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Hidden Causes And Apparent Results Of Gaza Crisis

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Hidden Causes And Apparent Results Of Gaza Crisis

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Hidden Causes And Apparent Results Of Gaza CrisisOR CONTACT US : info@southfront.org

The whole world keenly follows the “sudden ”conflict between Israelis and Arabs. The shelling has not stopped for the sixth day in a row, and the number of victims from both sides continues to grow. In effect, there is nothing unexpected in the current crisis. All parties involved were waiting and preparing for military escalation.

Massive shelling between Israel and Palestinian radicals from the Gaza Strip began on the evening of May 10. It followed riots at the Al-Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem, in which hundreds of people were injured. Hamas heroically put forward an ultimatum to Tel Aviv, which Israel naturally ignored. After that the missiles from the Gaza Strip have not stopped checking Israeli mighty Iron Dome for strength. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) do not lag behind and continue eliminating the command of the military wing of Hamas with precise strikes, repeatedly inflicting losses among civilians.

The escalation was triggered by the decision of the Israeli court to evict Arab families from their homes in the Palestinian Sheikh Jarrah quarter of East Jerusalem, where they have been living for more than half a century. The decision was made just in time, on the eve of Al-Quds Day, when the Arabs remember the loss of Jerusalem, in the last week of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Hidden Causes And Apparent Results Of Gaza Crisis

Illustrative image

The situation in Israel remains very tense, with violent clashes continuing in various cities under the rain of rockets from Gaza. While in Jerusalem clashes led to street riots, in the city of Lod in a suburb of Tel Aviv, the local authorities announced a complete loss of control and demanded troops to be deployed.

Despite the country reportedly being sliding towards civil war, Netanyahu does not budge an inch. It’s no wonder, because in addition to taking an offing to deal a crushing blow to Hamas, he gains benefits in the political arena. The elections to the Knesset took place more than a month ago, but the parties still have not formed a government. It is already clear that such a coalition will be extremely unstable. Military escalation is a chance for Netanyahu to disrupt the formation of this coalition, as it becomes extremely difficult for Arab MPs to join it. Without them, Netanyahu’s opponents will not gain a necessary majority.

Supporting the Arabs in Jerusalem, Hamas is also getting political benefits ahead of the first parliamentary elections in Palestine in 15 years.

Hamas received a big gift for Ramadan from Washington. This year, Donald Trump left the White House, taking the US intentions to defend Israel’s interests with him.

Not without family Jewish influence and the strengthening of the Jewish lobby during his presidency, Trump received the merited status of “Israel’s best friend.” To a great extent, it was due to his political proximity to Netanyahu, who shares the same rigid nationally oriented policy aimed primarily at defending state sovereignty. The support of the United States guaranteed the shaky stability in Israel.

On the other hand, the Biden administration rhetorically follows opposite principles. Its adherence to liberal ideas, as the basis of not only domestic but also foreign policy, has already worsened Washington’s relations with a number of countries in the MENA region, including Israel. As a result, the White House today seems to be more sympathetic to the “oppressed Palestinians.” It is symbolic that, while Washington have not commented on the situation in Jerusalem, the Black Lives Matter movement spoke for it, actively supporting the Palestinians.

Hidden Causes And Apparent Results Of Gaza Crisis

Palestinian artist Waleed Ayyoub honoring the memory of George Floyd. Photo: Instagram/@palestinemuseum.us

As a result, Hamas took a chance and it paid off. Israel has openly asked its once main ally, the US, not to intervene in the Jerusalem crisis.

At the same time, one should also pay tribute to Netanyahu, who, with Trump’s support, managed to improve relations with a number of Arab states, having secured their non-interference in the conflict.

One of these states was Turkey, which, just days before the clashes, for the first time after a three-year break, invited an Israeli minister to participate in an official conference on energy issues, which are a key point in relations between the two countries. Turkey was ready to appoint its ambassador to Israel in order to maintain relations with Washington.

Ankara and Tel Aviv have a solid economic basis for bilateral cooperation and are interested in its mutually beneficial development. US policy puts Ankara against growing economic isolation, which pushes it to develop new economic ties. At the same time, Turkey and Israel are united by a number of similar problems aggravated thanks to the new US president. Both countries suffer from his support for opposition national groups, pro-Kurdish and Palestinian ones.

At the same time, the parties maintain significant contacts at the unofficial level, and declare the cooperation between their intelligence services.

The conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, in which they both supported Azerbaijan, openly or tacitly, became a new impetus in their rapprochement. In its turn, Baku claimed its readiness to become a mediator in the negotiation process between Turkey and Israel.

