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Horas Al-Din Field Commander Assassinated In Eastern Idlib

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Late on July 1, a field commander of al-Qaeda-affiliated Horas al-Din known as Azzam al-Deiri was assassinated in the eastern Idlib countryside.

According to local sources, unidentified gunmen targeted al-Deiri’s vehicle on the road linking Idlib city with the town of Binnish. The terrorist, who occupied a minor position in Horas al-Din, died on the spot.

The sources also noted that an unidentified unmanned aerial vehicle was circling over the Idlib-Binnish road at the time of the incident.

Horas Al-Din Field Commander Assassinated In Eastern Idlib

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Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) was held responsible for the assassination by some supporters of Horas al-Din. The group engaged in a heated conflict with Horas al-Din last month. Nevertheless, there is no evidence proving that it was behind the assassination of al-Deiri.

Last month, Horas al-Din lost three leaders in suspected U.S. drone strikes on Greater Idlib. Qassam al-Urduni and Bilal al-Sanani were targeted on June 14. Ten days later, Abu Adnan al-Homsi was killed.

The attacks on Horas al-Din’s leaders appear to be a part of the campaign meant to eliminate the group’s leadership. This is playing into the hands of HTS, that sees the group as a threat to its grip on Greater Idlib.


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Lone Ranger

Oy gevalt…


Cockroach civil war. May they get piss in hell and 72 Africans drilling them 24/7.


Didn’t know terrorist faces looked like colored rectangles.. WOW!

Brother Ma

Why hide the guilty?

Liberal guy

Bye bastard

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Turkey’s stooges are being eliminated one by one and HTS isn’t the only one doing the eliminating, the US has also been targeting these pro Turkish groups for more than 12 months now.
This is unusual though, this has the hallmarks of both US and HTS involvement, gunmen targeting a vehicle which is something HTS usually does, but the fact a drone was spotted loitering in the area possibly suggests it may have instead been the US with assassins on the ground, mmm, very interesting.
HTS was Saudi backed until the Arab League changed their minds about Assad and ended support for HTS [june 2018] and I’m beginning to wonder if old alliances are being renewed, HTS is opposed to Turkish control in Syria and so is the Aab League, mmmm, maybe they’ve found some common ground again.

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