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Hong Kong and the Audacity of the U.S. Part of a “Destabilization War” with China


Written by Peter Koenig; Originally appeared  at Global Research

People often ask and hint at the similarities between the Hong Kong protests and the French Yellow Vests. The former started on 31 March and are approaching their 19th week – the Yellow Vests (YV) have celebrated last weekend their 40th week of protests. As of recently some voices of Macron-infiltrates into the YV movement – or Fifth Columnists – have suggested that the YVs may support the Hong Kong protesters in solidarity for freedom….

Well, that didn’t go down well with the highly educated and well informed YV. Many of them actually felt insulted by the Macronites – ‘for whom does this guy [Macron] take us?’ – And right they are. There is not a shred of comparison between the two movements, except that they are protests – but for widely different reasons, and serving widely different agendas. The YV can in no way be associated with the Hong Kong “protests” – which are equal to US funded Color Revolutions.

Hong Kong and the Audacity of the U.S. Part of a “Destabilization War” with China

We, the YV leaders said, are fighting against an ever more totalitarian French government that is ever more stealing our legitimate income in the form of all sorts of taxes and keeps a minimum wage on which ever-more French families cannot survive. Life is unaffordable on a regular workers pension. The Macron Government is creating poverty, by shifting the financial resources – the few that are left, from the bottom to the top. – That’s what we are fighting and protesting against. We want a fundamental change in the French economic structure and the French leadership. You see, all of this has nothing to do with the Washington funded Hong Protests that are directed on Washington’s behalf by Hong Kongers against the Government of Mainland China.

It couldn’t be clearer. The French Yellow Vests know what they are fighting for. The Hong Kong protesters, most of them, follow a few leaders under false pretenses against their country, against Beijing. Granted, many of the protesters are pro-westerners, they sing the US National Anthem, and wave the British flag – the flag of their former colonialists.

Actually, funding to destabilize Hong Kong in the future has already started at the latest in 1994, 3 years before the official Handover of Hong Kong by the UK to the Beijing Government. Way before the official date of returning Hong Kong in 1997 to the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), the US built up a network of Fifth Columnists in Hong Kong.

Washington pours millions into creating unrest in Hong Kong, similarly as in Ukraine, when the US State Department financed the preparation of the 2014 coup at least 5 years ahead at the tune of US$ 5 billion, according to Victoria Nuland’s, Deputy Secretary of State, own admission, directly and through NED, the National Endowment for Democracy, an “NGO” which it isn’t. It is rather the extended or soft arm of the CIA, receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from the State Department for their ‘regime changing’ activities around the globe.

In 1991, The Washington Post quoted a NED founder, Allen Weinstein, as saying

“a lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA”.

Couldn’t have been said better. We see the results all over the world.

Precisely this has happened in Hong Kong and is going on until this day – and probably way beyond. The US will not let go. Especially now that most people who have at least a limited understanding on how these western manipulations work, comprehend and see for themselves who is sowing the unrests. Take the 22-year-old student and western hero of the 2014 Umbrella Revolution, Joshua Wong, trained programmed and funded by the US State Department / NED / CIA. He is again a main player in the current protest movement. Wong is the on-the-ground boy for the local media tycoon, Jimmy Lai, who has spent millions of his own money in the 2014 “Occupy Central” protests (Umbrella Revolution).

The oligarch uses his funds widely to finance protest leaders and protest groups. He also created his own National Party, with significant xenophobic connotations. Yet Mr. Lai is very close to the Trump Administration and met, along with many of his protest leaders, with the US envoy in Hong Kong, as well as with National Security Advisor John Bolton – and other US officials. On July 8, Mr. Jimmy Lai met US Vice President Mike Pence at the White House.

Lai has full support of the US Government to fire-on and promote these protest groups. Yet, if asked, the protesters have no precise plan or strategy of what they want. The island is largely divided. By far not all protesters want to separate from the mainland. They feel Chinese and express their disgust with Jimmy Lai’s radical anti-Beijing propaganda. They call him a traitor.

