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“Hills Of Debaltsevo”: Viva Novorossiya!

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This song was written by SouthFront friend, real fighter for the truth and better world. We are very grateful for his support and contribution to the information warfare.

Here is the author’s comment on the song:

This song is my dedication to the brave men and women of Novorossiya who gave their lives fighting against the Kiev regime and the resurgence of fascism in Europe. I spent the last year watching the war on the internet and knew that the narrative put forth by the US and EU governments and complicit media was a complete fabrication. They knowingly covered up the atrocities and false flag attacks conducted by the fascist Kiev regimes Nazi battalions against the innocent ethnic Russian Ukrainian population and even blamed the innocent victims for their own deaths on numerous occasions. The coup in Ukraine and the war that followed has been a complete injustice and terrible, avoidable human tragedy. In the year 2015, there is substantial video evidence on video sharing and social media websites that prove the narrative put forth by the MSM is a lie that is being foisted upon all of us. I encourage others to WAKE UP and put aside your subservient nationalism and embrace your humanity and see the light. Those inspiring people exercised their own right to self determination and have fought for it and won. They are a great example for all the world of what it truly means to have great character and a true soul. Alexander, the Sentry, who’s picture is included at the end of this video embodies that soul. May his spirit spread far and wide and serve as an example of truth and courage for all the world to see. Viva Novorossiya!

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