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Highly Likely Strikes Back: Navalny ‘Poisoning’ And Rift Within Russian Elites

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Highly Likely Strikes Back: Navalny 'Poisoning' And Rift Within Russian Elites

Alexei Navalny

The story with the leader of the Russian neo-liberal, pro-Western opposition, Alexei Navalny, has been developing in an expected direction. The German government claimed that it believes that Navalny was likely poisoned as mainstream media outlets and the Navalny-led group of the Russian opposition have been loudly blaming the Kremlin and personally Vladimir Putin for the ‘highly likely’ poisoning.

On August 20, Navalny suddenly became “ill” during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow and was urgently hospitalized in Omsk, Russia, where he received medical help. He was put into intensive care and connected to a ventilator. Since then, he has been in a state of artificial coma in order to be connected to a ventilator.

According to people on the flight, Navalny went to the toilet and did not come out for a long while, after that they heard him call for assistance. The video makes it seem like he was under the influence of some sort of drugs or medication, but the MSM version was that Navalny was poisoned:

Omsk doctors say that they received the patient in critical conditions, in coma and saved his life. The diagnosis of poisoning was one of the first, but no chemical and toxicological substances that could be regarded as poisons or as products of the action of poisons were identified after tests. Therefore, doctors moved away from the diagnosis “poisoning”.

The hospital’s chief physician, Alexander Murakhovsky, and his deputy in the medical department, Anatoly Kalinichenko, held a press conference on August 24:

Doctors were working under an intense propaganda pressure from supporters of the Russian neo-liberal opposition, which launched a ‘poisoning hysteria’ and was directly interested in painting this picture. The pressure campaign even included direct threats to life of doctors involved. In the case of ‘poisoning’, Navalny immediately becomes the ‘sacred sacrifice’ and the ‘victim of the regime’. The deputy of the hospital’s chief physician in the medical department, Anatoly Kalinichenko, said that he received multiple physical threats to himself and his family.

As to the potential diagnosis and results of tests, doctors shared the information with Navalny’s family and it was up to them to decide if they wanted to reveal it. Surprise, surprise, no Navalny relative opted to tell media about the results of the tests. Why? The answer is simple. This would undermine the ‘Kremlin tries to hide the truth’ narrative.

According to sources of Russian daily Izvestia, when Navalny was moved to the Omsk hospital, he was in a withdrawal state complicated by a convulsive disorder. Also, Navalny was diagnosed with an alcoholic encephalopathy and a post-alcoholic hypoglycemia. Earlier, it was revealed that traces of alcohol and caffeine were found in the oppositionist’s analyzes.

The Navalny relatives insisted that Navaly should be relocated to a foreign hospital. This was allowed after the patient’s life was saved and the situation stabilized.

On August 22, the face of the Russian neo-liberal and pro-Western opposition was moved to Germany, to the “Charite” hospital. Here, the new round of the ‘highly likely’ blame game started.

Steffen Seibert, the spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said that Navalny was ‘likely’ poisoned.

“We’re dealing with a patient who fairly likely was poisoned,” Seibert told reporters.

The German official called for a “full and transparent” investigation into the circumstances of Navalny’s hospitalization. Seibert’s comments align with claims from Navalny’s aides, who say he was poisoned with a cup of tea at an airport cafe.

After this, the Charite hospital issued a statement saying that its tests indicate that Navalny was likely poisoned with a substance from the “cholinesterase inhibitor” group.

“Since his admission at the weekend, Alexei Navalny has been receiving treatment at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. The patient is being treated in intensive care and remains in a medically induced coma. While his condition is serious, it is not currently life-threatening.

Following his admission, Mr. Navalny underwent extensive examination by a team of Charité physicians. Clinical findings indicate poisoning with a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors. The specific substance involved remains unknown, and a further series of comprehensive testing has been initiated. The effect of the poison – namely, the inhibition of cholinesterase in the body – was confirmed by multiple tests in independent laboratories.

As a result of this diagnosis, the patient is now being treated with the antidote atropine. Alexei Navalny’s prognosis remains unclear; the possibility of long-term effects, particularly those affecting the nervous system, cannot be excluded.

The treating physicians remain in constant contact with Mr. Navalny’s wife. After close consultation with the patient’s wife, Charité is reassured that the decision to make details of the patient’s condition public would be in accordance with his wishes,” the statement reads.

