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Hospitals Reports Serious Losses Among Kiev Forces

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The number of wounded pro-Kiev troops is on the rise. Doctors from the Mechnikov Hospital make release information.

This article originally published at Naspravdi, translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Both sides use censorship. There is little information, but still some information gets into the ‘net. Doctors from the Mechnikov Hospital from Dnepropetrovsk provide data that Lysenko and Seleznyov would rather not mention…

After the conclusion of the battle east of Volnovakha, in which the UAF initially took the village of Novolespe but was then ejected from it, one did not need wait for “results” in Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov hospitals.

Dnepropetrovsk doctors are working overtime. They are again urgently calling on people to donate blood. This bears all the hallmarks of the “ceasefire” which is difficult to distinguish from war.

A few emotional announcements made on social media sites and on TV by Dnepropetrovsk doctors (Mechnikov Hospital):

Neurosurgeon Andrey Sirko:

“Do you remember August 2014? I remember and the entire Mechnikov Hospital remembers. We’ve recalled those days over the last two weeks.”

Hospital Chief Doctor Sergey Ryzhenko:

“Over the last ten days the tension has been growing. Helicopters are delivering wounded troops. We’ve received over 40, the majority are in emergency care.”

Deputy Chief Doctor Aleksandr Tolubayev:

“The last Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were difficult days for the Mechnikov Hospital, we’ve received 23 patients, they are from the Donetsk Region.”

In the meantime the hospital declared an urgent need for blood:

Today the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Mechnikov Hospital once again badly needs blood for the arriving wounded soldiers. Therefore the Young Donors’ of Ukraine Association is announcing another blood drive for the ATO zone casualties.

This amounts to an unofficial statistic of  battle losses (and that’s from ONE HOSPITAL, even though one of the main ones). Let the Seleznevs and Lysenkos write their reports about 23-4 or even 10 wounded per day, as they’ve been doing in recent days.

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