leadership was trampled underfoot by odious empire lackey Boris Johnson.

“Good evening Jess,” said the program’s host Krishnan Guru-Murthy. “How are you feeling as these results unfold?”

Watching the stumbling improvisation that came next feels like walking into a room full of awkward silence when your supposed friends had just been saying mean things about you, or seeing your spouse conspicuously jump away from an attractive coworker when you drop by the office.

Phillips, still unaware that the cameras were now rolling, did not interrupt the delighted guffaw she’d been enjoying.

“Can you hear me Jess Phillips?” the host asked over nervous tittering from the audience. “It’s Krishnan.”

“I can hear you, sorry,” Phillips said after a moment, literally putting her hand over her mouth for a few seconds to hide her giant shit-eating grin.

“Straight face,” said Guru-Murthy, who then apparently realized that this was a bizarre thing to say and added “Actually you don’t have to have a straight face, umm, on this show. Umm… what are you thinking?”

“Oh are you talking to me now? Sorry that wasn’t clear,” said Phillips after a pause, her face now finally somewhat straightened out. “Sorry, I’m really tired. What I’m thinking is… it’s, it’s just totally devastating isn’t it? It’s totally devastating that all the people that I see every day, they’re gonna have nowhere to turn. I mean, I should probably do that thing where we all pretend that we’re gonna wait and see if the results are better than we thought, but it feels like a kick in the stomach.”

Jess Phillips had not been acting like a woman who felt devastated, and she had certainly not been acting like a woman who felt like she’d been kicked in the stomach. Jess Phillips had been acting like a woman on her third strawberry daiquiri down at the pub with a couple of hilarious mates.

“I’m just waiting actually, I mean, for your thoughts,” Guru-Murthy said after an awkward pause. “I mean, you look emotional, and upset, and that’s understandable.”

Guru-Murthy was lying. At no time did Phillips look either emotional or upset.

“Jess it’s just that you look very emotional, and we know you, we know you’re a normal, sane person, so it’s very confusing,” host Katherine Ryan bullshitted when Phillips struggled to hear what Guru-Murthy had said.

“I am very emotional,” Phillips lied. “But not just for me or for the Labour Party. I’m emotional for the people that the Labour Party was invented to help.”

The audience, probably relieved to have a taste of something that isn’t intensely awkward and disturbing, erupted in applause.

For months the imperial media have been loudly anointing Phillips as the establishment choice to replace the unabashedly socialism-minded Corbyn, as Kit Knightly described for Off-Guardian back in March. This coronation-by-media continues today with outlets ranging from The Guardian to Daily Mail to Telegraph placing her on the short list to assume leadership of the Labour Party over the last couple of days.

After an anti-imperialist, pro-Palestinian socialist was magically thrown into role of Opposition leader by an extraordinary accident in 2015, Phillips leapt into her role as outspoken Corbyn critic by publicly telling him “I won’t knife you in the back, I’ll knife you in the front.” Despite this vow, Phillips proceeded to steadfastly knife Corbyn in the back by fanning the flames of incredibly disingenuous smears against his leadership, elevating the imaginary Labour antisemitism crisis to such a cartoonish extent that earlier this year she proclaimed that a tweet saying “Palestine Lives” from Young Labour “is antisemitic and it has to stop.” This malicious termiting continued into the final days before the general election, with Phillips criticizing Corbyn for not responding adequately to claims about antisemitism in the Labour Party by Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.

Phillips’ hot mic moment, and the mad scramble of the show’s perception-managing pundits to clean it up, provides us with a brief glimpse behind the phony persona that the empire’s political/media class put on for us. Should Bernie Sanders by some Corbyn-like miracle overcome the rigged primaries and receive the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, we may be absolutely certain we’ll see a campaign to sabotage his run and force a loss to Trump in the US elections next year. And we may be absolutely certain they’ll cackle about it just as Jess Phillips did when she thought the cameras were off.