As it was expected, immediately after the moving of the opposition figure outside Russia, to the area where Germany and its ‘democratic partners’ have full control over his fate and results of the ‘investigation’,  the poisoning version became the main one.

If high-skilled Omsk doctors did not make all needed tests and collected the needed data, it was likely that the poisoning of Navalny would be unconditionally declared as the ‘fact’. Now, German authorities are forced to limit their statements to ‘highly-likely’ speculations. This does not mean that as the situation develops, they will not move to more direct accusations against the Kremlin.

Navalny was moved to Germany despite the fact that it was apparent that this will distract the real situation. Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov personally announced that the government is ready to assist the evacuation of Navalny to a foreign hospital if it’s needed.

The air travel between Russia and Germany is mostly suspended due to coronavirus limitations. The flight to Germany was organized by the Berlin-based Cinema for Peace Foundation. The flight was paid by businessman Boris Zimin. Boris Zimin is the son of Dmitry Zimin – the founder of VimpelCom (Beeline telecommunications brand).

PJSC VimpelCom is the third-largest wireless and second-largest telecom operator in Russia. It is wholly owned by VEON Ltd. through which it is linked to Mikhail Fridman, Russian Western-linked business magnate. Fridman’s Alfa Group Consortium is among the main shareholders of VEON Ltd.

These persons and entities represent the Russian influence group linked to the global finance. The very same group has links and support work of think tanks affiliated with the Higher School of Economics, the center of the Alma Mater of the liberal economic block of the Russian government. Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobanin and Chairwoman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina also could be considered a part of the global finance in Russia.

In Russian media, this network of Western-linked persons, organizations, influence groups and top officials is often described as the ‘liberal tower’ of the Kremlin. Thus, despite the image of the opposition figure, Navalny receives support from the highest levels of the Russian governance and business systems.

Navalny’s freedom of movements and trips to foreign countries have never been de-facto limited despite his Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) being under the investigation for money laundering. The estimated number of funds investigated under the criminal case is 75.5 million RUB (over 1,000,000 USD). Earlier, Navalny was convinced to a five years suspended sentence for embezzlement for the misappropriating about 16 million RUB (then about 500,000 USD) worth of lumber from a state-owned company in 2009, while he was acting as an adviser to Kirov’s governor Nikita Belykh. In another corruption case, Alexei Navalny was given 3.5 years of suspended sentence, and his brother Oleg Navalny was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison under the fraudulence case. These facts did not stop Navalny from continuing his career of the ‘democratic politician’ and the ‘fighter against corruption’ promoted and protected by the liberal faction of the Russian elites.

The situation with Navalny’s supposed ‘poisoning’ and the reaction of the Russian elites to the case, including the decision to move Navalny to Germany look at least strange. In fact, it may indicate the deepening crisis within the Russian elites and the weakening of the governance system, including the security cabinet and even Putin’s circle. A part of the elites has been playing into the hands of forces seeking to destabilize the country. These actions become especially dangerous amid reports about the possible strengthening of the global economic crisis and the second wave of coronavirus this autumn.

In this situation, Navlny, who will likely remain outside Russia in the nearest future, becomes a powerful propaganda symbol that will be for sure used by the opponents of Moscow on the international secene. At the same time, the ‘poisoning’ case will be employed as a part of the wider attempts to destabilize Russia in 2020-2021.

If we imagine that efforts of foreign actors to undermine the stability in Russia succeed and the internal situation in the country deteriorats, it would be possible to also expect the ‘victorious’ returning of Navalny to Russia. In this case, the hero of the ‘anti-Putin rebellion’ will likely be presented as the leader of the ‘democratic forces’ that should take power (and destroy Russia from inside) after the fall of the ‘corrupt Putin regime’.


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johnny rotten

Navalny is a creation of Western information comics, in Russia he is Mr. nobody, no one would bother to poison him, even in this story we see how much the western public is fooled about what is happening in the world, not even in the old Soviet Union they went so far, the lands of the free are a prison without windows to the world, because they have closed the most important peephole, that of knowing how to distinguish true from false, however it is a fragile matrix, just take the right color pill.


Navalny is a very important individual to Russia’s enemies. He is a principal fifth column operative for the West and should NEVER be allowed to return to Russia!

