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HMS Defender: Coming With Canons Loaded, Fleeing With Latrines Filled

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HMS Defender: Coming With Canons Loaded, Fleeing With Latrines Filled

Illustrative image

On June 23, the HMS DEFENDER missile destroyer of the British Royal Navy entered Russian waters in the Black Sea, violating international maritime laws. The Russian border patrol ship was forced to open a warning fire. After that, the Russian Su-24m aircraft carried out a warning bombing ahead the Defender’s course.

You may read a more detailed chronology of events here: LINK.

HMS Defender: Coming With Canons Loaded, Fleeing With Latrines Filled

Click to see the full-size image.

Following the incident, the recording of the negotiations of the boar guard and the British destroyer was published online.

The British warship was warned that its dangerous actions  threatened the safety of navigation in the area, but the destroyer disregarded the received orders and did not respond to them with any action.

From the very beginning of the negotiations, the style of communication of the Russians was close to the conscious humiliation of the British.

P.S.: Don’t be surprise to read soon in MSM that these Russians speaking were famous GRU agents Petrov and Bashirov.

Later the same day, the Russian Defense Ministry released the video showing the interception before the warning bombing. In total, four OFAB-250 aerial bombs were reportedly dropped from Russian Su-24m ahead of the Defender’s course.

What a coincidence, the BBC journalist was on Defender’s board.

BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale claimed that more than 20 Russian aircraft and two coastguard ships have shadowed a British warship sailing near Crimea.

“Our correspondent, who had been invited on board the ship before the incident happened, saw more than 20 aircraft overhead and two Russian coastguard boats which at times were just 100m (328ft) away”. -thee report reads.

HMS Defender: Coming With Canons Loaded, Fleeing With Latrines Filled

Beale’s report confirmed that crossing Russian waters was an intentional provocation and not an accident:

“I am on board the warship in the Black Sea.

The crew were already at action stations as they approached the southern tip of Russian-occupied Crimea. Weapons systems on board the Royal Navy destroyer had already been loaded.

This would be a deliberate move to make a point to Russia. HMS Defender was going to sail within the 12 mile (19km) limit of Crimea’s territorial waters. The captain insisted he was only seeking safe passage through an internationally recognised shipping lane.”

Following the blatant provocation, the British ambassador was summoned to the Russian foreign ministry in Moscow.

Вespite all the evidence, the British prime minister’s office and defence ministry denied any confrontation and made unexpected claims, blaming on ”another Russian military exercises”.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace added: “As is routine, Russian vessels shadowed [the ship’s] passage and she was made aware of training exercises in her wider vicinity.”

Comments from official London are obvious and easily explained: the British did not expect such a fierce reaction from the Russian side and they have nothing left but to deny their shameful retreat.


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Lance Ripplinger

So why am I not surprised that the U.K. is lying. They got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, and they know it. It took an SU-24 dropping bombs ahead of the ship to finally get the message across. At this point, I think the British were just looking to see how much they could get away with before the Russians responded. Well, they got a response. What if the provocation went further? My god, the West just seems desperate to start WW3.


They will get the message when a Sunburn missile blasts through the side of a ship,then they will be crying.

Raptar Driver

Then and only then.


It won’t be a Sunburn Missile, that is what they hope it would be, this would be sank with a torpedo, it wouldn’t even know was there.

American Supporter of Israel

Yeah, then the US would send an entire Carrier strike group to the Black Sea. Just 1 aircraft carrier has more F-18s onboard than Russia has stationed in the south. 5 destroyers armed with 120 tomahawks each, plus cruise missile submarines. Try fighting that. They could conquer the Black Sea in 1 day.


Looks like the pentagon troll brigade has finally arrived…8) The Black Sea is a Russian
LAKE. The anti-ship batteries and other forces on Crimea alone control EVERY INCH of
that sea. Those F-18s would not even have a chance to get airborne…those tomahawks
have already proven to be useless in the face of advanced Russian EW.

