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Horas Al-Din Accuses Syrian Aid Worker Of Spying For U.S.

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Al-Qaeda-linked Horas al-Din, one of the largest terrorist groups in Greater Idlib, has accused a Syrian aid worker abducted a few months ago of “spying” for the U.S.

On May 22, sources affiliated with the terrorist group said the aid worker, Khalid Mudlalah, was spying for the U.S.-led coalition. The sources claimed that photos of high-ranking commanders in Horas al-Din, who are known to be wanted by the coalition, were found on Mudlalah’s phone.

Mudlalah, who is also known as “Abu Walid al-Hamui,” is a director in a well-known charity, the Sham Al-Khair Society, which has been working in Greater Idlib for years. He was abducted from his office in al-Dana in north Idlib by a group of Horas al-Din militants in February.

Horas Al-Din Accuses Syrian Aid Worker Of Spying For U.S.

Khalid Mudlalah, source: akhbaralaan.net

A few weeks after abducting Mudlalah, Horas al-Din militants told his family that there is no evidence that their son was spying for the U.S. However, the militants asked for a $1 million ransom to release him. His family was not able to pay, and the group didn’t release him despite pressure from Hama armed factions.

Now, Horas al-Din is not only accusing Mudlalah of spying for the U.S, but also of playing a role in the assassination of one of its prominent leaders, Abu Khadija al-Urduniyi.

Al-Urduniyi was killed in a U.S. drone strike on northern Idlib on December 22 of 2019. The terrorist’s SUV was targeted with an AGM-114R9X Hellfire missile as it was passing near al-Dana.

Horas al-Din sources said Mudlalah will be tried in an “independent Sharia [religious]” court, once the investigation into his work for the U.S. is concluded.

Terrorist groups in Greater Idlib kidnaped many foreign and local aid workers to collect ransoms in the past. Mudlalah’s case is not likely that different. Horas al-Din demanded money before accusing the man of spying. This is happening under the eyes of Turkey, which deployed thousands of its troops in Greater Idlib in the recent months.


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rightiswrong rightiswrong

Rats will eat other rats, this has always been the case.

The guy must be rich, from scamming charity donations, so tough shitski for him.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If they really thought he was a spy he’d be dead already, so obviously they just want money.
This is a good way of scaring off the very people that are helping the families of the opposition fighters, this is literally biting the hand that feeds you.

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