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Hong Kong Rolling Into Abyss

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Hong Kong Rolling Into Abyss

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The protests in Hong Kong initially began in connection to a now-cancelled extradition bill, that was proposed in February 2019. They have spiraled entirely out of control, sending the city into a recession that could bring about the end of Hong Kong as the world knows it.

Back then, Hong Kong’s Security Bureau proposes amendments to extradition laws that would allow extraditions to countries, including mainland China. Prior to that, and following the cancellation of the bill, Hong Kong only has extradition treaties with 20 countries.

The first protest took place on March 31st, thousands were in attendance, protesting against the “evil” China extradition law, no mention of democracy during the protests was made. It was attributed to the protesters by MSM.

On April 3rd, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam introduced amendments to the extradition laws that would allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland China for trial.

Weeks later, on April 28th, thousands took to the streets and marched on the Legislative Council to demand the scrapping of the bill, there was no violence and the demonstrations were peaceful.

On May 11th, lawmakers in Hong Kong’s parliament scuffled in parliament during discussions on the extradition bill, showing that there were splinters within the Hong Kong authorities. On May 30th concessions were introduced to the bill, but critics said they weren’t enough.

On June 6th, more than 3,000 Hong Kong lawyers dressed in black took part in a protest march.

On June 9th, there was a large-scale daytime protest, ahead of the extradition bill’s second reading. Reports suggested it could have been the largest ever, and certainly the largest protest Hong Kong has seen since the 1997 handover, surpassing the turnout seen at mass rallies in support of the Tiananmen protests of 1989 and July 1st demonstration of 2003. CHRF (Civil Human Rights Front) convenor Jimmy Sham said that 1.03 million people attended the march, while the police put the crowd at 240,000 at its peak

On June 12th, the extradition bill’s second reading, police fired rubber bullets and tear gas for the first time, during the city’s largest and most violent protests in recent years, most, if not all government offices were shut. On the same day, the protests were classified as “riots.”

On June 15th, Carrie Lam indefinitely postponed the extradition law, but it wasn’t enough. On June 18th, Carrie Lam issued a public apology.

On June 16th, an estimated 2 million protesters march, demanding a full withdrawal of the bill and Lam’s resignation. Many criticized the alleged police brutality.

On June 20th, student and pro-democracy groups give Lam an ultimatum to respond to their demands to withdraw the bill, resign, and investigate alleged police brutality. Lam does not respond. On June 21st, Thousands of protesters surround the police headquarters, blocking police from leaving. Protesters throw eggs, but the protest ends peacefully.

On July 1st, protesters stormed the Legislative Council on the 22nd handover from British to Chinese rule, destroying pictures and daubing walls with graffiti. Protesters also defaced the Hong Kong flag. Police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.

On July 9th, Carrie Lam announced that the extradition bill was officially “dead” and that the government work on it had resulted in a complete failure.

From then on there were various protests, with China demanding that individuals who protested are suspended from work, among other things, the protests continue turning more violent.

On September 4th, Lam announced the formal withdrawal of the extradition bill. But it appeared to be too late.

On September 17th, she pledged to hold open dialogue with protesters, and on September 26th she was trapped inside a stadium for hours, by protesters, after her first “open dialogue.”

Escalations continue following that, with police shooting an 18-year-old protester in the chest on October 1st, marking the first time a live round was used.

On October 23rd, the extradition bill is officially withdrawn. Since then violence has progressively ramped up, with a man with a knife partially biting off the ear of a politician on November 4th.

As of November 11th, Hong Kong appears to be in a state of chaos. In some cases, police officers are put in the situation when they are forced to use live rounds against rioters.

On the same day, protesters set a man on fire, simply for disagreeing with them.

Following that, daytime protests continued on November 12th, with rioters setting fires and police responding with rubber bullets and tear gas.

The situation is spiraling out of control and it is unclear if the Hong Kong authorities can deal with it, since they’ve been incapable of dealing with it thus far. The rioters are attacking people, setting fires and destroying property and the authorities are at a loss to respond.

Both the Chinese government and the local HK authorities showed significant restraint in responding to protesters. But it appears that red lines were crossed by rioters and the response may also be ramped up.

Even “the Putin regime” in Russia didn’t use live rounds (or even rubber bullets) against protesters in Moscow. It simply contained the protests and persecuted those that attempted to stir violence.

The Hong Kong authorities have already gone past that step and it has proven completely ineffective and the current situation may be a turning point in the situation.

Since October 31st, Hong Kong is officially in a state of recession and it is likely that the current, November 11th – 12th events mark the collapse of Hong Kong that the world has known. The situation continues escalating and circumstances may lead to an even harsher response.


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Wolfgang Wolf

let the HK idiots destroy themselves. no advantage and no additional use for China then, so no more special status. just sit and buy popcorn

Icarus Tanović

Thats right.

Paul Christo

The Chinese government should launch Napalm airstrikes on the Soros backed vermin protestors.
So no objection to the 20 countries on the extradition list but when China,the legal owners of Hong Kong,are to be added this happens ?.These rioters are merely paid mercenaries acting on behalf of the Rothschild syndicate.

