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JUNE 2023

Horrifying Video Shows ISIS Fighters Killing Civilians Fleeing City

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Iraqi sources published a video found by an Iraqi soldier in Mosul City on a mobile phone belonging to a dead ISIS fighter.

Voices of two ISIS fighters speaking Turkish and bad Arabic can be heard clearly in the video. The ISIS members opened fireand killed a woman that was trying to escape from the ISIS-held part of Mosul. The ISIS members laughed after killing the woman. The video also shows attempting to target children and civilians in the Iraqi Army-held areas.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Army completely isolated ISIS in Al-Qali’at and Al-Shahwan districts as well as the Souk al-Saghir area in Old Mosul. Yesterday, the Iraqi Army found a list of names and photos of all ISIS fighters in Mosul city. It would help Iraqi security forces significantly.

Horrifying Video Shows ISIS Fighters Killing Civilians Fleeing City

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During its advance, the Iraqi forces also captured two trucks equipped with a T-55 tank turrets hidden inside the rear container. The trucks were used by ISIS to hide from Iraqi warplanes.

They also captured two ISIS members from Al-Hasbah, the ISIS police, that were responsible for acts of torture and murder against civilians.

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The Daesh criminals surely have no soul. The sooner they are no more the better.


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Yes, these are the creation made by USA-NATO-Israel…..


No. Stop saying anywhat. If they profited of the mess created by the USA in 2003 and the civil war in Syria they have been financed by saudis and qatari. Or you see complots everywhere, perhaps, dear gustavo ?

Dod Grile

Trained and armed by the Cocaine Importers of America (CIA), perhaps the largest drug cartel-crime syndicate in the world.

Cocaine from Colombia, Heroin from Afghanistan. They are nasty… really, really nasty.

Time to close them down!


Justin Ryan

hahahaha and these rats think they are children of God! These dumb muslims think that war is what God wants and to kill civilians! And they laugh! They are not even animals! They are not even maggots! They are not even fleas! They are a disease!

Ed Solo

You imbecile, these animals are killing the Muslims. Structured and planned for by Christian, propped up and hailed by zionist Jews. financed by fake-muslims of the Gulf rats, transported by the fake Muslims of Turkey and propped-up by American presstitutes. All this mess was caused by the Christian colonizers of Britain and France.

Justin Ryan

Hi Ed. I just saw a video of an ISIS muslim or mercenary shooting and killing any citizen! Ive also seen videos of them killing Christians in Syria and Europe! Therefore, if they kill Christians also, how does this work with ur statement? You think Christians planned this? Actual Christians who go to church every Sunday and pray at the table before they eat? Or are u really trying to say the CIA, Mossad, NeoCons, Saudi Arabia and so on?

Because what u just said sounds like u think that actual christians who go to church and believe in God are actually planning this shit!

Because thats what u said! U said “Structured and planned for by the western Christians, planned by zionist Jews”.

U see, when people like u say this shit, I start to think that people like u believe that there are Churches or synagogues throughout Australia, America, Canada, Britain and Europe with priests planning to hire muslim terrorists to kill muslims AND CHRISTIANS!

However if u DONT MEAN WHAT U SAID! Lets just say that u really meant the CIA and Mossad and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia….. well OK, now I’m hearing u!

But why u need to throw in Christians? U think the CIA is Christian? U think Mossad are orthodox jews praying at the Wailing wall?

And yet, u called me an “imbecile”! Ed….. are u dumb? Nah I’m being serious dude…. are u like, really stupid?


Tragic and pathetic. It reminded me of american helicopter gunships operating in Vietnam.

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