Bobo Voxar

3 salvos of russian coastal rocket defence will solve it in 15 minutes … approx 60-80 rockets of BAL system … and it will start your bitter end whatever you are …


Look at a map. You believe the Russians would just allow US navy to sail a carrier group through the Bosperous. The Russians not only have a shit-ton of anti-shipping missile platforms of every description but also have ‘black hole” Kilos watching the exit to the Black Sea. It would be a slaughter …. sink the first couple of ships and the last one in the straight and then it’s hours of fun shooting fish in a barrel …. they’d probably even let the first few ships through just to make sure the catch the carrier in the straits. Istanbul would get one hell of a light show.

Ricky Miller

Nope. Russia’s naval fleet in the Black Sea has more than 100 anti-ship missiles emplaced. About 60 to 80 torpedos too. Ashore there are more than 100 long range anti-ship missiles ready for immediate launch with full reloads for every tube. The air group strike forces can launch dozens of more anti-ship and air to air missiles, and the surface to air missile units among Russia’s forces have more than 300 ready to fire surface to air missiles, of mixed ranges. The warships have about 120 more. And the entire air group could be reinforced from other airfields in Russia, including with Tu-22’s carrying the deadly KH-32 anti-ship missiles which the Americans have no realistic defense for. Only someone ignorant of what Russia actually has in the area and is capable of using would make a statement like that.


Do you share your diapers with Sleepy Joe, or does he just fiddle with your bare bits?

What a muppet you are.

Simon Ndiritu

Wow!!!, Really many F-18s but how many runways??

Peter Williams

The Montreux Convention prevents aircraft carriers from passage through the straits and limits the total tonnage of non-Black Sea nations in the Black Sea. Non-Black Sea nations’ submarines are also prohibited rom passage through the straits.


The Israeli handlers of US forces would not benefit so it will never happen. Kikes are not a benevolent breed of animal.

jens holm

You kept stupid wife is running Your oppinions. Save and buy a new one.


I wouldn’t try that stunt because that carrier would never get to the black sea.


Firstly this would require Turkish permission to pass a carrier fleet through the Bosporus – you may have not noticed but Turkish-US relations are basically toxic. But more importantly, a capital carrier in Black Sea, launching aggressive war, would not be very clever – it is a small sea and due to proximity and ease of tracking the carrier it would be lucky to last an hour after the first action off its decks into Russian airspace. In 21st century capital carriers are for political power projection – and when used in practical combat are for use against a weaker enemy without the EW capability to jam their defense systems and missile capability to sink the vessel. This is why you do not actually run anything in real life – you a bragging idiot with no practical knowledge.


‘American supporter of Israel’ – meaning you are actually an Israeli citizen in US.


Guess what…Neither Nimitz Class nor Ford Class of US carrier would even fit under the Istanbul bridge spanning the Bosporus straits. Silly troll.

Last edited 28 days ago by BruceLeeds
AM Hants

Not forgetting they had a film crew and journalists on board. I wonder why? The UK media, were saying the Russians were being out of order and grandstanding, and not mentioning the fact the UK ship was close to a Russian military base. 77th Squadron and Integrity Initiative have been called in to man the comments section. So obviously it was all scripted, but, they were not expecting Russia to be so quick to respond. UK media, are stating it was Russian media disinformation, that a British military ship was so close to a Russian military base.

Peter Wallace

We just had the British version from the film crew on our news so for those that don’t bother to look elsewhere that is the story they will accept as fact. As you say it looked planned and scripted for the camera.

Anthony Ludovici

Who cares? There will not be a WW3. This is a cynical bread and circus for the masses.


