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Hillary Is No More Best Friend of Saudi Arabia?


It looks Hillary is no more the best friend of Saudi Arabia.

Hillary Is No More Best Friend of Saudi Arabia?

After calling Donald Trump “a disgrace not only to the GOP [the Republican Party] but to all America,” Al-Waleed Bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud, a Saudi business magnate and investor, has suddenly changed his mind, when it became known that the Republican candidate won the presidential election.

In December 2015, Abdulaziz al Saud, who also is a member of the Saudi royal family, advised Trump to withdraw from the US presidential race, claiming that he will never win.

However, already on Wednesday, the Saudi business magnate congratulated Trump on his victory and wished all the best for his presidency.

Saudi Arabia was sure that the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton will win the presidential elections, and the Arab country will once again enjoy benefits that it had, when Clinton served as the US Secretary of State. For this purpose, the kingdom even made a financial contribution to the election campaign of the US Democratic Party.

According to an article, published by the Jordan’s Petra news agency in summer, the Saudi regime has financed about 20% of the costs of the election campaign of the candidate for US president of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton. The author of the article cited the words of Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud, a prince of Saudi Arabia.

“Saudi Arabia has always sponsored both the Republican and Democratic Parties of the US. And in the US current election, the kingdom has also with full enthusiasm provided 20% of the cost of Hillary Clinton’s election campaign, though the country does not support the decision of the King to promote a woman as a presidential candidate,” Petra quoted the words of the prince.

According to the Federal Election Commission, over the last two years, Clinton has managed to collect about $211.8 million. This means that Saudi Arabia provided about $42.3 million.

The article was published on the official website of the news agency and then was deleted on the eve of an official visit of Mohammad bin Salman in the US. The Petra news agency did not give any explanations. However, the article was deleted too late, and the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington saved the article and re-publish it.

Will remind, according to US laws, foreign countries cannot to influence on election results by sponsoring candidates. However, this did not prevent Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, in August, founder of the WikiLeaks organization, Julian Assange, said in an interview with the RT TV-channel that Saudi Arabia is the main sponsor of the Clinton Foundation. On the website of the Foundation, the kingdom is a part of the list of donors who donated between $10 million and $25 million.

“The scale of relations between Saudi Arabia and Hillary Clinton, between Saudi Arabia and the Clinton Foundation is very large. Apparently, Saudi Arabia is the largest single donor of the Clinton Foundation. Take a look at the policy, to which she [Hillary Clinton] adhered in the field of arms export, when she served as the Secretary of State. She was very, very favorably disposed towards Saudi Arabia,” Assange told RT.

He also told about incomes of the Clinton Foundation from the Lafarge company, which paid a tribute to terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group for an opportunity to conduct its business on the territory, controlled by them in Syria. These facts were revealed during an investigation, conducted by the French Le Monde newspaper.

So, apparently, Saudi Arabia has invested a lot of money in the electoral campaign of Hillary Clinton and was absolutely sure that she will become the 45th President of the US. For this reason, representatives of the Saudi elite, such as Al-Waleed Bin Talal, used locker-room language, speaking about the Republican candidate. However, Saudi Arabia faced the reality – Donald Trump, but not Hillary Clinton, will be the next US President, and now the Arab country needs to ‘find an approach’ to him.



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