It seemed that the parties were ready to move to the official normalization of bilateral relations, but a new round of escalation in Israel will slow down this process. The Palestinian issue, which serves to some extend as a Turkish lever of pressure, remains the main obstacle to the establishment of stable diplomatic relations between the countries.

As a result, Turkey’s reaction to the current conflict is illustrative, Ankara took the Arab side, once again highlighting the current weakness of Israel and the eater importance of Turkish international ambitions over bilateral relations with the Jews. However, the political reality and interests of both sides remain, despite the harsh rhetoric and numerous calls from Ankara to the dysfunctional international community. Therefore, Erdogan’s activity is unlikely to lead to Turkey’s intervention in the Israeli crisis, and his position will dissolve in a chorus of general “international condemnation.”

The interference of foreign forces in the current conflict between Israelis and Arabs is unlikely, and while the international community is trying to forms a collective position, the course of the conflict will be quickly defined by the two sides. Unfortunately, highly likely, it will be resolved exactly by military means.

Hamas is striving to emerge victorious, trying to achieved certain political points, and reducing the number of victims, primarily among the civilians. It should soon declare its readiness to negotiate a ceasefire, hoping to simply convince Jews not to evict Arab families. That would be enough to gain the status of saviors.

Apparently, such a plan would not suit Israel, which claims to continue the attacks until it achieves strategic success in the area of operations. Netanyahu has an opportunity to bring Hamas to its knees, as well as all the necessary military capabilities to do so.

Hidden Causes And Apparent Results Of Gaza Crisis

Illustrative image

Thus, another question emerges. Why doesn’t Netanyahu use military capabilities to their full potential? The escalation has been going on for almost a week, and Tel Aviv is only intimidating the Palestinians by deploying troops on the border with Gaza. Lod, whose mayor has asked for troops deployment a few days ago, is still facing violent clashes, and reports of protesters using firearms and attempts to lynch civilians are constantly coming from Israeli cities.

This is for the first time throughout the modern history of the Israeli State that the Jews keep their temper in check. In 1967, it took them 6 days to defeat the Arab coalition. The brutality of the Israeli army’s methods during the intifada was condemned not only by the Palestinians, but also by many Israelis.

Probably, the reason also lies in the policy of Washington, which still holds strong influence in the region.

Through diplomatic channels, Tel Aviv received a clear message that the use of military means against Arab protesters is undesirable. Therefore, the city of Lod, as well as of dozens of other cities, are still relying on their policy and local security forces. Meanwhile in Gaza, the Israeli army is conducting pinpoint strikes, and despite the horrific destruction, the number of casualties remains surprisingly low. Not to mention the fact that it is not for the first day that a decision has being made to start a ground operation.

It became obvious that despite the declaration of idealistic approaches in international politics, the Biden administration does not forget about real national interests. It will not go to the complete betrayal of its main partner in the Middle East, despite their sharp ideological contradictions.

This is confirmed by the ambiguous US policy within the UN Security Council, where Washington hampers meeting in order to avoid the use of its veto in Israeli favour. The Washington’s laissez-faire approach, which seems to play into the hands of Hamas, is in fact tacit support for Netanyahu’s aggression. Thus, demonstrating its adherence to liberal values, Biden is stalling, allowing Netanyahu to resolve his problems by military means, without crossing the red lines.

Joe Biden has already told reporters that he did not consider Israel’s response attacks on the Hamas positions “too sharp.”

“The question is how they get to a point where there is a significant reduction in the attacks, particularly the rocket attacks that are indiscriminately fired into population centers,” he said.

Apparently, Europe is following the US policy. Germany has historically become the European “godfather” of the State of Israel and officially declares its support for Israel, despite major protests in German cities, accompanied by pogroms in the synagogues and the burning of the Israeli flag. France, which is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, completely banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations and temporarily arrested the head of the pro-Palestinian human rights organization.

Highly likely, this will lead to Arabs’ suppression by the IDF, but Tel Aviv will unlikely go beyond the brink of genocide, comparable to the Deir Yassin massacre during the 1947-1949 Palestine war. The conflict will be frozen for a year or two, until internal tensions in the United States escalate and the attention of the White House finally concentrates on the internal problems.

By this time, the regional tension in the Middle East will grow. The Jews will harden their attitude towards the autochthonous Arabs, including in other Arab states. Likewise, vice versa. The influence of Iran in the region will increase to a certain extent,. The US pressure on Tehran is weakening, because Moscow and Beijin became the main Washington enemies. Iran may take advantage of this, and perhaps enter into coalition with Hamas. As a result, the confrontation between Israelis and Arabs can develop into a regional conflict, but not today.