Mr. Lai was born in 1948 in mainland China, in an impoverished family in Canton. He was educated to fifth grade level and smuggled to Hong Kong in a small boat at age 13. In HK he worked as a child laborer in a garment factory at about the equivalent of US$ 8 per month. In 1975 he bought a bankrupt garment factory for a pittance and created Giordano, producing sweaters and other clothing for mostly US clients, like J.C. Penny, Montgomery Ward and others. Mr. Lai today is openly criticized even by his own people as a conspirator behind the violence of the HK riots, or protests, as he prefers to call them.

The protests started with a ‘controversial’ extradition law – which, by the way, exists between most States in the United States, as well as between nations in Europe and to a large extent internationally. Therefore, this is nothing unusual. Yet, its importance was blown out of proportion by the western media and by Mr. Lai’s own local media to distort the picture. A minority, of course, would like their full independence from China which is totally against the agreement signed between the UK and Beijing at the so-called 1997 Handover.

A few days ago, the US sent a couple of war ships into China waters at Hong Kong. They had the audacity to ask Beijing to grant them the right to dock at Hong Kong harbor. Beijing, of course, refused and warned Washington – do not meddle in our internal affairs. Of course, Washington has no intention to heed China’s advice – they never do. They have been inoculated with the view that the exceptional nation calls the shots. Always. Nobody else should even dare to contradict them. Period.

On July 3, The China Daily pointedly reported

“The ideologues in Western governments never cease in their efforts to engineer unrest against governments that are not to their liking, even though their actions have caused misery and chaos in country after country in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Now they are trying the same trick in China.”

The US tactics in Hong Kong, may be combined with Trump’s trade war, with the Pentagon’s greater presence – mainly new military bases and navy presence in the Indo-Pacific region – Obama’s (in)famous Pivot to Asia which prompted Obama to order 60% of the US Navy fleet to the South China Sea.

All of this and more are part of a destabilization war with China. Washington is afraid of China’s rising economic power in the world, of China’s monetary system, that is based on economic output and on gold, not fiat money like the US Dollar and the Euro and other currencies following the western turbo-capitalist system; and Washington is afraid of losing its dollar hegemony, as the Chinese yuan is gradually taking over the dollar’s role as world reserve currency.

Hong Kong was basically stolen by the Brits in 1842 at the heights of the Opium Wars. Under pressure of the British military might, China ceded Hong Kong under the Treaty of Nanking, signed on 29 August 1842. Hong Kong became, thus, a Crown Colony of the British Empire. In 1898, Hong Kong’s Governor Chris Patten and Prince Charles agreed on a 99-year lease and pledged to return Hong Kong to China in 1997.

After 155 years of British colonial oppression of the people of Hong Kong, it was time to normalize the status of Hong Kong as what it always should have been, namely an integral territory of China. The “One Country, Two Systems” agreement of 1997, returned Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China, but the parties agreed to leave the capitalist system in place for 50 years. The agreement also stipulated that all intervention and colonial claims on Hong Kong were supposed to end. Full sovereignty was to return to China. What’s happening now – US-UK fomented riots to seek independence of the island, is in total disregard of the 1997 Handover Treaty.

The US inspired and funded protests are destined to challenge the HK-China sovereignty clause, by mobilizing public opinion that wants full “freedom” – i.e. independence from China.

The 50 years of the usual abusive capitalist continuation, would allow the imperialist US and UK to maintain economic control over Hong Kong and thereby exert economic influence over the PRC. How wrong they were! – In 1997 Hong Kong’s GDP constituted 27% of the PRC’s GDP – today that proportion shrunk to a mere 3%. China’s rapidly growing level of development, especially the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which the west chose to literally ignore until about a year ago, has become a vital threat to the US corporate world.