Zionism = EVIL

These cunts should be charged with reason and shot, starting with the devil pock marked geezer Gorbachev who destroyed the USSR and let these parasites in.


so now you are even Russian communist and when you talk to Turks you are Turk patriot and big Muslim….


What’s so special being a croat khazar wannabe hellary shill nato boi! You can’t serve satan and god and expect to side with incest fk no,wise up!



I can’t answer on something I can’t even understand.

Stephan Williams

Thank you. Too many do “answer on something I (they) can’t even understand”.


Absolutely only cia eggheads could not see the damage done to good soviets.


And how exactly you would execute that against Russian citizen in the focus of all Western media? He is Russian citizen (maybe West will not kill him since they can use “attempt’ of poisoning like they did with the Skripal’s) so he will maybe choose to return to his country Russia (than maybe not). But you would tell him:” back off !”


I would say, Do whatever it takes to deny him reentry to Russia! This traitor is up to no good!


I know that you would because you are honest guy with principals. And that is exactly why no honest people with principals (who can not cheat and be liars ) works ever in high politics, and security forces.

I personally would shoot the bastard and dump him into the ocean on the 1st occasion. In the real world Russia doesn’t have legal grounds to deny access to Russia, to the Russian citizen. That is Russian law.

Ashok Varma

This is the same pattern of US and western “color coded” soft power destabalisation.They hire these treacherous turn coats and then stage fake attacks to discredit legitimate regimes. Mr. Saddam Hussein at one stage seemed to have poisoned half of Iraq, according to BBC and VOA.

Stephan Williams

well reasoned. Thank you.


Yeah, god not again, this eh…. oposition figure is an joke, and somehow this freak have become the westerness favorite, against the Putin regime, yeah, and the only one whom is loosing on this riddicilous nonsense is the Germs, nobody else, not that this isnt something new, but their pathetic atempts are just that, stupid. Hurmfs, they never give up, do they, one have to remind one self whom owns the Germs, and have their Gov by their whats left of anything even remotely similare to balls, the Moronikans, and once again the Germs places their heads on the block, just to loose what little credinility they had left, but I am not surpriced, once an bitch, always a bitch. Bloody idiots.


Lone Ranger

I wonder if German doctors are selling themselves out like whores, or that poor tard was really poisoned but by his own people en route to Germany. If it was Russia they wouldnt let him go, it makes no sense.

Albert Pike

The Cinema for Peace foundation is truely a Rothschild foundation. Besides of them, there are only Club of Rome and Soros affiliated and Wannebe’s together with Frankist-Jewish Havebeens, who had a good run on Rothschilds Money:

“Cinema for Peace International Committee Honorary Chairman Mikhail Gorbachev, Nadja Auermann, Monica Bellucci, Alexander Schütz, Luc Besson, Efe Cakarel, Richard Curtis, Plácido Domingo, Roland Emmerich, Veronica Ferres, Joseph Fiennes, Joschka Fischer, Ela Gandhi, Martina Gedeck, Richard Gere, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Andy Harries, Rosilyn Heller, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Michael Hoffmann, Wolfgang Joop, Garry Kasparov, Sir Ben Kingsley, Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir Klitschko, Charlotte Knobloch, Jan Josef Liefers, Kweku Mandela, Liza Minnelli, Liz Mohn, Ennio Morricone, Liam Neeson, Luis Moreno Ocampo, Tim Robbins, David de Rothschild, Taco Ruighaver, Susan Sarandon, Paul Spiegel, Hilary Swank, Jasmin Tabatabai, Danis Tanovic, Giuseppe Tornatore, Vivienne Westwood, Sönke Wortmann, David Yates, Michelle Yeoh, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Oscar Arias Sanchez, Jody Williams”

In short – those are all Freemasons and Frankists…


Not for long time!

Mikhail Gorbachev is preparing his “Glasnost” reforms for Freemasons ! Everything that Gorbachev reforms must fall apart !


They slipped him an anti-Alzheimers medication enroute so that “poisons” would show up in his bloodstream. Pathetic, but totally expected from rats and traitors.


Who filmed the guy at the airport?thats not normal,unless its a security camera.

Harry Smith

This German hospital is the same hospital which found Ukrainian opposition leader Yuschenko poisoned in times when Kuchma was president.

Lone Ranger

That explains it…


Yes, the same NATO playbook and its followers who lack any individual thought. The NATO poisoning playbook is taught by rote in all NATO Madrassa’s.