Last edited 1 month ago by Anthony Ludovici

ludicrous will believe any stupidity from CIA
“ameikans cannot think except by means of slogans—they identify garbage as quality. the stupidity and ignorance of amerikans has long been a topic of hilarity in Europe”. Paul Fussell
you inferior racists are so easy to dismiss–you are so feminized by your matriarchy—your leader a senile feminized vegetable—a perfect amerikan leader—incompetent like you

Ricky Miller

Yes. It seems like a simple thing to steer a few kilometers to the West and avoid any provocation and escalation. They choose on purpose not to do so. And for what? The passage of a British warship through the Crimean territorial waters doesn’t change the de facto status of Crimea being part of Russia. It doesn’t move the needle legally one way or another either. It’s a stunt designed to lift the morale of a collapsing Ukrainian state, encouraging the more warlike elements of that government. Does HM’s government really want a miscalculation on the part of Ukraine to lead to a war that NATO can’t save Ukraine from the consequences of? If so, than it’s plain to see that they really don’t care about Ukraine or it’s people.

Catastrophic Failure



Shut up Nazi.

Catastrophic Failure

Silence Terrorist.


the great art work 9/11 terrorized you diaper wearing fascists so much that u embraced the patriot act—murikans—freedom hating robots

Anthony Ludovici

You’re a hell of a lot more robotic by comparison, every word you utter is in line with Communist agitprop.


Tony ludicrous admire nazi fascist propaganda—live in amerikan LGBT hell
when David Riesman described you as “over-conformist semi automatons” and Geoffrey Gorer wrote: “only in amerika is the father vestigial: the amerikan mind and conscience is feminine” you were completely feminized—now you are transgender

jens holm

We know. If we dont write and confirm Your quagmire we are Jews, americans, gays. LGBT, Neocolonialists and what ever else.

Why should any normal person care anything for You and Yours naming them as this.

So this is for internal use telling how You are or You desperat try to be. Hard to be impressed.

jens holm

Its confirmed again. 4 people not even know that. Can they read or are told by someone blind or having no eyes and ears themself ?


Jews are superior to submissive members of US colonies like UK, dim-mark—you live in LGBT quagmire

Anthony Ludovici

You’re such a hypocritical kike, a typical one of your traits. All of that feminism and LGBT nonsense (a creation of jewish Critical Theory) was first promoted in Weimar Germany, that is one of the reasons for why jews were discriminated against in Germany from 1933 to 1945.

You truly deserve a life threatening beating, before you are strung up and hanged from lamp posts. Rather than uplift people, you prefer they be rendered downtrodden under the illusion of their total upliftment under your fucking Tikkun Olam. You oppress the “goyim” with pernicious smiles on your faces and pretend to be other races when trying to conceal your racial identity.

“The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: ‘I’ve been found out.”

— Joseph Goebbels




Jews are narcissists of the highest order, everything you say about “Americans” and “Westerners” is a projection of the jewish psyche.


“The thing that makes Judaism dangerous to everybody – to every race, to every nation, to every idea – is that we smash things that aren’t true. We don’t believe in the boundaries of nation states (except Israel), we don’t believe in the ideas of these individual gods that protect individual groups of people (unless you are jewish because they are “special”). These are all artificial constructions and Judaism really teaches us how to see that. In a sense our detractors have us right, in that we are a corrosive force. We’re breaking down the false gods of all nations and all people because they’re not real, and that’s very upsetting to people.”

—Douglas Rushkoff

Last edited 1 month ago by Anthony Ludovici
jens holm

Very well written version about it.


as Gorer observed, amerikans insecure, feminized are full aware that you are inferior to Jews—u are inferior racist scum atheist
“a true christian can never hate a Jew: this is one of the advantages of Christianity”. Nickolai Berdayaev
now run to mommy or your LGBT boyfriend
your feminine envy amuses
Christopher Lasch described u inferior amerikans as an inner directed self loathing narcissist in 1979…littie tammy ludicrous hilarious


racist nazi tammy ludicrous knows she is inferior—cites goebbels—u r relegated to ugly obese stupified LGBT inferior culture…u r too fragile and hilarious to beat–u can only cry to mommy
“amerikans are not at all happy–they feel themselves lacking in something. all of the sensitiveness has dried up in them. the the crystallization of love is impossible in USA. I admire their kind of happiness but I do not envy it; it is the happiness of a different and INFERIOR species”. Stendhal
he he he…LOL

Stephan Williams

You must realize how emotionally disturbed you are – especially since its well know your tribe suffers from mental illnesses at levels much higher than other tribes and peoples.

