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Horas Al-Din’s ‘Vehicles Administrator’ Was Killed In Recent Drone Strike On Syria’s Idlib

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Abu Adnan al-Homsi, a so-called “vehicles administrator” of al-Qaeda-affiliated Horas al-Din, was killed in the recent drone strike on Greater Idlib.

A combat drone, believed to be of the U.S. military, targeted al-Homsi’s vehicle on a road between Idlib city and the town of Binnish late on June 24. The drone strike also claimed the life of a civilian who was passing near the targeted vehicle at the time.

Al-Homsi, whose real name is “Mohamad Adnan Khattab,” was reportedly responsible for Horas al-Din’s vehicles and heavy weapons.

Horas Al-Din’s ‘Vehicles Administrator’ Was Killed In Recent Drone Strike On Syria’s Idlib

Mohamad Adnan Khattab, aka Abu Adnan al-Homsi

The slain terrorist is from Houla in the northern Homs countryside. Back in the town, he was fighting for Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham. Later, he defected to join Horas al-Din.

During his time in Houla, al-Homsi was accused of being a secret member of ISIS. He was even held responsible for a number of attacks and assassinations which targeted opponents of the terrorist group in the town.

The assassination of al-Homsi indicates that Horas al-Din’s mid-level commanders are now also considered a “target” by the side responsible for drone strikes on Greater Idlib. Previous strikes targeted only senior commanders of the terrorist group, like Qassam al-Urduni and Bilal al-Sanani who were targeted on June 14.


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Pave Way IV

Everyone hates the Department of Motor Vehicles. That head-chopper/bureaucrat bastard had it coming!

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