The patented ‘Highly Likely’ nerve agent said to have been found, is highly likely to have originated in the Porton Down ‘Downs Syndrome Department .


That’s very interesting.

Lux et Veritas

Even the Germans and US have not been able to find any trace of any poison in Navalny’s blood.


Well said.


But Tommy DID warn of incognito Putin and Lavrov instigated poisonings! If only Navalny, that pillar of opposition with more than 0.05 percent support in Rus had listened…but he just continue t to pander to Put in!


Tommy is our very own Soothsayer on Southfront. We are fortunate to have him :)


Isn’t Cinema for Peace Foundation involved with the opposition party in the Belarus crisis? If so and with VimpelCo and some Russian government officials also involved then Putin has a problem.

Zionism = EVIL

It is a CIA front NGO. They just rebrand them. Chinese and Iranians don’t let these scum in. Russian OMON and FSB need to act fast as if these cunts succeed in Minsk, then Moscow is next. These motherfuckers should have been stopped in Ukraine, but Putin is on a different plant with his Jew oligarch masters.


One starts to wonder if the current Putin is the same Putin of a few years ago.

Zionism = EVIL

I don’t think he was that bright to begin with as he was handpicked by the Jew Oligarchs and the drunken buffoon Yeltsin. Russian military is very hierarchical and for good professional general staff to deal with a mere washed out KGB major would be very difficult. Like the idiot Hitler was a corporal and fucked up the excellent German Wehrmacht with constant interference. Russia really needs a nationalistic and experienced strongman.

Stephan Williams

What you “know” about Hitler wouldn’t fit in a thimble if your comment is any indication of what you think you “know” about him. You just spewed one of the self-chosen’s favorite slurs used against that remarkably gifted man without any apparent embarrassment.


and what did you expect? he is big mouthed Iranian talking about everybody and everything from the same perspective

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Hitler, remarkably gifted?

He was great for giving head in Vienna, and taking orders from the bankers, of all religions ffs. How many banks did that cocksucker nationalise?

Stephan Williams

You remind me of the interchangeable and unintelligent hasbarabots we are infested with here…You think, (if what your brain does can be considered, thinking), that you can derail a sensible statement of fact by shitting all over the comments sections with your foul mouthed verbal excrement with the intent of shutting down the conversation.

I responded to your unimaginative and repetitively repulsive madness in an earlier post. I’d like to repost that earlier response to your sickening commentary on an article about Canadian media dishonesty…

What you appear to be, (judging from the comments you’ve made here), is a maladjusted sociopath with anger management issues. Of course, I could be wrong – it may be that you’re simply a stupid, conceited, foul-mouthed boor with a fascination for )ewish penises and a flat out ignorance of history…but in either case you’re not anyone capable of contributing anything of value to the conversation. Emotional cripples like you rarely are…

Do us all a favor – Crawl back under whatever rock you’ve been rotting away under. And Stay There, you rude and insignificant little man.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

And your comments are so sweet, you arsehole Nazi prick loser.

You Nazi cunts are always bitching when your filthy comments get answered, perennial losers and crying bitches.


Don’t insult intellect,cias got no valid case to prove any leaders better than him!

Cia are not smarter than orthodoxy 9th dan for starters,why russias doing just fine,Don’t mix rank for satan,Putin has shoigu under too,if anything the best and smartest fighters were not ranked nor credentials russians are not usa,drr

See kgb defended the soviet peoples + familys,where as cia try to infest familys with lgbtq n sht,yet being a closet cia/cnn spy sure as hell explains atheism: Just saying.


The beauty of being 9th dan/russian,no liar nor idiot will know,that fkd ’em!


You are wrong about putin,he boored out ratchilds and soros (period) this is 2020 not the 90s he had to do it the harder way,certainly more than accusers!

Zionism = EVIL

All of these paid CIA cunts need to be shot, including the ugly dumpy fat cunt in Belarus who has fled to Lithuanian shithole. This faggot Navalny does not have enough “supporters” to fit in a phone booth and is the best the inbred CIA cunts could find. The German lapdogs could not find any “poison” and are having a hard time even making up a fairy tale. Pathetic arseholes.


Massive military contracts to 2025,either way eu/soros/cia/hato are fkd,best they backoff!


