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Hong Kong Rioters Set Man On Fire For Not Backing Protests. Rioter Shot By Police (Videos 18+)

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Hong Kong rioters doused a man in flammable liquid and set him on fire. Reports say that the victim was attacked because he disagreed with their increasingly violent political movement.

The video shows a verbal confrontation with several protesters. Angered by his insistence that “we are all Chinese,” the rioters drench the man in a flammable substance and then set him on fire. The current condition of the victim is unknown.

Hong Kong police opened fire and hit a protester on November 11.


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Chris P

I no longer support the Rioters. Damm fools! China will use this video against Hong Kong. Now: The world see’s the rioters as something else. Not good!

Harry Smith

During last 10 years I understood very simple thing – do not support anything that State Dept supports. Even if it looks right from the beginning.


Congratulations… that’s exactly what propagandists like SF want. The protests are legit. The fact that some provocateurs carry out revolting acts of violence doesn’t change that. The US always tries to influence protests to their advantage (or blame them on Russia). That’s demented. However, here the US interest is high, its role, however, minor. This is very, very much home grown. Just as in Lebanon and Iraq. Whoever says otherwise is just distracting from huge problems that do exist in those countries.

AM Hants

Then why did The NED take over from the CIA, over in Hong Kong, back in 1996? Around the time Common Purpose member and UK Prime Minister political is Ed the role of Hong Kong Governor and gave the position to his Fellow mate, also a member of Common Purpose. Who work in unison with the NED tax payer funded NGO and the other NGO “Open Society Foundation’. Why do NGOs rely on the taxpayer, to keep them in funds?


They are either foolish kids or they are chinese agents trying to destroy the image of the protesters!

And dont tell me the chinese wouldnt make such a bad move! look at what they do to the muslim slaves in China! They sell them for human body parts!

Did u know u can actually go to china and BOOK a date for a transplant operation! SERIOUSLY! In the west, we cant book dates because someone must die to get a transplant and u are on a waiting list! u need a match to get an organ or limb! therefore a person must die and u have 24 hours to have the transplant!

Oh but in china, u can book it next year or the year after! The persons body is in the next room alive and well! They just cut it out!

You have no idea how much Scum China is!


They crossed a very big line.

King Cliff

Both the protesters and police are crossing a big line,I’m just surprise the Chinese military didn’t get deployed and establish marshal law.


They are biding they time in my book.

Ivan Freely

Yep. Give a man enough rope and he’ll find a way to hang himself.


How can they, its an autonomous region! They (China) do not have political rights in Hong kong for another 28 years! This is the whole reason why they are protesting! So that China cant do what u just mentioned!

viktor ziv

“its an autonomous region! They do not have political rights in Hong kong” – please explain! How can something be autonomous without rights??? It’s oxymoron


you misunderstood! They are self governing! Have their own political system (Democratic) China is (Communist) They have their own money! Hong Kong Dollars (they dont use RMB) Autonomous means they GOVERN THEMSELVES! “They do not have political rights” is referring to China! China cannot simply enter into Hong Kong and grab people and make them disappear, or beat them or arrest them! Only Hong Kong police can do that! The moron stated that China should send in its military to a self autonomous state that has its own police force! This would be considered an invasion and also a take over! The very reason these people are protesting is because China wants to start extraditing Hong Kong people they consider to be criminals to mainland China where they have no right to due process! Example, if u speak out against the Chinese Communist party, u will be extradited and never seen again! Or at best, “re-educated”! Therefore sending in the military AND extraditing people without their rights as Hong Kong citizens basically means that Hong Kong is not autonomous and that China has reneged on the 50 year deal!

Do u get me now sweet heart? China has no political rights in Hong Kong! (thats why they are bribing Hong Kong leaders)! is this easy for u to understand or would u like me to draw u a picture?


Jesus Christ… i even explained it to u like u were a 7 yo kid and u still dont get it! READ THE NEXT SENTENCE CAREFULLY!!!!!

China (Mainland Communist China) has no rights in DEMOCRATIC Hong Kong! DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND??? OR ARE U FUCKING STUPID??

Talking about “oxyMoron”! i think u are a MORON! U THINK HONG KONG PEOPLE HAVE NO RIGHTS? Read it again you dumb cunt!

Why do i always get the dumb cunts responding?? WHY!!!

viktor ziv

Ahhh, for the moment i thought dark force in you is taking over. Accept my apologize.

viktor ziv

Wow mate, I got it first time!!! No need to be upset for days. Yes, I didn’t read it correctly, damn the devil!!! Why are you calling people names?! I have no problem see people killed by gun, knife, but I can’t find words to express feelings watching people burned or drowned! Fucking middle age witch hunt! Was upset and misunderstood Your satire! DO YOU GET IT OR YOU NEED A PICTURE!!!



https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c45cf034515c042d8be857f5bdf8d800042ed322f919e8f48f72121010c38f24.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8c9a04420ab40b5a13a237010c558d8eb3185f707fc589e21516c6fb7fb88661.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/af7261837f07fcaec90299370de614f60000795b2d83fa954c56ef3b63b59011.png


This is what Tommy calls “freedom values”.

Saso Mange

People get shot for less elsewhere, i agree.

Jaroslav Belicka

Especialy in Israel, USA and Saudi troika of evil.

Damien C

Chinese President Xi Jinping should send in someone else to take these rats out by the roots as the HK leader Lam is not up to the task.

This filth has been agitating at the behest of the CIA since the beginning and have been photographed meeting the CIA representatives in hotels. The Americans claiming to be diplomats denied that they have instructed the rioters and advised them on how to make Hong Kong unworkable but rather how the rioters protest could be more effective


You have no idea what u are talking about! Lets just leave it at that!


Paul Purcell

These protesters that are trying to get democratic rights and freedoms aren’t very interested in democratic rights and freedoms.. The Western rights and freedoms they claim to be fighting for do not exist in the West and they, the protesters are not emulating such values.. 2X as deluded..


China regularily executes many more people than even Iran and Saudi Arabia together… this violence shouldn’t surprise. In fact, if that was mainland China, hundreds at least would already be dead.

AM Hants

Thought that was US policy


Good police work, the firearm use was totally appropriate, the rioter was definitely about to attack. And I don’t often praise police. They nearly allowed one to slip away though. Throwing petrol on people is very despicable behaviour. It is how people have been brain-washed today, if someone disagrees with your (crazy) agenda, attack him.

Ivan Freely

Violent behavior against people who disagree with you is a global phenomenon. It appears the US was the test bed (i.e. Antifa vs MAGA).


Yes, it’s the new brain-washed response trying to enforce thought-policing.


HK is 100% part of China politically, but China agreed to a special status when Britain handed HK back to China. That special status HK has become a hyper capitalist city-state where people can’t afford to live AND there is no infrastructure developments for the population. HK has fallen behind other Chinese cities in that regard and people are very unhappy. The want their special status, they want a good economy and affordable condition, they don’t want interference from Chinese government, so they don’t get those benefits either. So the Special Status experiment has failed the HK people, but they don’t want to be mainlanders either. They have a problem.

Ivan Freely

New Territories. The HK gov should have developed it but for some reason haven’t done so.

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