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Horas Al-Din Commander, Military Engineer Assassinated In Idlib City (Photos)


Suhaib Abu Khallad, a commander of al-Qaeda-affiliated Horas al-Din, was assassinated in the morning of August 22 in Idlib’s city center.

Opposition sources said that unknown operatives had planted a magnetic improvised-explosive device (IED) under Abu Khallah’s car, which was parked near his apartment in the al-Jamiy’a district. The IED’s explosion killed the terrorist and injured another person.

Horas Al-Din Commander, Military Engineer Assassinated In Idlib City (Photos)

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Horas Al-Din Commander, Military Engineer Assassinated In Idlib City (Photos)

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Known as al-Muhandis [the engineer], Abu Khallad was one of Horas al-Din’s main military engineers. The Jordanian terrorist is also infamous for being a veteran of the Afghan war.

“Al-Muhandis was a fighter in Afghanistan and Yemen, he was also jailed in Iran for a period of time … He is from al-Zawahiri’s wing in al-Qaeda,” the Lebanese al-Modon outlet quoted Jihadi sources as saying on Telegram.

Abu Khallad was the second commander of Horas al-Din to be assassinated this month. The first commander was Tunisian Abu al-Walid al-Tunisi, who was killed in a similar way in the eastern Idlib town of Taftanaz.

The perpetrators of these assassinations remain unknown. While some opposition activists believe that ISIS cells were behind these attacks, others believe that it was the Syrian or Russian intelligence.

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