Hot Mic Moment Exposes Insane Sleaziness Of British Political/Media Class

These people aren’t like you and me. They don’t care about truth, and they don’t care about human beings. They rose to the positions they occupy within media and politics by consistently demonstrating that they’ll do whatever it takes to advance the interests of the oligarchic empire while giving the people the bare minimum possible to prevent an insurrection. They’re where they’re at precisely because they don’t care about truth or people. They care about their own dominance within our sick dominator culture, and when they achieve it, they smile, and they celebrate, and they laugh.

Sometimes the guardians of empire make little mistakes. Sometimes they accidentally allow an anti-imperialist to lead one of their major parties. Sometimes they accidentally get caught in mid-guffaw when they’re meant to be pretending to be heartbroken. Whenever those holes appear it’s important to pay attention to them, and to shove as many rays of light through them as possible before they are closed.

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AS stated above, what a backstabbing lying CUNT is Fill-ups. Fill-up-ing her Blairism, fill-up-ing her odious part in this oligarch victory over the will of the hundreds of thousands who joined the Labour Party when Corbyn showed there was another way. Hope Fill-ups and her ilk are the rump-roast on the Bar-Baa-Q when Clause 4’s New Proletarian Warriors wipe out her Brummie Majority next time round and send her to work for her Mammy and Daddy who might yet teach her Not to B such a lying odious backstabbing cunt….


Yeah, welcome to the real world, what f…. stone have people been under for decades, this happens every day in Norway, we have right now an so called conservative righ eh…. winged neo-liberalistic pack of incompetent stupid poltical class, neoptistic, corpoRat assliking pack riddeled with bitches rotten to their core and thruout corrupted souls, with an labour/fake left that dont give an rats ass about their own people, but is corrupted to their core and have made Labour to be something witch is exactly like this lying sack of shit is and have always been, scumbags and Blairits from the so called New Labour cargo cult, suporting the Neo-libralism whom have ravaged nations after nations, crushed native peoples rights and raped our culture, forced us into wars nobody wanted, but the left have been extatic because they have used the pretextes witch we all know where fake to give this nations witch have been humanised back to the stone age and refused to acknowledge the consequenses, the only difference between them and the so called rightwinged witch are nothing but Globalist asslikers and worships neo-liberamists as gods, and of top of it, for decades wanted an massive influx of foreigns into our land to curch the native workers life and rights, to where to day whines about to much Mooslems.
Its an theater, never forget that, and this sides have all the playing fields, while We the People is never asked, they will never give that away, we have to take that back.

They are fake left, never have been socialistic or whatever they claim they are, controlled oposition, like the even more fake, the rightwinged scums, whom in this political freak show have feed each others in an MSM whom is rotten to the bone marrow to crush any oposition to the neo-liberal agenda, wtich is the goal of both sides, they feed the force that is what makes us, we the people silenced, the sole reason for the Brexit, the sole reason for Yellow V. the sole reasons for people uprising in nations after nations, in continents after continents, and all we get back is, eh….. we are nazis or just f….. deplorables at best.
The thing is Brits, the issue is more about what is Bozo the Turk going to do, He have yapped nonsense for years but now comes the real deal, what will come, and will he be the treaitore I am afraid He is, not that GoreBin was much different, they both have basically the same poltiical aspirations, and suprots the same agendas, and will they sell out your land and recourses, Brits.
Never ever doubt that leaving the dicatorial rat packs in Brussels was an mistake, that was the only viable option you had, because if not, well, look at this f…. bitch and they would run Britain by now.
But, the days and time to come will give the answer, and may the lord be with you all, and dont forget, freedom is never given, freedom is always fighted for, and never lett them out of sight.
Make shure, those left in the ruin of what was once Labor, that the new ones have Britain and the people on the top of their list, not been suck pupets to the City of London and the bitch of the imperial banana republic Moronika aka UssA, ( the Union of Sociophats, Scumbags and Assh…)
The rest of Europa, the people, will watch, and hope that for once, we can witness an true revolution.
You never walk alone, desite the MSM impression of otherwise.


Jens Holm

Nice to see those are not clones and whats behind the scene.

Its easy to find many Youtubes like that.

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