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High-Level Turkish Officials to Meet with Bashar Assad – Report

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According to a report of the Iranian Tasnim news agency, high-level Turkish officials will hold a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

High-Level Turkish Officials to Meet with Bashar Assad - Report

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (Photo: AP / SANA)

A high-level Turkish political delegation is going to meet with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the Iranian Tasnim news agency reported.

According to the report, a cabinet minister will head the Turkish delegation that will travel to Syria.

The meeting could be a breakthrough in modern relations between Damascus and Ankara, which claims that Assad must leave the post of the country’s president at all costs.

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Pave Way IV

“…The meeting could be a breakthrough in modern relations between Damascus and Ankara, which claims that Assad must leave the post of the country’s president at all costs.

Not necessarily. This was a position Turkey was forced into by NATO and the GCC when both of them manufactured the coup in Syria. Erdogan and Assad got along just fine before that. Now that the U.S./NATO has tried to overthrow Erdogan himself, all bets are off. Turkey is just re-establishing its former relationship with Syria. It’s complicated, but this history has been mostly scrubbed from the western MSM. And now that Turkey is looking to align itself with Russia instead of the useless NATO, the U.S. has gone hog-wild to demonize Erdogan and Turkey. The following Corbett Report interview explains it well. It’s fairly long (45:00), but worth the time. You will never understand the games the U.S./NATO has played with Turkey in the last couple of years from anything you’ve heard in the MSM. You can love or hate Turkey all you want, but the fact is they got screwed and used by the U.S. and they are pissed off about it.


Gue Bjuen

crobett is really great. he does an amazing job in diifferent issues.

Brad Isherwood

Bashar Assad Father had to crush Muslim Brotherhood back in the day, Some 20,000 + Erdogan was and still is tied to MB….as MB is OK with Erdogan and his delusions Of Sultan/Caliphate whatever. Erdogan betrayed Assad….the recent interview with Russian media indicates that Bashar sees Erdogan as a corrupt leader tied to terrorists and with a Delusional view.

Assad was candid that Putin could create positive events……not necessarily convert Erdogan the Lunatic.


If Turkey agrees to leave Assad in power the U.S. needs to quickly leave this fight. My country (U.S.) should have never been there in the first place.

Gue Bjuen

your country will not be allowed to leave this. israel will not tolerate that absolutley not.


You are right about that. Zionist scum!


Might have a perverse and interesting outcome now that a gas pipeline is going to run through Turkey.


Has anybody got any news on Turkey helping ISIS to reclaim a small village in Syria. The BBC are bragging about it on their headlines, however, there is nothing to back it up, anywhere else.

Gue Bjuen

i don’t have one. but in the past there were some activities like that. rebels operating under turkey did gave up land so IS could take over. and when the turks moved into syria IS really are not trying to stop them. there is rare footage or reports coming out from the turkish operations inside syria. so according to past event between turkey and IS it could be possible that there are passing around territories between them. why they would do it now is unclear.


Must admit, I am seriously curious, just what is Turkey’s end plan? Will she stick with the US, be used by all and sundry or transfer her loyalty to Syria, Russia and Iran? Or is it just the BBC trying to cause friction, as nobody else is reporting it and Turkey, post coup has settled down?

Gue Bjuen

well the only thing we could do is to analyze the after events. yes, russia turkey syria iran and maybe iraq are mixing cards “under the table”. i am sure erdogan is aware that he is a dead man walking. but because of the failed coup he was able to crush all possible enemies legally which could have been used as US+israeli proxis. so i don’t think there could be another coup attempt or an “arab spring operation” to take down erdogan.

the west will need turkey till they got iran destabilized. that is also when turkey will became the next target in the middle east. but they are not even close to achieve their agenda in syria so they won’t have a chance to move on iran.

this will give erdogan quite a long strange friendship with the west for a while. erdogan won’t dare to chose a side. he can’t chose the west because they will get rid of him anytime they have the opportunity. if he chooses russia won’t help him either because turkey has to confront the west as an enemy. that will not benefit their econmy you know like sanctions and sanctions and press war etc etc. turkish people support erdogan but that could change if their economy would suffer a major crisis.

so erdogan would play along with both sides, but this time he might not do any harmful decision towards russia, syria, iran and maybe iraq. the west can’t anymore push or ask for new cooperation erdogan to make decisions that will harrn syria and it’s allies, since they were caught trying to kill him. so only limited cooperation with the west might maintain.

on the other hand the situation in iraq is getting strange. iraqi government is upset about the turks. the government is saying they are not one of the coalition and they were never invited and are illegal to be in iraq.

turkey’s attitude towards iraq is “whatever deal with it we don’t give a Xhit!”. the turks might be in iraq for an attempt to hinder iraqi kurds or shia based militia gain more and more influence over that region. or to weaken iraqi government. maybe the turks see the current iraqi government, incapable dealing with the kurdish expansion of influence over the region. so the turks might involve in iraqi internal issues.

the kurds are not worried about the turkish presence in iraq. some say they are positive of the turks because they are having a conflict with the iraqi government. the kurds in syria and iraq don’t want a strong stable syrian, iraqi government. that would hinder them to create further progress for their independence.

the US is supporting the iraqi government only with words. they don’t do much in order to stop the turks. yes after the failed coup in turkey they really do have a bizarre relationship.

so we have a coalition against IS which is split in pieces. there are to many opposing parties involved that it is not really going to function as a coalition. the possibility is high the mosul operation will have not a clean end. every party involved is fighting for their own cause. and there will be a race for the liberation of mosul among them. every party will claim that they were the front man of this operation.

so it’s not looking good for the citizen of mosul. if they still have a chance to leave, they should really consider that as an only option cause mosul operation will shed a lot of blood.

Gue Bjuen

assad on action MUST SEE !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nco82vh3Q4

m m

The whole game was to hurt Russia and everybody was thrown including Turkey into the fire for the benefit of the secret US cabal hungry for world hegemony. Now the fooled participants are realizing that the devil knows no loyalty, honesty, dignity or humanity. Karma is either knocking or will be knocking on many doors.


I think slowly the vassals are figuring out that they will NEVER be partners with the US, but just poor, third-world vassals…and that ain’t very attractive.

Real Anti-Racist Action

It would be nice if Recep Tayyip Erdogan would actually meet with Assad in person. Then they can form a relationship, and Assad can personally sway Erdogan from the policies that are weakening the anti-Zionist front. It is easy to hate someone you wont know and talk to in person. If they form a friendship, it will become more difficult for Erdogan to demonize Assad to himself in his mind.

Real Anti-Racist Action



The meeting could be a breakthrough…or it could be a trap made of NATO lies.


Assassination attempt?

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