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JUNE 2023

Hong Kong Rioters Burned Police Vehicle With Petrol Bomb (Video)

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The level of violence is increasing in China’s Hong Kong. Rioters are now openly and actively using petrol bombs to target Police vehicles and officers. The video above shows the recent incident when rioters burned a vehicle with police officers inside by throwing petrol bombs at it.

More about the situation in Hong Kong can be found in the following analysis: “Hong Kong Rolling Into Abyss“.

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Same old Zio-US playbook with paid and trained hardcore agitators who enflame the unrest and provoke responses so that the West can then accuse the police/security forces of ‘unwarranted ‘ violence against US Democratic Values.

Remind me please of the ex military equipment that the militarised police used to violently suppress demonstrations in Ferguson USA a few years ago :)


China could crush this in a day if it wanted to but knows perfectly well outside forces are fuelling this crisis.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

so why dont they?


They are playing with fire . China can isolate hong Kong and there is nothing what can do USA/UK

Valerianus Maximus

The Chinese government has deliberately refrained from any intervention as Hong Kong is being slowly destroyed. It’s an interesting stance. In the West, there is an assumption that Hong Kong is a jewel that the PRC will try to keep intact and pristine. Events, however, point to another interpretation, that Beijing is deliberately allowing Hong Kong, as an embedded imperialist cancer, to kill itself off, because the PRC perceives the Hong Kong economy as a vulnerability to Western financial manipulation and extortion and not as an asset.


I certainly hope that this is the case, because if true it signals an implacability on the part of the PRC that will allow it to make its break with West once and for all.


I agree with you. I’m impressed how China handles this situation. They have a lot of patience and this is their advantage. HK is fully dependent on China and alienates not only the Chinese governing body but also the Chinese population. This will, in the long run, put HK in isolation and will turn it into a poor place. Other places will take advantage (for their own profit) of the created vacuum and replace HK. Even if HK changes its mind and decides to go back to normal, it will need to compete in a newly created setting and not be entitled. Add to this the lack of trust they have in the eyes of the Chinese and HK is not in a good place. It really is a great decision for China to not get involved but rather take the hit. The benefit is much greater than the loss for them — it unites the rest of China and is also a lesson for others that can have similar ideas. Not a lesson that if you rebel you will be destroyed, but you will be left on your own will and it will suck big time, because you are quickly replaced and become irrelevant, since all promises are just lies and delusions.


very nice, like the russian bmp’s set on fire by the maidan protesters.. so vivid russians still have nightmares with cia setting their country on fire :)

Jim Bim

The US/UK instigated riot in HK is getting more and more brutal. Soon we see cookies handed out, Maidan/Ukraine type snippers shooting at anyone….and the MSM will quickly blame China.

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