What the US and UK – and the rest of the West – is particularly interested in is HK’s special banking position in the world. Through Singapore and Hong Kong, Wall Street and key European banks, in cohorts with their not so ‘ethically-clean’ and often fraudulent HSBC partner, pretend to control and influence Asian economics – and especially attempt to prevent China to take over the Asian financial markets. Hong Kong has the most liberal banking laws, possibly worldwide, where illegal money transactions, money laundering, shady investments in the billions can be carried out and nobody watches. Maintaining HK as long as possible with this special nation status and wielding influence and control over PRC’s financial markets is one of the western goals.

But little does the West understand that China and other eastern countries, plus Russia, India, Pakistan, have already largely detached, or are in the process of detaching from the dollar economy and are members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Let’s face it, the SCO comprises about half of the world’s population and controls about one third of the globe’s economic output.

Therefore, the SCO members do no longer depend on the western financial markets and monetary manipulations. In fact, Shanghai has in the last decades grown to become China’s financial hub with way more importance for China than Hong Kong. So, it is very unlikely that China will crack down on Hong Kong for the protests. There is too much political capital to be lost by interfering. The West and Hong Kong protesters may as well riot themselves into rot.

But if China gets tired of these incessant western provocations and really wants to put an end to them, the PRC could take over Hong Kong in less than 48 hours, abridge the 50 years of western capitalism and make HK a full-fledged province of China, no privileges, no special status, just a part of sovereign China. End of story.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization around the world in the fields of environment and water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research; ICH; RT; Sputnik; PressTV; The 21st Century; TeleSUR; The Saker Blog, the New Eastern Outlook (NEO); and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.



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  • Ray ” Uncle Sam”

    China already couterplays the effort by creating new Free Trade Zones in china a believe it will be 5 more cities!

  • Snowglobe


    ….and the drug wars continue.

    Major Fentanyl Shipment from China Seized in Mexico – approximately 25.75 tons (23,368 kilograms or 51,517 pounds)


    • Ronald

      1601 the East India Company was incorporated in London, The Sassoon family, Kurdish from Baghdad, began its opium trade from ME to Shanghai, and soon bought the protection of the British Crown. Lucrative as it was they took Hong Kong in 1842, and defeated the Sikh Empire in Kashmir in 1847.
      Four hundred years of opium profit certainly turned London and Hong Kong into “solid” banking centers. Fentanyl is just a Triad slap back.

      • Snowglobe

        A rather big slap. The guesstimate is 92% of the population.

        • Ronald

          What are you saying 92% of America is on Fentanyl !

          • Snowglobe

            No, I am saying that the link I posted claimed that there was enough Fentanyl to kill 92% of the worlds population.

    • grumpy_carpenter

      25.7 tons? How come no one else is reporting this except “Breitbart” and “Tweaktown”?

      The largest fentnyl bust in history was 254 lbs. it made the news across the world back in January with all the major news outlets reporting on it however you come up with claims of a bust 2000 time larger and not a wisper from anyone except breitbart. Unless you got sources independent of breitbart I call bullshit.

      • Snowglobe

        Perhaps you are right. I don’t know. I am as dependent on the fake media as you are.

        China had agreed to stop the shipping of fentnyl and to buy produce from the US. The produce deal fell through and both the US and China have become more deeply entrenched in the trade war. This may have been seen as an opportunity to make a major shipment to the cartels without embarrassing the Chinese government.

        About the media. Are you ask why CNN and the rest of the MSM who are completely biased with full blown Trump derangement syndrome are not reporting on a massive of shipment on it’s way to slaughter the US population?

        Well, my guess is that because they take their orders to from the secret spook community who are trying to get Biden elected so that they can continue with their underhanded corrupt self serving deals with the Chinese government.

        I am not expecting that to come out in the main street media either. We do the best that we can trying to figure out what is going on in between the lies.

        • grumpy_carpenter

          I just looked it up again and the largest recorded seizure of Fentynal was 254 lbs january 2019.

