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MARCH 2021

Hezbollah Weapons Depot In South Lebanon Explodes Due To “Technical Error”


Hezbollah Weapons Depot In South Lebanon Explodes Due To "Technical Error"

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On September 22nd, a powerful explosion took place in southern Lebanon causing panic.

Initial reports were conflicting with some saying it was a gas station exploding, while others said it was a Hezbollah weapons depot, reportedly struck by Israel.

The most recent reports are by Reuters and Al Jazeera.

Reuters cited an anonymous source that said it was simply a “technical error,” at a weapons depot.

Hezbollah’s media office told Al Jazeera the explosion was caused by a “technical error” at their arms depot, which sent a huge column of black smoke into the sky…

“This explosion was at a house that stored weapons – result of technical error. No one was killed or injured. The building belonged to a Hezbollah affiliated de-mining association,” Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr, reporting from Beirut, said.

The explosion rocked the village of Ain Qana in south Lebanon, a region that is a political stronghold of Hezbollah.

Another security source said Hezbollah had set up a security cordon around the blast site, about 50 km south of Beirut. Journalists were prevented from approaching the area.

There was no immediate statement from Hezbollah. The group’s television channel Al Manar said in a news broadcast that the cause of the blast was still not clear.

Footage from the area broadcast by Al-Jadeed showed men walking over scorched ground littered with debris. Damage was shown in an adjacent house where the floor was covered in glass and what appeared to be a pool of blood.

There are numerous videos showing the aftermath.




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