My advice to you?

Take a few days off, seek out professional psychiatric help. Do something for yourself for a change instead of droning on like a demented hasbarabot on forums that challenge your delusions – where the majority see through your bleating and screeching ignorance. Go away. Phtttttt!

jens holm

Jews are not superior at all. The ones which go to school, educate, has right to find their skills fx compared to what their parents might think and work hard are superior.

Its very easy to see in America and the rest of the world.

Its about how You are raised and fx You use more time to obey and copy, what the older done in stiff systems then You can questionmark anyhhing and with others find other and maybee better solutions.

The maps are very easy to confirm with. The Western Countries by several versions of Protestantisme has the upperhand n GDP for the whole world. We make facts and oppinion open and therefore can optimize things and let the bad things go too.

You can see the Catholics are second infuensers of same map as well as the Russian orthodoxy Church is 3 or lover. The more non thinking of You r own, the lower Your income and living standards are.

I have written about that kind of openes several times here. A very good exampel by the Protestantisme was and are all should be able to read bibles and any other skrips.

Martin Luther gave 10 thesis about it. Johan Githenberg also could print a lot.

By that church latin and greek was tranlated into Danish, so all could read and also debate more things.

By that we have entlighted Our Muslim incommers too. They could not write the Choran. Many hardky could read, write and understand their own language.

Thats why we spend so much money by educating them. They all learn – as well as it goes – danish – AND by that they all can read and try to understand the to danish translated religios scprips, so they have a much more correct version, then threy ARE TOLD 5 times a day. Because told is mixed up with old mens tradtion and thing from local old cultures.

And we have done more then that. We give some help so muslims here can make childs versions to prepare to be a good muslims. Its in books as well as movies.

And we therefore use and need ALL taking initiave as many Jews do too. Those are the ones creating the jobs for the rest of us and also makes us a high income making a lot of tax for Our wellfare systems.

You always forget the man poor or smaler middle class Jews, which dont has that talent. Its probatly the same misconfiguration, You ignore the 165 mio. middle classers in USA as well as most of the poor actually has low paid jobs and dont live in the street starving and having only an umbrella.

You are so wrong about Jews. The main thing is You systematicly do Ypour best to be no learners and the results are very visible.

Here its haram to debate how to create jobs, which is thinking and structures for it. Its even forbidden to debate about half of the population named as being raised as girl for sales and vomen bought raised to live in a trap.

Those potentials are forgotten in the reflexions too. Women here makes about 22.000 each by their own jobs. Many Syrian and Russian women not even clean some vindows.


you are becoming more inferior and stupid
there is vast evidence that Asians and Jews perform better in the arts, classical composition, academia, science, etc than others—u merely are too stupid to examine evidence

jens holm

You give no correlens at all.

And who is asia. Iranian, Pakistanis, Indians, Indonesians,phillipines, taiwanese, chinese, japanese, vietnamese.

Are they the same all doing well.

Thats a vast NO WAY.

So You have to take a closer look and see how many educate or dont.

India has a very low GDP but the ones with education is very very rich.

You also has to compare with how many they are, and I dont see Asians being more productive as You write. The point is, they are many.

So Your evidence is a total fake trying to include DNA and genetics. Muslim incommers here also are much more stupid then the rest of us until they learn to learn and by that becomes a part of us.

They are kept stupid, where they come from and the results are very visible too. We see the difference very well. Several of them are very brave to going up against the 50%, which deny to learn anything here, because WE ARE THE HARAMS. They dont shake hands BECAUSE WE ARE UNCLREAN IN MINDS AND MAYBEE HANDS TOO.

Should we feed them then. Well I think that less and less.

We shold not feed the non integrating ones, which as You, blaming us for almost everything and deny to own changes and to understand we have devellop us to what we are by education and debate and silently also has equality among genders.

I really kind of understand Trump denying any help to any hostiles in ME.

jens holm

So far 5 seemes to prefare blaming others sitting on their hands and ears doing nothin and blaming us for their low living standard.