          Sure there could be a conspiracy theory and the seizure of 27.5 tons of the stuff was purposefully kept out of the media as well as not reported by the DEA or FBI …. it was probably on the order of our grey aliens overlords, not team Biden.

          Fentynal has been around as a prescription drug since 1959 and any decent chemist can make it in a properly equipped lab. If you listen to US politicians China is the source of Fentynal however Fentynal labs in Mexico were busted in April https://www.apnews.com/a7e7792953814ca3b6949aa7e6373a42 and you can bet if there a buck to be made it’s being made in labs anywhere the precursor chemicals can be bought which is just about anywhere in the world.

          The very idea that there are 20 or 30 tons of the shit sitting around anywhere and that someone bought that amount to eventually sell on the street is ridiculous. It’s a waste of money and you would just be asking to be busted trying to move that kind of quantity across a border ….. it’s 30 times more potent than heroin … a few pounds a month would supply the entire USA. Why would a dealer risk his freedom and capital bringing in enough product to supply the market for a century?

          • Snowglobe

            What I think is that there are people crazy enough to collude and bring down the twin towers. I also think that these same people are crazy enough to plan other events.

            The US is in their election cycle and a quick drop of a million or so people (factoring in the secondary killings of the Emergency Response Teams) might tip the scale and cause change in both policies and public opinion.

            I respect that we see things differently. I bring things up for discussion, and not to change other peoples opinions.

          • grumpy_carpenter

            If they are smart enough to bring down the twin towers how come they are stupid enough to try to bring 27.5 tons of a drug across the US border in a single shipment? Don’t you think they would learn from the cartels and spread it out so they don’t lose their entire investment and the whole operation in a single bust?

            Either the guy who wrote the piece has no respect for the intelligence of his audience or he has no clue what Fentanyl really is and how drug dealers operate.

          • Snowglobe

            Where did you read that the drugs were moved across the US border?

            The drugs were caught being moved into Mexico in a single shipment. From there cartels are well able to move smaller amounts across the border based on past practice.

            I never intended to set out to defend an article. The article is written about claims made by Mexican security.

          • Snowglobe

            The story is still around, it is not getting any traction though.


          • roland

            That’s how the drugs are brought in in massive shipments. They’ve got guys in customs who wave it through occasionally it gets picked up and a couple of Patsy’s take the fall and another few tonnes gets through the next day by the way those Mexican cartels are under the complete control of same people that control the us government

          • Snowglobe

            It is main stream now….

            China Is Deliberately Using Fentanyl to Destroy the US


          • grumpy_carpenter

            Mainstream?? The Epoch times is published by a bunch of Chinese expats who are followers of Falun Gong …. the Falun Gong are a persecuted minority in China. Who do you think funds them?

  • gustavo

    China is one and only want, USA-UK-NATO must put their hands out of Hong Kong. CIA operations in Hong Kong must stop for good, and USA-UK-NATO must get out even from Taiwan for good (Taiwan belong to China).

  • Feudalism Victory

    Ugh commie 5th columnist. This is a gross piece of propaganda straight out of a Maoists mouth.

    For shame southfront.

    Ie globalresearch is a hilariously partisan operation determined to side with any communist foreigner against their fellow citizens and neighbours.

    • John Wallace

      globalresearch is an independent Canadia media outlet with dozens of independent journalists who publish their opinions under their name. They can have multiple differing opinions on the same subject but as many have been removed from MSM outlets because they refuse to agree to the official narrative many of course write articles contrary to what YOU want to believe. You can pick and choose which authors you wish to follow or none at all. I don’t agree with all their authors but I would believe most of them over MSM anytime. Of course MSM say basically what you have regurgitated but it is an individuals choice on what they want to read or in your case , not.

      • Feudalism Victory

        Oh I read disagreeable things. All the time. I love conflict.

        • John Wallace

          Well pack your bags and head to Syria and you can find all the conflict you desire. Several sides to choose from so I am sure you can find one that will accept you.. Have a nice day..

