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Hospital In Tripoli Allegedly Struck By Shelling, As Clashes Are, Once Again, At Standstill

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Hospital In Tripoli Allegedly Struck By Shelling, As Clashes Are, Once Again, At Standstill

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On May 14th, at least 14 were reportedly injured after shelling hit the Tripoli Central Hospital.

This attack is blamed on Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) and likely on the UAE-operated drones that assist the forces.

LNA shelling in and around Tripoli is continuing, with the clashes appearing to be at a standstill, once again.

On the side of the Government of National Accord (GNA) and its Turkish supporters, the push on al-Watiya airbase and Bani Walid is continuing.

There are no active clashes, simply sporadic shelling by the GNA on LNA positions, as well as continuing drone surveillance and strikes by Turkish forces.

Just days earlier, reportedly, a Russian-made air defense system was destroyed on the way to Tarhuna, which was also subject to heavy pushing from GNA’s side, without much success.

The LNA, however, isn’t simply sitting idly allowing itself to be pounded by drone strikes and shelling. As there’s footage of Turkish drones being downed by LNA forces.

At the same time, Turkey is losing no time to exploit the situation: Turkish Petroleum applied to Libya for an exploitation permit in the Eastern Mediterranean, which is one of the reasons why the maritime agreements were concluded between the Tripoli-based GNA and Ankara.

Essentially, Turkey believes that it has done a sufficient job assisting the GNA forces, and is deserving of some form of “payment.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also claimed that “powerless parties” were attempting to hide Turkish progress in Libya and Syria, but it wouldn’t work.

In a speech after a governmental meeting, Erdogan added that Ankara would not abandon their cause for the sake of “forces of evil” which emanate from terrorist organizations to the “axis of hostility, which comes from the Gulf region”.

Erdogan also pointed out that Turkey would continue to foil the schemes of those who believe that they are capable of destroying its economy, and that it would continue to strongly defend its rights and interests in the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean Sea.

Currently, the holy month of Ramadan is being observed, through to May 23rd, and as such fighting is not as active as it should be, but Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s call for ceasefire during the holiday were rejected, and as such it still simmers.


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More dead muzzies :D

cechas vodobenikov

turkey suiciding—trying to steal Libyan oil—-when the LNA defeats the fake Tripoli govt the turkeys will try to fly away forgetting that they can only scurry back to their failing crumbling state as thin and fake as their baklava —the resurgent PKK will torment them as they have tormented the Kurds for a century


Major strike by Turkey in Libya !
They killed about 50 Watermelons and injured another 50 !


Peter Jennings

Nothing to do with oil contracts then Mr Erdogan?

They may still be available but via the LNA admin. Who knows it may even be worth renegotiating the contracts.
However, carry on attacking Libyan’s and prolonging a hated US/nato puppet gov’t, and any business opportunities will dry up once power is back in the hands of politicians and out of the hands of handpicked US/nato businessmen.
Perish the thought that one day Libyan forces might help Cyprus with their Turkish problem.


Turkey’s war against watermelons continues…




Was it a kitten eye hospital like in Idlib? If Haftar’s striking hospitals it’s probably because the GNA has their headquarters in it

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