Why have a waiter, if You can buy a wife and have her for free.

Anthony Ludovici

Says the Germanophobic (((Russian))) and Commie lover.

Your collective hivemind psychosis seems to be glitching out.

Russia still promotes these rapists as “heroes and liberators”, whilst continuing to rehabilitate their image.
comment image
comment image
comment image

Last edited 1 month ago by Anthony Ludovici
Anthony Ludovici

Your filthy language and carelessly smug attitudes are strong indications of dismal character.

JC Denton

Turkey detected. İİİ=🦃

Catastrophic Failure

😁😁Turkey?? well thats a great humiliation I have to admit 🤣🤣🤣

JC Denton

no one likes turkeys that are too salty…

Catastrophic Failure

Thats right… One of the three countries i hate to death and Erdogan is not the reason.Not trustworthy nation,extremely dangerous.


amerikan failure dominated by ugly obese female—needs more LSD/coke from CIA
“only in America is the father vestigial: the amerikan mind and conscience is feminine”. Geoffrey Gorer

jens holm

Thats his neanderthal perspective, which dont see the changes needed for devellopments of people, so all brains can be used better and tractors has replaced horses.

By that men has to be smarter too and macho is much less needed.

At the same time vomen are needed to step up. Thats difficult because of the many raised to neanderthal living in this in old days.

Thats not feminisme and vomen dont become men. Most of that change is using Your brain much more and in this women are equal to men even they are a little differet too.

Vomen here are premiere ministers, run half of the police, are helicopter pilots and drive truck and work with and also inside the many things made buy IT.

So he show the outdated men very well.

Many has written about those changes trying to descriebe whats going on. I have several favorites. One is Alvin Toffler and his “chock because of the future” or as I quoted a few day McLuhan, which told the medie irslef was the real message(sorry spelling of their names).

Facts are those women mainly was not visible in the strets so often and sometimes without make up.

Its forgotten those many men telling that has many representatives, which are ugly too. But they are used to themself. So what do women think about the men – same thing.

The difference is men for the time being dont use makeup.


only transgender believes men equal to females—read shopenhaurer, Zola, Charcot, plato, Freud, kristeva, etc—only an idiot will assert this stupidity—obviously you have never read a European feminist
perhaps you have vagina and penis—the same and equal…

Last edited 1 month ago by yuri
jens holm

No matter what those has said and wrote facts says, that given same possibilities men and women are equal in being bright.

We see it here where I live in my dayli life. Thats the real world and no Fata Morgana.

Putting in transgenders in this very irrelevant. They are very very few and we vote with one vote each.

So far we have handled many things among the best in the world having two female Premiereministers and now the one is doing very well onkly having 25% og the votes.

Erdogan need 51% to do it. Assad need 91,5% and the same goes for Putin. They even remove all possible opponents and dont let people speak and run as candidates.

Mette Frederiksen and we do. Communisme and Nazisme can run for parlament here too. Criminals and menthal handicapped apart from very few can vote. There are no restrictions for LGBTs as well apart from sports divided into gender.

American Supporter of Israel

Lol you mean the “invisible” khibiny pods that weren’t even mounted on the sU-24 that supposedly “shut down” the Donald Cook. Haha, laughable that people actually believed an electronic warfare pod meant to jam the small homing seekers of air-air missiles could shut down the massive radar and electronics of a nuclear powered destroyer. Dum dums only.

Peter Williams

The US doesn’t have any nuclear powered destroyers, you moron.


Right there you caught the uneducated regressive gene-pool chimp!!!

Bobo Voxar

showed just once and it worked sh**ity well … need no more in peace time … next usage is in war… no chance to discover,analyze and “read” this signals to make countermeasures

AM Hants

Not only was a BBC Journalist on board, but, also a Daily Mail Journalist and film crews. Why? When we cannot even defend ourselves against the dinghy tourists, turning up on our shores? Did this go through Parliament, to start a war with Russia?