Wolfgang Wolf

napalm what for? just turn off all means of communication, internet, messengers, phones, all….

Jens Holm

Lam is lame.

Paul Christo

Nah-kill em all,precise and to the point.

Jens Holm

Even Rotchild cant effort so many Rioters. They have good reasons for their protests as well.

State Communisme is Your thing ?

Paul Christo

I hate communism as much as I hate the Rothschild/Soros/Euro Marxists.


If I was asked if napalm should rain over Rothschild and Soros or 10 million ppl that think like you I’d chose the second option in a blink :)

Jens Holm

You keep Yourself low and we help You.

Western Economics are well and strong and I see no better alternatives – Not even close.

Paul Christo

I’d drop napalm on your faggot transgender mom :)

Dušan Mirić

Well, I think that they will be rather “swallowed by night” and missing for next 20 to 30 years

Jens Holm

If we were like You, not ever Your father and mother was alive.


just watch the show.
when it gets life threatening, CN will come to the rescue.
all the wannabe brits will have been profiled, rounded up, and shipped to a british city of their choice somewhere in inner china.

Jens Holm

You not even knows, who lives there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Hong_Kong

You only know some western made succes has to be destroyed even there is no replacement and its making billions for China as well.


spoken like a true colonial.
keep up the funny stuff Jens.
a bit of comic relief is always welcome. lmao

Jens Holm

I just want them to follow the treaty about it with moderate and slow changes accoeding some more joining with the rest.

China today also have other kinds of freezones.

Hong Kong of today is a very great succes for China as hub and producer even they did not build it.

My stuff isnt comic here but facts, where Your attitude might be correct, because You are not familiar with, how we do things, You only are learned our bad parts.


“because You are not familiar with, how we do things,”
who is the “we” you are talking about? Europe?

…and as for being familiar with “how we do things,” where do you want to start?
India? China? Africa? South America? the Orient?

The Hong Kong brats can no longer lord it over the mainland Chinese and that is one of the main reasons for this temper tantrum.

China is giving Hong Kong enough rope to hang itself.

As for following treaties you may want to look at NATO as an example of “someone that follows treaties”. I assume their membership roster is part of the “we” you are talking about.

The arguments you give bely the behaviour of your own “we.”

Jens Holm

I see “We” very well. Thats the Western Economics, where China is a bigger an bigger affiliate.

That excludes You and includes China.

When You write how to start You show Your level well, because what Hong Kong does often are copied into old China, so my comment is not about “start” but about going on for the future.

Here I anytime prefare stability and a slow change for China as well as the rest of the world. Stability is very important.

I could understand Your point of view some, if Hong Kong was as great FIASCO plundering China. I dont see that at all. I see China taking in too much money and by totally protecting of their parts of the whole picture too much. Their economy is growing more then well in GDP for the country as well as for each inhabitant.

You have no links to how things are there. Those are not a Brittish Colony any more but an important Economic World Center. Everybody is there and the Chinese state incl. their State productions.

The Chinese also could not produce as much as they do, if we had no money to buy it for – and the other way around.

Production in the modern world is like Your computer or IPad having a lot of parts from great parts of the world. The chip in Yours even might be from Israel.

Rhodium 10

HK police are useless and unable to stop rioters!…they need to use another kind of weapons instead of tear gas canister..

St. Augustine

There’s footage of a few of them using revolvers. The problem is you’ve only got six shots before it’s time to [slowly] reload. Not good when faced with an increasingly unrestrained mob. They need to get serious.

Jens Holm

All the world is not like the one of Yours. By that Hong Kong normally has no need for more then 6 shots, because people behave well and fx respect what the police and aurhorities says.

We see the pattern. Demonstraters just arm themselves too.

Hong Kong has the Briitish traditions for talking about things and talk and talk and negosiate away. The GB police was one of the last having firearms.

St. Augustine

Is the situation in Hong Kong “normal”? Do the rioters pictured here look interested in “talking” to the police officer on the ground?comment image


No, they should save their bullets for the US provocateurs; there aren’t that many.

St. Augustine

When there are multiple attackers – paid agents or unwitting youths – any victim, including a police officer needs to defend their life. By “get serious”, I meant the Hong Kong authorities need to supply their officers with higher capacity handguns, especially when mob violence is already expected.

Wolfgang Wolf

CN military is positioned around HK, ready to get in if needed. let the HK idiots kill themselves and CN will come in as rescuer…

Jens Holm

Typical stupid remark. Hongkong is the most important entrences for China to the rest of the world.

Wolfgang Wolf

yes, and the US is the center of gravity… clear…

Jens Holm

You might be right. Much morepeople want to go to USA then leave it.

They not even has to ask but build fences against it.

Old USSR and several other states of today build fences to keep people in. A joke once said, if there was no wall for DDR, the President Erik Honnecher would be the only inhabitant.

