Horrifying Video Shows Execution Of Unarmed Man By US-backed Forces In Raqqa

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Horrifying Video Shows Execution Of Unarmed Man By US-backed Forces In Raqqa 5.1666666666667 out of 5 based on 12 ratings. 12 user reviews.


A new video from has appeared online allegedly showing members of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) executing a civilian man in Raqqa City.

In turn, a SDF commander said to Al-Aan TV channel reporter, Janan Mousa, that the SDF would investigate the crime and whether it had actually occurred in Raqqa, and would identify the perpetrators whether they were from the SDF or the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (the core of the SDF).

Meanwhile, the SDF announced that it has seized 70% of Hisham bin Abdul Malik district in the center of Raqqa city. According to Kurdish sources, the SDF is preparing to launch an operation in the western part of Raqqa to seize Al-Dariyah district. Yesterday, the SDF destroyed an ISIS tunnel in the eastern part of Raqqa city.

ISIS claimed the killing of an SDF fighter and wounding others, and the destruction of a vehicle during clashes in Al-Hal Market and Al-Qadisiyah.

The US-led coalition carried out 9 airstrikes targeted that resulted, according to opposition sources, the deaths of at least 9 civilians. It’s believed that the number of civilians killed in Raqqa city as a resuult of the US-led coalition bombing has exceeded 600 civilians.


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  • Stephen

    This is joke no video playable. Something fishy in this website.

  • Stephen

    This is south front web site, without clicks you cannot access south front website, click here and click there. What a joke.

  • Ahmed K Hurmizyar

    wtf they look arab as fuck they are not kurdish

    • mark123456

      Kurds and arabs and turkmen all kinda look alike lol

      • Ahmed K Hurmizyar

        and what about their language if you know arabic then you would know that their accent is the accent of badu arabs arabs living in jazera ,kurds don’t speak that kind of arabic

        • mark123456

          well ok but just saying you used looks, and they all kinda look alike there really isnt a specific kurdish look. Turkmen actually can be really super dark in skin and have specific noses, but again its not all of them either.

  • Moussa

    It is not Kurdish-Arab but SDF as a whole

  • sabak

    They are trying to imitate YPG. But they can’t fully pronounce it. They are Arabs, If they were sdf they would shout sdf not ypk. they do not look like sdf at all. just listen to what they say after they execute him.

  • dirty mark

    i hope they die the same way

    • Helenlross

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  • G Dean VanGaya

    They speak only in Arab to each other except one Kurdish word, they are wearing winter clothing, everyone is, jackets, under garments under the jackets, it is 40 degrees celsius there the last month during the operation. So where and when is this video actually from? What kind of cheap smear campaign is this that SouthFront is perpetuating?

    • Hussin Elzalmy

      no they arnt, the civilians is speaking arabic, but the cameraman and the one with the AK47 were speaking kurdish. after he shot him at 0:40, he says in kurdish “barkhudani yapaga (YPG)”

      • Akar

        Hussein there are 100,000 videos like this from syria since 2011, this video looks old and familier.

  • Daniel Hazarov

    That is the way how kurdo-butchers acting in reality. Anybody still have a doubt? YPG and ISIS just two sides of the same coin.

  • Justin Ryan

    there are arab fighters within the SDF! The YPG Kurdish fighters are the majority though!
    Why are they all in Winter jackets??
    There is a simple explanation to this!
    Most of the footage is caught from soldiers phones that have many recordings on them.
    This recording could have been
    a. Recorded months a go
    b. intercepted by Russian EW aircraft (thats how a lot of intel is gathered)

    But on the other hand it could be total bullshit!
    There is no way anyone can say this is 100% true or 100% false!
    We can just keep a look out for the investigation and see what happens!

    • goingbrokes

      Yes, this could be a psyops operation. But whose operation? Videos showing outrages are released for specific purposes. What is this trying to achieve, and who benefits?

    • John Whitehot

      Well it could be bullshit up to a certain limit. The unarmed man being shot seems authentic beyond any doubt.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        They executed everyone the same way , they are definitely YPG have seen them in various videos for the YPG .

      • Justin Ryan

        Oh yes, I agree its a real killing!
        I wouldn’t be surprised though if its SDF or any other group! On live leak dot com there are soo many videos of this stuff! Even Iraqi forces beheading isis! So they are all a little fucked up from all the killing. I guess payback is pretty bad! This could simply be a matter of the SDF executing an isis informant.

  • Mikronos

    They’re somebody’s ‘good guys’ and that deadman doesnt look like ‘foreign fighter’.