Watching the ITV news, for the first time in years, they were blaming everything on Russia, for placing her nation far too close to those NATO Bases. and being aggressive, when a British military ship gets up too close to her military base. Why were we so close to the Russian military base on Crimea, with journalists and film crews on board, the HMS Defender?

jens holm

Its normal to be more open in west about a lot of things. Russian jets entered danish territory the other way too.

Its a You show yours, i show mine…

You just makes it into a god dammed cirkus.

Whats so close. Fx they should not have takem Crimera as they did and the Russian Neovolonialistic territory is not there anymore. They collapsed it.

The Russians has exact the same private zones as anybody else – hasnt they ?

Leif Sachs

“Jens Holm” is a pseudonym of Anders “Foggy” Rasmussen, and I hereby claim my 5 pounds.

Last edited 1 month ago by Leif Sachs
jens holm

I would be a kind of honered if I really was.

5 punds in overweight is nothing. Its worse when its raining cats and dogs:)

Lone Ranger

Russia didn’t violate Danish territory.
And U.S. and UK and France are pushing neocolonialism not Russia.
Russia cant occupy itself.
Crimea is Russia and was for the past 250 years.


jens live in village culture where cheese is art—already collapsed US colony
jens likes circus–provides circus entertainment at SF

jens holm

Bad stomac again. Were do UN has to send a toilet a big ballon?

AM Hants

“…The crew were already at action stations as they approached the southern tip of Russian-occupied Crimea. Weapons systems on board the Royal Navy destroyer had already been loaded….”776, g

BREXIT – referendum based on self determination, whether the UK leaves or stays in the EU.
Scottish Referendum based on self determination, whether Scotland goes for independence or stays in the UK.
Falkland Islands Referendum, whether the Falklands stay with the UK or align with Argentina.
Kosovo War – NATO invades, owing to self determination.
US – 4 July 1776, using self determination, in order to gain independence from Great Britain and the list goes on.

Why does the UK believe that they can hold referendums, based on self determination, but, over 80% of the electorate of Crimea, and over 93% of them, voting to return home to Russia, amounts to Russian occupation?

Watch out for the Integrity Initiative and 77th Squadron trolls, trying to take control of the comments section.


“innocent passage” jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja who wrote that silly statement?

jens holm

Its international. If You keep the lines, You should go in peace.

Innocent van mean several things and even used in irony. You might look in explaining or something.

Some one here not long time thought a sober court was, when the judge was not drunk.

Ricky Miller

They were at action stations by their own journalists descriptions. That’s not innocent passage. And it is the interpretation of the LOS among the majority of the world’s LOS treaty states that military vessels must communicate intentions for innocent passage ahead of time, something the neocolonial West doesn’t believe or adhere to. It’s a matter of interpretation and purposeful provocation which is at issue here. Russia needs to ram one of these NATO ships in order to stop one intrusion last year and now one this year from becoming a monthly state of affairs, with endless saber rattlers sailing just offshore. And the Project 22350 frigate “Admiral Kasatonov” needs to be moved to permanent station in the Black Sea, with the 4th hull being redirected to the NF once commissioned. The BSF needs heavy reinforcement now, especially since the Karakurt class Corvettes never seem to arrive. They just sit in the Baltic, doing nothing. Perhaps the crews are busy playing cards.

jens holm

There are several versions about it. I have written several of them. This is a very hostile to GB and Nato version.

Lone Ranger

Instead of playing with the lions tail HMS Rubberduck should liberate Londonistan instead…

JC Denton

Hate to break it to you but it’s not 1853 anymore, your no good in the water anymore. Time to retire with the fishes.

Cosmo Kramer


Cosmo Kramer

UK is asking to die

Raptar Driver

It’s long past due.

jens holm

For the moment they are not clever. Slamming with the door against EU was no good.


not good for USA denmark

jens holm

Its not good for many making unpractical borders like this again.

They should have remained trying to change things by very needed reforms.

They are a very big tradepartner for us. The trade will be slower and also more expensive. It will continue.

Raptar Driver

They can only do such a thing because they have their man in power.
Putin will never do anything to harm his partners.

