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Hillary Clinton, “Pink Floyd” and the atomic bomb – There is a Secret Connection

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Hillary Clinton, "Pink Floyd" and the atomic bomb – There is a Secret Connection

Original by Zlatko Bogatinovski published at NSPM, translated by Mario Andrijasevic exclusively for SouthFront

On Monday 26 October, British rock musician and one of the founders of the legendary band “Pink Floyd” Roger Waters said that he fears of Hillary Clinton’s “militancy” who is one of the Democratic candidates for the presidential elections in the United States.

In an interview which was not for any political magazine but for the famous music one ‘Rolling Stone’, Waters pronounced a sentence full of sincerity, warning, and also fear. “I have an awful worry that she might become the first woman president to drop a fucking nuclear bomb on somebody.”

In the explanation of his human, civic concerns, regarding the uncontrolled aggressive behavior of the former US President Bill Clinton´s wife and former Secretary of State, Waters said that Hillary Clinton “has something scary warlike in herself.”

Roger otherwise, like most of rock, indie and folk music veterans supports her democratic opponent Bernie Sanders.

Waters’ commitment to planetary peace certainly has to do with his childhood. First, he was born in the month of September 1943 in the midst of the greatest battles of World War II. Secondly, he lost his father in one of the biggest battles to conquer Italy, the allied amphibious landing on Anzio. In heavy fighting with the Nazis among the 37,000 American and British troops there was also Rogers’s father Erik.
This is how Waters as a five-month baby became an orphan. It is needless to point out how much the loss of his father in the greatest slaughter in human history determined not only his life, but also topics for later musical creations.
He was in the band “Pink Floyd” for a period of almost two decades beside playing bass, also writing for rock music very philosophical texts. Such socially engaged lyrics gave the stamp to the album titled “Animals”, issued in 1977, which represented a sharp critique of contemporary society, particularly in the UK, similar to Orwell’s “Animal Farm” expressed in the form of a fable.
That the “Pink Floyd” is one of the most influential and successful bands of all time is evidenced by the fact that the band has sold over 250 million albums around the world and on top of that with undoubtedly their “front man” Roger Waters who is more than just a rock musician, performed one of the largest concerts ever held in Berlin in 1990 for the occasion of the first anniversary of the demolition of the Berlin Wall, where Waters with members of the most famous rock musicians of that time performed the whole album “The Wall”.
The most famous song from that album, “Another brick in the wall” (very symbolically – “Yet Another brick in the wall”) he wrote as I mentioned before because of the deep revolt caused by the casting personal and other freedoms in the destructive capitalist world order in which fossilized British society was a symbol and British Empire a longtime conductor.
Therefore it is his voice, the voice of reason, a warning, but also a sort of appeal and recommendation to the American voters not to vote for this woman which can definitely be dangerous when world peace is at stake. Her arrogance and insatiable thirst for power suffused with blood was paid by hundreds of thousands of innocent victims to whom she was the judge, repeatedly demanding the bombing of Yugoslavia, Serbian Republic, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.
Upon arrival in Serbia and performing on a concert at the Belgrade Arena in 2013 Waters has touched the hearts of locals by not only with unprecedented theatrical and musical spectacle, but also with a specific sentence he expressed in an interview in London just before the concert in Belgrade. When asked whether, after his first visit to Serbia he has heard something about this country, Waters replied, “Yes. I know you went through a difficult time and I hope it will get better.”
Roger Waters lives in New York like many other great English rock musicians such as John Lennon and Sting, among others. Because he lives there as a British citizen he has no right to vote in presidential elections, but still has the right to make aware the American and the world’s public about the largest “female hawk” in US foreign policy, a woman who is even more sympathetic to the military option than the US President Barack Obama. Especially when civil war in Syria is in question, as well as in Ukraine.
This topic is too serious to just look like or even to be something like a pop or a rock’n roll joke.
How nice it would be if Hillary would at least get a little touch of thought that one musician cares more about the health of the planet due to her pseudopathological behavior disguised in high policy of the State Department. But it could be. Roger is with his 72 years of age wise enough, but Clinton with her 68 is clearly not.

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