Considering that the UN Security Council still plans to meet on May 16, the aggression may begin to subside by that date.


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Trap Is Not Gay

George Soros is going to cut the funding of the BLM.


Soros hates Israel.


He hates Netanyahu, same as Bernie Sanders. Half of Israel hates Netanyahu.


who cares about any of those either


who cares about soros


It would be baffling to see Palestinians honoring a false flag terrorism police brutality “victim” like the black guy in the article being used by the terrorist Ziocorporate globalist establishment to destabilise not just the US but the planet if you didn’t know people, Palestinian or otherwise are not educated to be able to discern social engineering bullshit from reality.

China and Russia are 100% pro-business with the Zioterrorists of the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine, and will pay some lip service to the “2-state solution and human rights”. Other than that, no economic or, much less, military measures will be imposed against the terrorist Ziojew invaders.


why are they so pro business with them?


I actually agree with you on this. China and Russia are totally dedicated to Israel for business and political reasons. They want to sway America’s number one superfan and also make money.
Chinese investors are still flying to Israel. They bought up big companies and small.
1 million Russian Jews in Israel still buy Russian products and send money to family and visit.
This is true. They, like Turkey, might say one thing. But they act differently.

S Balu


Flush ZioNazis

And neither Russia or China held any pro-Palestine protests. Coincidence?


Yes, shylockracy. Your name reads true. So does your comment, both paragraphs.

Some people in the West expect Russia (not so much China) to boldly and heroically go berserk for global justice and move to slay the dragon … but Russia and China are playing a more careful game as they both pursue their national interest before anything else (as if it weren’t obvious), are confronted with difficulties by Uncle Sam and pesky Euro puppets on many levels, and so are unwilling to open up a new front for the greater good by going against the Zio lobby.

Besides, the horror that is Israeli rule is not to be blamed on Russia or China but mainly on the USA, then on F/UK/US, then on the shylockracy of Germany.

Barry, what do you mean by saying that Russia and China “want to sway America’s number one superfan”?

Fog of War

” The shelling has not stopped for the sixth day in a row, and the number of victims from both sides continues to grow. ”

No, this is mainly a one sided slaughter fest.

Rhodium 10

Israel fear a ground operation inside Gaza and also fear that the Iron Dome missile stock is running low…


they fear alot of things and instead of that they better get some ships and boats for europe


This time we might see a limited ground operation inside Gaza. Not in the level carried out in 2014 and 2008.

Iron Dome has done well for its capability. Truth to be told, not many ADS can work the way this system worked …… but it worked only against old grad rockets.

Outcomes of this war is as follow:

1) israel and hamas will look for ceasefire in a week

2) Less Gazans will die in this conflict.

3) Palestinians successfully bought their cause out from Trump induced coma.

4) israel despite its tactical advantage, will progressively see their PR / image fall further everywhere.

5) Sense of new siege will envelop all of israel for the first time in 15 years.

6) Lesser chance of ground incursion from IDF. But tunnel warfare will be the main focus of this war > which israel has been successfully conducting.

7) Expect further flare up to happen in next 2 years.

8) Netanyahu might get a free hand to form next government for next 2 years now. So win for Bibi.

9) As expected, Hamas came in to aid of its friend – Benyamin Netanyahu.

10) Biggest winner = Iran. Given the fact that Iran will soon get a nuclear deal as well. Next 3 years will be a windfall for Iran.

11) A huge moral boost for Hamas.


So Trumps family has “Jewish influence” but Biden hasn’t?? They are more jewish than Trump’s family, all Biden’s granchildren are jewish. Trump or Biden – same sh*t and totally irrelevant.

The plan from the beginning was: brutally terrorize Palestinian civilians, even desecrate Al-Aqsa to provoke Hamas to some puny reaction/revenge. Hamas was under pressure to do something, anything. So they took the bite. Hamas naively/stupidly believed they can fire a few worthless firecracker rockets, then Israel hit them a few times, and then they negotiate a ceasefire so Hamas can look as a savior of all Palestinians.
Instead they did exactly what Netanyahu&Gantz planed all along: they planed this little “triumphant war” for their own political powerplay, but even more to basically neutralize Hamas for the next 5-10 years. Killing civilians and destroying entire apartment blocks is just a bonus. Fun for israeli media and voters. Pure sadism and hate (no one hate like Jews).

With their South Front secured they can focus north in case of war with Iran (their main target).