Last edited 1 month ago by Raptar Driver

Brutannia waives the rules until shit gets real, then they run away with their skirts tucked between their legs

jens holm

Only arabs write all are running away even they are not. Empty almost smalling rhetorics wit BIIIIIG letters.

Israeliens also are scared all the time. So funny.

We just see empires decline and sometimes sudenly are gone. As several others, they forgot keep and took lousy parts too.


your empire of cheese remains—now US colony
empire collapse is never sudden unless too much LSD

jens holm

Too much local TV again. It must be a censured version of Muppets and Harry Potter,


If Russia sailed near the coast of the Jews’ UK Tyranny, the Jews’ UK tools and propaganda-media would have a field day bleating about it to the sheeple addled by the Jews’ propaganda and agitprop.

jens holm

As long as they keep the rules,they wil only get comments. Many also are impressed when the Russian navy even is able to.

here are well defined zones for the Black sea too. And russia seemes to forget Ukraine, Bulgaria, Roumani and Grusia now has their independent coastzones.

Respect is both way.

I admit things are provocative, but too many dont see krimera was a part og a big trade and should not have been taken away as “just”. As i remeber and write it a minimum should be compensation as well as I would prefare the Russian added never Ukrainian Russian should be voted home.

Denmark made the new border to Grmany being the looser after WW1. We would have made especially France very happy if we took all our old parts back.

But we made a language line and germany are supporting germans in Denmark and vice versa. Bot has own kind of schools, the locasl counties share ambulances and firebrigades and the local police rom both sides are allowed fx to follow fast cars and keep the country police take over. The Danes has two permanent but elected seat in the German County parlament.

I forgot tourisme and booking help each other very much.

So it is possible to divide in a fair way and by thatb also getrelative open and very prakctical solutions.

EU by how things should be has by its decissions supported that too. No passports(apart from Coronatime).


there are better treatment for schizophrenia than LSD–because you are demented you believes others have no memory. Russian navy does not violate even danish coastline despite that your navy is 2 rowboats and a canoe. I have never heard Ukraine language in Crimes–only Russian and Tatar—11% in Crimea are Tatar
you are so obsequious that u r willingly a US colony; not Crimean Russians

Ricky Miller

The people of Crimea voted to leave Ukraine and rejoin Russia, Jens. Why? Because the government that they helped to elect was overthrown in a coup. A Western sponsored coup. You, and the Western government and media, have no moral high ground to stand on. And no legal ground either, seeing that the West forcibly removed Kosovo from Serbia and guided the Albanian majority in Kosovo to an independence referendum, by their own admission. What’s good enough for some must be good enough for all and the lesson is that post war United Nations Charter documents don’t mean much when faced with old-fashioned hard military power. NATO opened the door to this state of affairs and Russia walked through too, to her own purposes and ends. The West, including you, should stop whining about it and stop pretending that the events in Crimea in 2014 happened in a vacuum. They didn’t.


As an American watching the Jews and their US Tyranny plunder and destroy my country, I hope, pray, that the Russians send a fleet to sail around in the Gulf of Mexico; maybe even get up close to Galveston or something. It would be a joy the irony of the Jews and their tools bleating about how “they can’t do that.” Sad, though, will be that the vast majority of my countrymen will just repeat the bleating as the sheeple they’ve become.

A clown like you

“The Royal Navy ship is conducting innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters in accordance with international law.”

“innocent passage” LMFAO

Leif Sachs

Fleeing With Latrines Filled

Echoes of 1854. Only this time it’s the Charge of the Shite Brigade.

Peter Wallace

:-)) That one deserves double upvotes.. The Russians had the biggest guns .. again..

None of you

Crimea is Ukraine territory.
Western civilization cannot an will never accept annexation of Crimea by Russia..
Don’t worry we will take back eventually Crimea..


Nowadays the ethnicity of the inhabitants decides to what country a territory belongs. Remember dear Western civilization, it is a rule you made. And you want to claim Crimea for yourself instead of returning it to Ukraine, LOL.