  • You can call me Al

    Not sure about this SF In 1898, Hong Kong’s Governor Chris Patten and Prince Charles agreed on a 99-year lease and pledged to return Hong Kong to China in 1997.”

    • Snowglobe

      My understanding is that that is true.

      • You can call me Al

        My point was Chris Pattern & Price Charles were not alive in 1898 .

        • Snowglobe

          My mistake.

          May your fathers memory be eternal.

          • You can call me Al

            Cheeky fucker, but a damn good answer. Nice one. Cheers.

          • Snowglobe

            lol! :-)

            Well, it appears that we might not be understanding each other very well at the moment……. but that will not stop me from admitting the fact that YES, I am a Cheeky fucker! :-)

    • John Wallace

      That is an error. I was in HK in 1983 when the British delegation were discussing the handover back too China. They were sorting out the legal and administrative agreements and so on. HK was to be handed back to China as a Special Administrative area for 50 years I think A similar situation was agreed with Portugal for the handover of Macau a few years earlier. Chris Patton was the British Governor at handover and neither he nor prince Charles agreed too anything. Prince Charles was there as the Royal representative for the handover . I watched on TV as the Chinese Police and army units cross from China into HK on the 7th of July 1997 for the ceremonial dropping of the Union Jack and the raising of the new flag. I went back to HK in 2007 and got married there on the tenth anniversary of the handover. There was a MASSIVE fireworks display which I have forever said was HK saying well done to me and my new wife despite what other people try and tell me. The lease of HK too Britain expired in 1997 on 7th July.
      I am not British but antipodean in case anyone thinks I was part of the British in HK.

      • You can call me Al

        Strangely enough my Father was there at a similar date, to teach some course. He was gutted when he came back. I went there years after it was handed back and it was wonderful, that is why the demonstrators – in my view – are just paid libtards.

  • hvaiallverden

    Huh, fentanyl, can be produced anywhere, China, why not, but again, I simply have an rule of thumbs, solidifyed they decades of bullshit spraying from an MSM that have sub-zero credibility and various Gov around the world, as Mexico, where the product was found, again, it maybe true, but also just another lie, for the sake of propaganda.
    The second case is why, Russia was for an decade the “evil” nation, whom did everything, incl drugs, and so on, to China to day witch is hammered on all channels and relentlessly been used as an “evil” empire, and the level of propaganda I read this days is jaw dropping, its everywhere, and everyone as an opinion, and Fentanyl is an chemical shit drug, and is taking over the marked the Al-CIAeda had hegmony over since they invaded Afganistan, witch was to replace the Golden Triangle, for Heroin, the Coke is South-Americans and we all know where they comes from, another UssA vassal state meant to produce that, and this regions are loosing the marked to Fentanyl.
    Then we have HK.
    I dont know what to do, laugh my ass of or cry for the pack of idiots whom thinks this isnt something the ZATO forces arent into, as another color revolution, but the problems is again an massive level of bullshtting from people whom have lost sight on what is the HKs problems, witch is of course China, but why.
    Like the Ukriopian dump, where they where so bloody stupid they actually belived the tales the Cockie Monster told them, and that the EU/UssA was there to help them, yeah, now they have an comedian as an president, and is nothing but an bloody joke, and have this years of been bitchslapped helped the Orcs, at all, apart from been pawns for the ZATO crime syndicate.
    It took a while before sanity came to be in the News, this time I cut it short.
    Its an British former HK chief prosecutor.
    WHat you hear in this, is not only confiend to HK, Norway is on the same track, the UssA is on the same track, and watch it, its not rocket science, but truth is hard to comeby this days os sewage spewed in all directions.
    Hear, hear.
    Amen to it all, I am in fact impressed, sincerity and knowledge is become an rare comodity this days of emotional tyranies, and weaponised stupditys rule the freak show we call the west.

    God help us all.