I remember it, when I fx see 10 million´Syrians are not in their homes – if they exist – and more then millions are not even in the country anymoressing the already dead ones and the millions wounded for life.

Thats what You prefare – Arrh I forgot Kurds are not allowed to take oil and fuel for own purpose, they were not before, beacuse Assads took all, And USA of course take oil, so Northern Syria already is lowered many meters.

Here I see the opposite and more like some karrusel making people dizzy leaving for ever prefaring anything else.

Most refugees in the world are muslims(estimated just below 40 millions). You probatly not even wonder why You not even are able to take care of Your own and we even has to pay You to take the back.

Who gets those money? Americans, Jews, Kurds.

Ivan Freely

Shanghai. HK’s usefulness has come to an end.

Jens Holm

China already are divided into devellopment zones and HKs are in the top-top. Nothing wrong i others parts has grown to top-top as well.

China do need that, they still have so many poor poor zoneparts needing change or at least some extra money.

Jens Holm

You dont get it. Some police forces in the world actually dont do as they do, where You are.

They are delaying and its hoped it calms down.

Look how long time it has taken into the escalation. The politic from Laam and Beijing has been, that things in stead silently has calme down.

Now we see the opposition hardliners dominates, which can give Lam momentum for hard methods.

The population of Hong Kong also is correct. According the the Treaty, the change should not be to China like Lam and Bejig insist.

Toronto Tonto

Looks a lot like Moscow will pretty soon . EH


I’d put money on Calgary before Moscow. I’ll bet there are emails flying right now between the Wexit gang and the US state department asking about their ‘rent-a-rebel’ program.

This weeks special rent 2 rebels at full price and get a white helmet free.

Jens Holm

Yerrrh, and the Jews do that too having kurds as gold tranporters for oil.


Zionists aren’t Jewish; zionism is the last antisemite ideology on earth.

Toronto Tonto

NOPE Quebec is still here right .



Concrete Mike

You.dont know.fuck all about quebec.

Concrete Mike

Hahaha good one.

Im sure there are plenty of out of work albertans that would rather join the rent a goon squad than pay HST like the rest of the country. For what, so these boys can run around in their f250 with 33″ going to tims for a double double.

They got complacent during a.boom time, now its bust time and they are trying to blame others, when they only.have their bad consumer habits to.blame.

Thats my take on the wexit folks. Problem is they have no idea the sharks that will come to “help” them.


What they don’t seem to get is oil is a commodity and right now there is no market for them to expand into even if pipelines were built. The Americans are awash in oil, why would they continue with the Keystone XL? Russia is building pipelines to China and China is trying to decouple from the west so no private company will spend money on a pipeline west and a pipeline East will never go through Quebec in a million years.

Aside from that Alberta crude is difficult to refine …. all of which goes a long way to explain why Alberta has to sell their oil at a 40% discount.

I lived in Alberta from 1976 – 83. I worked for a large construction company that had been promising oil sands development projects from the first day I started with them. That particular company went form fielding over 4000 men in Alberta to under 200 …. most of whom got transfered to Ontario. The last job I did for them was crating up plans and architectural models for projects that were canned due to that particular oil slump. We just moved on …. we understood oil was a commodity but a certain sector of society just don’t get it.

Jens Holm

Very optimistic. Only fair elections can do that with some new non drunk Jeltzin on a tank.

John Wallace

Have you even got a clue at all. You would have to be the dumbest fuck that comments on here. Talk like a 12 year old . Have you even seen Hong Kong or Moscow. Have you even been out of your bedroom. Soon , hopefully , you will be able to play with yourself and maybe we will get some respite from your childish idiotic mindless ignorance.

Toronto Tonto

Grow up stupid and get a real job .

John Wallace

Do you mean a job like yours making dribble bullshit comments. I might be stupid but no where close to being a total idiot like yourself. You still make the dumbest comments on here. Why not stick to the kids channel where you belong.

John Wallace

Your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory because you are as as sharp as a marble. Get your mum to explain it to you , oh sorry I forgot , when you were born she took one look and ran out screaming , never again..

John Wallace

Why is it acceptable for you to be an idiot but not for me too point it out. Everyone on here would have been happier if your mother swallowed. I bet she never sat on a wet dream again.

Concrete Mike

Hah and whats your real job mister??


“Spiralling out of control”? Can’t any of you write?

Toronto Tonto

Is this a grammar test fukface or a place to voice ones opinion ??????


Cliche isn’t an opinion, it’s the absence of one, ouanquauer.


the cramp city state is full of gangsters and mafia
the authority has the right to use violence as the chinese are known rebellious around the world
they only can be rule with force and intimidation or somekind of threat.
they can only raise their head when in libertados western country hence they will take over the country slowly.


Stick a fork in it.


apart from the riots, police violence whatever. setting a man on fire, in cold blood is an act that must not go unpanished. this is murder. what kind f fanatic does that?even if the protesters are right ,this is a crime. filming it is also a crime. the man or men that did this must be hanged.

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