West is joining Iranian bots on attack on Putin of course (and through him on Russia of course)


Don’t impress cia,Putin is too good for any cia/ troll or on the take,fascist/incest as thy cursed: We men here will defend truth,not try to spout out pro gorbachev slothfull evilutions(period) Like it or not you cannot destroy peacefull communitys (peoples party)cia losers blew the levy!!


Nobody is “destroying” communism. Communism has destroyed itself . To me country like N. Korea looks positive comparing to IsraHell and US. Russia is not communist country


A repeat of the Skripal BS. Russia should wipe their hands of Navalny and let him rot in Germany. If Russia did poison that turd, which is highly unlikely, then they are doing nothing different to what the US is doing to their own citizens and no one complains. Russia made a mistake allowing the jerk to leave Russia.


If FSB poisoned that dude, he wouldn’t be on ventilators right now. Same with the Skripals

Black Waters

Also, using poison it’s a well known method from the UK service intelligence and the CIA, it’s like the easy way to incriminate someone.


Russia would do great favor to Western propaganda if preventing Navalny from leaving even though they had legal grounds (because he has pending process). If they did that West would jump on conclusion that to be “proof” of poisoning because “Russia wants to hide their crime”

Arthur Deodat Jr.

It is dangerous for disclosed agent to settle in new country, since he is no benefite to “new” homeland. The last act is to sacrifice him to smear Russia. It cuts down the financial burden for hosting country as well.


“Yes” to all that. Now is time for “Novichok” 2.0 to fabricate proves against Russia. Navalny was useless to West for very long time already with under 1% of vote he was invisible opposition. The only way to use him was to make “victim” out of him of staged false flag (Russian poisoning ) operation


Yes and after WW1 and WW2.

“What the US decided about inflation had a positive impact on the UK because of the Bretton Woods monetary system. This in effect pegged the pound to the dollar, so inflation being created in the US was then exported to the UK. Both countries ( governments) then benefited from the reduced burden of their debts in real terms.”

The mass of workers did not gain from inflation post WW2 though. Some may have been able to purchase more ‘things’, but this was more often by taking on debt. Debt always has a ‘hang over ‘ though.



Bretton Woods cash cow and its benefits will run into the problems soon. I have impression that many of us don’t even have idea in how much insane era are we entering now.

And it is good because we would be very scared of the challenges that are waiting for us otherwise.


Yes, I agree and it will be important to have no personal debt, no unnecessary obligations to anyone and a pragmatic response to future hardships. The is no point in becoming angry with what we cannot control, it will be better to exact a price for government malfeasance or common criminals in a calm and deliberate way when the time is right.

It would also be advantageous to have as many assets as possible in an ‘easy access’ format. I am a firm believer in having uncomplicated finances.


Yes “uncomplicated finances” are well chosen words. I only wish I can have your composure. To react calmly in critical situation is of great importance.


Even physical ownership of gold could be a problem. The US confiscated all gold bullion/coins in the 1930’s for a period.

The current Bitcoin digital system has merit, BUT the achilles heel of bitcoin is the internet. IF governments closed down digital internet access , all the money in the accounts is worth nothing, and even if there is access, IF counter party trading is banned the volume of trades would be very limited.


Gold (silver) is store of value for few thousand years and even those who had interest to ridicule gold (to promote worthless paper) have it in their portfolios

The gold is one of the many their options. So they do not believe in their own bullshit really. It is hard to stop tradition and habit old few thousand years. All central banks have it, including Wall street banks and the richest people on the planet. China is probably hiding how much gold they really owe it.

IMF and World bank has it.

To many institutions , banks, countries and people have it to just declare it worthless. Only…One must only protect it wisely.


I would agree with you about gold and silver. However we still have the thorny issue that these days many precious metals investors have their goods stored in a vault that’s not necessarily easily accessible.

Those who do have physical possession of the metals would still find it difficult to use for day to day living, I think.

How many metal detectorists far in the future will find a buried Pot of Gold hidden in the 21st century :)


The only ones scared are the fascist scum whom fear chinas rivaly to the world banks control,why? Because chinese loans are guarranteed gold backed thus helps infastructures where as the world bank nowadays only helps western criminals like your hero gorbachev and his eugeddon allied tyrant wannabes.


You promote communist led China and you attack me for allegedly being “pro-Gorbachev”?!? That is totally delusional.

OK show me one place where I celebrate Gorbachev or even communism? What higher moral ground do you Anglo-Saxons have? US and UK are 2 worst parasite and criminal terrorist supporting nations that have ever existed on this planet. No wonder they are close to IsraHell .


Wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t leave that hospital alive,and where the hell are the skripals,are they even alive?

Антон С

Need to end with paying attention to what western (or any else) propaganda says, if you are the independent state. Do what should be done, if it’s righteous. Keeping Navalnyi in Russia – “Putin’s regime want to kill the main oppositioner in hospital”. Let him leave – “the main opposition leader has died in “Charite” hospital, because Putin’s gas was too strong”. It doesn’t matter what you do, they will find false allegation for any case. Being dependent from false allegations = being a servant of foreign powers.


Yes but they need to be exposed,i take it the Russian Doctors still have the rats blood? if its clear of toxins let foreign medical people see it and that would destroy them.


If they have his blood doesn’t change a thing. All Western media will follow declarations from German hospital and take them as impartial, totally honest, even if they are lying. And they will start to build new anti-Russian propaganda narrative on that. Just like they did with Skripal’s in UK

It will be German word against some Russian rumors in the background totally ignored by Western media or pushed behind completely and presented out of context or in bad way.


“Being dependent from false allegations = being a servant of foreign powers.”

Exactly! Right to the point with that conlucion

Arthur Deodat Jr.

Highly likely new fake news, as we are used to it. A lot of cry how he was poisoned by agents with exclusively russian poison (maybe Novichok 123 or Novichkok qwertz…?). It smells peculliar simmilar to Skripals fraud when EU politicians were forced to believe UK narration (unknown specialists, highly likely, all the evidence top secret… ). BTW people in forensics don’t use “highly likely” since it sounds too uncertain. Activity of acetylcholinesterase AChE should be significantly lowered (as we saw at Tokyo subway attack with sarine in 1995). Otherwise we can’t talk about “low” leveles since variation between pepole is obvious. Secondly activity of AChE can be lowered after contact with organophosphorus pesticide or carbamate, which is necessary to exclude. I guess this is prelude of new round of sanctions against Russia (Nord stream 2?). I expect to hear a lot of sentences that will include “highly likely” and a lot of condemination of EU politicians. Of course without proof and even less likely forensic evidence. But in time of fake news: who does really need them?


This anti Russian campaign here in Britian has been going on for a long time,what amazes me is how many normally intelligent people buy any of it.

Антон С

Because they hit the emotions: poor women, poor children, poor dog or cat became victim of Putin. Putin ordered to Kadyrov to kill all chechen sodomites, Putin ordered to kill all people in Aleppo, Putin ordered to kill half of London, but nerve gas was expired and people got a coughs instead death in pain, because Putin’s Russia is stupid with all their cartoons about missiles. Everyday is the same emotional brainwashing, it’s hard to resist.


Well i have resisted it because none of it makes sense,and i know full well what my own government is capable of.


Cholinesterase inhibitors are not at all a rare thing. Household insecticides, agricultural products, even doctor prescribed medicines for certain conditions. The MSM of course is drawing parallels to Sarin and Novichok, throwing around the words ”nerve agent” like candy. ”Experts” claim these substances are found with governments and very rarely used in civilian circles. Anyone with an ounce of knowledge of Organophosphate use and toxicity will call that bullshit; but of course most of the world is gullible.


Thats what they rely on,most people are not chemists so all they see is the big headline POISON. https://media0.giphy.com/media/3o85xs6dfnDDhFq4JG/giphy.gif

Rhodium 10

It seems that some Germans and Russians pro USA globalist seek to hit the Nordstream2….


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e0a79a7da6fd8c5b67b7299e864e8b3969c5b80927a581740df16f9ecbce24c8.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/46d3d7e30af2d0a2d39b6496cfd0c79f125e74cab342953d040499c063c6ab6f.png

cechas vodobenikov

perhaps the CIA poisoned Navalny—in Russia he is considered a banal CIA comedian, similar to zelensky

Black Waters

US/UK propaganda machine it’s all rampant, as their decrepit economy going down (their degenerate elite have the complete fault of it, mismanage of power), most of the market will be absorbed by foreign nations, China and Russia being the ones who get the presets from their dying economy, the human assets. The West keeps crying, it won’t change the course at all.


now that he is out of russia, he shoukd ask for cia’s protection so that the evil russians don’t play another skripal on him – the same as being ostracized, which is the worst a russian can imagine.

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