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Homs-Deir Ezzor Highway Completely Secured, Syrian Army Concluded Operation (Photos)

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Homs-Deir Ezzor Highway Completely Secured, Syrian Army Concluded Operation (Photos)

Syrian Air Force’s Su-22 fighter jet © Valeriy Sharifulin/TASS

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have concluded their large-scale operation along the Homs-Deir Ezzor highway, the M20.

On February 3, an officer of the SAA told the Syrian Arab News Agency that the stratgic highway had been completely secured. The highway is now, once again, open for traffic.

“SAA units are working on two parallel lines, pursuing and eliminating the remnants of ISIS terrorists in the Syrian desert, while securing and protecting the Deir Ezzor-Palmyra-Homs-Damascus international highway,” the SAA officer told the state-run agency.

In order to secure the M20, the army established a network of posts along the highway. Heavily-armed troops were deployed there.

Last month, the SAA and its allies launched an operation to secure the M20 following a series of attacks by ISIS cells. On December 30, 25 civilians and Syrian soldiers were killed when the cells ambushed a bus near Kobajjep on the M20. On January 24, a similar attack by the terrorist group left three service members dead near al-Shoulah.

During the operation, which was backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, at least three ISIS cells were eliminated by the SAA and its allies.

The tactic used to secure the M20 will likely be followed in other parts of central Syria. The next operation may take place in the Hama-Aleppo-Raqqa triangle, where ISIS cells have already stepped up their attacks.


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johnny rotten

Syria is surrounded, squeezed between Isisrahell, Turkey which is part of NATO, the Americans on the side of Iraq, the Kurds in the pay of the Americans and Jews, on the side of Lebanon the traitors and Western embassies go crazy, it’s long way to the top if you want to completely free yourself from terrorism.

Assad must stay

inshallah they will


I want to watch Fauchi quartered on LIVE TV after having been thoroughly skin flayed and burned alive. One Deep State Alligator handled this way every week.


The SAA shouldn’t be making these announcements. After 24-36hrs when US/ISIS have regrouped in al-Tanf, a new round of ambushes will begin with the Ziojew terrorist filth providing ISIS air support as par for the course of this Ziowahhabi attempt takeover of Syria.

Putin’s Kremlin is too compromised by their commitments to business and partnership with the Ziocorporate terrorists with no strategy to deal with terrorist Ziojews in sight, so Iran should be focusing on developing the security architecture to contain US/ISIS activity in this region.

Assad must stay


Rafik Chauhan

Need more to do on the side of Al tanaf aarea and Raqqa Euphrate river. many ISIL are crossing river with the Help of SDF to attack SAA.

Assad must stay

al tanf needs to be totally surrounded

John Wallace

That would require the Iraqi PMU’s to block off the Iraqi border south of Al Tanf. They would then be targeted by US aircraft from bases in Jordan if they attempted to stop entry or exit by US ground forces.

Assad must stay

sounds like they need air defense or escort or both lol

John Wallace

I doubt Bidet is going to pull the troops out of Al Tanf so Syria is stuck with them . It doesn’t matter how many are there ( 400 I think ) because if they are attacked then US forces will come out of every crack and cranny to go to their aid. A bit like a lone cop gets attacked and in seconds every donut shop and brothel is empty as hundreds converge .

John Wallace

We shall see in a few weeks or so just how effective it has been. Normal tactics are , army move in terrorists move out and hide ,, army goes home , terrorists sneak back in..


Hmm, I’m skeptical about this claim. It will never be truely secured until the Al Tanf terrorist enclave is cleared.


Imagine your country being in this state, massacres by terrorist happening just 10 km away in the neighboring county.

Rodney Loder

SAA are all heroes, they took up the cudgels changing the course of history, following on from Muammar Gaddafi chronology, different ideology but that doesn’t matter much, no ideology or Religion will win-out completely, for sure if that did happen it would destroy the purpose of temporal life.

However there is only one true Religion which has always been the disguised focus of my life, the dirty Judens used what I am thinking the were clever, little did they know that they were destroying a straw-man, and while that was going on, I never ever not even once supported Israel in any way, I was born in 1950 specifically so the maggot Jews couldn’t use what I am as their Redeemer.

The homosexual Sid Loder donated me to Israel and the maggots used the Holy Ghost (telepathic mind control) by torturing me and my children literally for 67 years since they murdered my mother who objected to my being tortured for the purpose of causing my support for Jews, still we’re now making headway with the SAA.

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