Lone Ranger

In a Disney movie ukropnazi…
Crimea was, is and will be Russian.
Now Crimea a river…


as Ghandi observed it would be a good idea–but western “civilization–anglophone-anti-civilization is a fiction
you fascist ukrops will never retake the Donbass….perhaps you can hegemonies some bad borsht in Poltava

Jim Allen

Crimea wasn’t “annexed.” Western civilization(?) can, and will be forced to accept International Law. Given it’s too dull, and inarticulate to wrap it’s brain(?) around the fact Crimea legally separated from Ukraine, and joined the Russian Federation. I think no ones worried, Crimea is well pleased where it’s at, “we” will continue to lose. What was/is not yours can’t be taken back.


LSD strong in your village
Crimea—Russian military, language, currency, legislature, tax system, pensions, universal health care, etc
Poltava to lvov exports borscht and prostitutes and nazis
either enter rehab or increase your Seroquel RX


ukraine? a fictive nation that disappeared in 2014

jens holm

USSR as Empire too. It never was.

Those seemes very inspired by You and did the collapse too.


“but to deny their shameful retreat” – gentlemen never lie, gentlemen don’t tell truth.


Wonder why Russia didn’t just fry the Brutish electronics.

It would have made an infinitely more emphatic statement.


They hoped for exactly that and were ready to analyze the nature of Russian EW.
At the time of British ship’s innocent passage (teehee!) a US spy plane was sniffing overhead.

Well, they apparently forgot any nation advanced enough to have such capable electronic warfare is also able to detect an intel gathering plane.

jens holm

Wonder again and find the addings.


many junkies envious of jens—jens dealer sells high quality delusions

Marco Polo

Journalistic bias lowers credibility, what can one warship accomplish alone against an large coastline? There never will be a real conflict fought between Russia and NATO, only the constant bickering and bias prevalent on both sides. All whilst the (((chosen))) laugh up this farce of their own making, as they reward their Shabbos Goy for going along with it all for helping to dupe the dumb “goyim”.


inferior racist anglo cannot comprehend truth only “credibility”

jens holm

Well upside down its very strange that one little ship need to be registrated with a bunch of symbolic bombs.


your 1st lobotomy failed—another required

jens holm

Im no doctor or cleaner for You. Someone else did it. Maybee You was a goat, which got too many newspaers for dinner.


Any half-wit, twit of a Brit still stupid enough to serve in Her Majesty Queen Lizardbirth’s Royal Toilet-bowl Navy, is a racist, Jew-cucked slimey limey and deserves to go down to the bottom of the sea.


why did russia not seize it?

Lone Ranger

They aren’t pirates like the UK and Americant navy.

American Supporter of Israel

SU-24 is outdated. Horrible air-air/air-ground radar, horrible electronic warfare system (failed against Turkish F-16s, David’s Sling, and Turkish MIM-23 HAWK). AEGIS or the CIWS would annihilate it within seconds.


That makes this all the more humiliating to the UK, doesn’t it?


another CIA wohly at SF—anglophone trash so incompetent mig 21 or any sukoi will turn your scrap metal into a Big Mac

Lone Ranger

You put too much Kool aid in your matzoball soup Shlomo…

Lone Ranger

It didn’t fail.
Iron dome dud against slingshots.
Merkava 4 again Kornet.
And F-16 and Flop-35 against 50year old S-200.
Better luck next time 🤠


Paul robinson has an interesting analysis at rt.com
the brits message”we are stupid”
the Russian message “brits are stupid”


Just checked on marinetraffic.com for the HMS Defenders position and track, and surprise, surprise: The ship is now located close to Bahrain. How did it make the journey from Sewastopol waters to Bahrain in just 2 days? Lying is strongly supported also by falsificating ships identification on radars.


Sorry. Only shows arrival date and location ETA, not actual position.

Lone Ranger

Next time just lit it up from the Bastion coastal defense system.
200 radar locks from supersonic cruise missiles should be enough to make them develop PTSD towards the end of the day ☺️

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