Last edited 8 months ago by Duniga
Peter Wallace

The Jews want Al Aqsa mosque so they can bulldoze it and build their own most prominent Synagogue . It has been their stated desire and religious belief for decades. They believe the land is centuries old of the most religious significance to them.. They have been working step by step to gain control of the area and burn the mosque to the ground . Trespassing and removing those living there is just another step in this aim. Netanyahu knows this and knew it would cause riots by pushing this button so he can stay in power. He cares not how many die or suffer so he can stay out of jail . He deserved the noose that was used for Saddam before Saddam.

Greeta turdburger

Everyone involved in this conflict should just all get together and share a large hash bowl and a few fat spliffs. Smoke weed everyday then go hug a tree and eat some tofu.


This author has forgotten that for the last 5-6 years, every western Journo has been accusing Erdogan of wanting to bring about a return to the days of the Caliphate. How can he keep his Islamic constituents onboard if he starts doing business with the “Zionist Entity” as he calls it? If he was to embrace Israel under these circumstances, they’d lynch him.


His son ships goods from Turkey to Jordan and Iraq via the Haifa port to avoid Kurdish ambushes on his trucking fleet.
Turkey sends enormous exports to Israel and thousands of Turks work illegally there.
Israelis vacation in Turkey and spend a lot of money there.
And Turks import Israeli diamonds and tech.
Sorry, facts are facts.


I agree with a few points here and disagree on others. but writer has interesting point:
Turkey and others talk a good game against Israel and for Hamas, but no one ever comes to their aid. Ever.
Hamas thought they could launch a few rockets and make some good Turkish and Qatari money. Quick ceasefire.
Not this time. They bit off more than they could chew.
Now, hundreds of dead operatives and a temporary financial pain for Israel.
Was it worth it?


they all will be forced against the wall because they all cant just allow the whole issue to fall into irans hands alone which is why they blabber nonsense nonstop and we saw them doing not much in return really like for example turkey didnt cut any ties with the zionists neither its lackey azerbaijan imposter republic but at the end of the day surely they all will talk the way we want them to talk because they have no choice since we are eradicating the zionist usurper entity soon


this all really just shows how much of lackeys they all are at the end and its a pity but what to expect

Flush ZioNazis

Disgusting how a few countries did not hold pro-Palestine protests, and two of them happened to be China and Putinyahoo’s Russia. Says a lot doesn’t it. Must be the shekels Bibi feeds them like the gagging ziowhores they are…


actually china is watching the zionists being bombed happily and they want this entity gone they make even no secret about it we have tons of chinese television translated in which they openly say such things so you are kind of mistaken with china they dont care about any westerners really they have still a wound they lick after centuries for which they want to retaliate for centuries the chinese basically fight not a soft war but a silk war one could say

Fog of War

You’re dreaming.


The Biden administration is just as ‘pro-Israel’ as Trump. Trump is more openly “end of times” pro Israel, that’s all.
The “naturalisation” (تطبيع) of relations between some Arab states (n.b. “one of them” is *not* Turkey, since it isn’t an Arab state at all) is due to those states’ initiatives; if anything, Netanyahu has made these steps more difficult for them. The states having normalised their relations are of course firmly in the hands of the US-centred financial-industrial-military elite. So, it’s no surprise. This has been de facto policy for quite some time, now it’s become de jure too.
The deep causes, are, more apparently, the mono-ethno-centric policies of the state of Israel and beond, the use of that entity, by the global elite. Mostly as a foothold in the vital Middle-East, then as an agent of tension and division etc. All that isn’t hidden.

Last edited 8 months ago by Dave

the resistance will beat the zionists so it doesnt matter what the others do these fools really should have some dignity at this point and time to free themselves from this banana republic mentality and turkey is really one of the worst in that aspect

Last edited 8 months ago by farbat

the zionist usurper entity will be eradicated have no doubt about it


you already lost as i told you many times you just were ignorant like crazy

Potato Man

Let’s just ignore history…and look at it as old news.
1. In Zion State BiBi is the winner the longer this takes the more time he has to fuk around.
2. No one sees this and say yeah Hama a group living in Gaza (which is closed of the world and they don’t have any weapons) can finish off Zion Europeans.
3. China and Russia see this as a PR move to take the Arabs side yet do nothing but say some words.
4. Iran and Hezbollah laughing as cheap useless Hama rockets can hit Zion and they don’t have to do anything at all, I’m sorry to say this but…the more civilians die in Gaza the more support Iran and Hezbollah get around the world for that matter.
5. Who the fuk going to buy Plastic Dome (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X5sM1eswF8) the cost is high and it bad system overall and not a lot of countries see a use for such systems in the first place.
6. SA, UAE, Qatar just might come even more closer to Iran for safety and not getting attacked.

Overall this childish “war” wasn’t something new or groundbreaking and we heard the same old shit from good old clowns of the world.

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