High-Ranking HTS Commander Killed In Drone Strike In Syria’s Idlib Province


High-Ranking HTS Commander Killed In Drone Strike In Syria's Idlib Province

FILE IMAGE: US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper

On Wednesday, a commander of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), and 4 other HTS fighters were killed in an airstrike carried out by an unidentified Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV), according to Syrian opposition sources.

The commander was identified as Abu Bara’a al-Urduni. He was a Jordanian citizen, possibly a high ranked field commander of HTS. Al-Urduni was killed when the UCAV targeted a position of HTS north of Khan Shaykhun town in the southern Idlib countryside.

The UCAV is likely from the US-led coalition as the Russian Air Force does not operate any type of UCAVs. If confirmed this will be the first US-led coalition against HTS in months.

In a related development, Kurdish sources reported that the Turkish Army redeployed more Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups from the Northern Aleppo countryside to the Turkish border with Syria’s Idlib governorate.

Meanwhile, Mete Sohtaoğlu a Turkish journalist said on Twitter that Turkish Army reconnaissance teams completed its tasks. According to Sohtaoğlu, the reconnaissance teams set the routes that the Turkish Army will enter from. However, these claims are not confirmed yet by any side.

So far the main aims of the upcoming Turkish Army operation in Idlib governorate are still unknown. However, it’s highly unlikely that the Turkish Army will engage HTS, the Kurdish YPG and Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in the same time.



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  • Lupus

    Rot in hell fckr

  • Vitex

    Fascinating. Why would the US suddenly take an interest in Idlib? For that matter, why would ISIS suddenly take an interest in Idlib?

    • Ronald

      Trying to draw attention away from D/E ?

  • Tommy Jensen

    Come on. These commanders usually dies 3-5 times in Western media with 3-5 mth intervals.
    Baghdadi is still alive guys.

  • χρηστος

    US against HTS..they must be desperate….trying to demonstrate their love to Turkey by helping them clear idlib?’Us is your true and iternal love not Russia’…..’this is how we help you’…..ridiculous

  • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

    The attack was a bust apparently it hit a family and killed them , for some white helmet video show.